Serial toilet clogger finally busted, gets 150 days in jail

Patrick D. Beeman, 35, was sentenced for three years of probation for clogging the toilets in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where he works and lives. As conditions of probation, he also got punished with 150 days in prison, fines of $5,500, and 100 hours of community service.

Pretty harsh as for the toilet clogger, isn't it? Or is it not enough?


But Patrick was notorious in his "craft", and as police investigated, he is responsible for at least 12 accidents in the last months. He mostly used plastic bottles that he put into the toilets to clog them for good.

In his defense, Beeman says that he gets "urges" to do such things, and he stopped only when he heard that police started to investigate recent accidents. While the state recommended just 30 days of jail as a part of Beeman's probation, the judge had a different opinion on this. And sentenced him to 150 days in prison for his toilet clogging activities.

We certainly hope that he won't receive some "special education" during his 150 days in jail and when he will leave it, he won't become much serious offender and criminal.


For some reason, we post here a good deal of news from Wisconsin. And for the reason unknown to us, most of them are really strange and bizarre. Just like this one, about serious toilet clogger that finally got what he deserved, or even more.

Toilet cloggers are everywhere. You probably encountered one of them, if you ever slept in some hotel, hostel, or used the toilet in some public places like offices, bars and so on.

Many times, the bad sewage system is to be blamed for it, but there are also cases where toilets do get clogged because of some mean bastards like the one from our story, for example.

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