Several Injuries Reported During Protest Near Rizzo Statue

Two Philadelphia Police officers and one protestor were injured during a skirmish that happened at a protest in Center City on Saturday, October 21st. The demonstrators were marching in protest of police brutality in the area that had just convened a convention for police chiefs, attending and keynoted by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. While there is mobile phone video evidence of the incident that left the officers and a protestor with their injuries, it is not clear what actually sparked the skirmish.  The injuries occurred near the statue near Philadelphia City Hall around the statue of former Mayor Frank Rizzo.

Police were seen hauling a few protesters into a paddy wagon.  There were multiple citations issued and two arrests of individuals allegedly responsible for the injuries the police officers sustained. The protest was by a group called Philly for REAL Justice who seemingly has pretty radical views on how they view the role of police.  They don't.  That is, they are calling for the total abolition of police not only in Philadelphia, but worldwide.  I get the worldwide part based off of signs that were photographed with signs calling for the abolition of police from Philly to Palestine.  


Apparently they did not put too much thought into how the world would end up were it not for any type of rules, laws and the policing thereof.  Some of the protesters shirts read similarly provocative slogs to the affect of warning police to stop killing black people, a few of the protesters were also seen taunting police making obscene gestures toward them.

REAL Justice's protest started around mid-day near the Convention Center where a speech was delivered to law enforcement bigwigs from all over the globe by Jeff Sessions.

The Philadelphia Coalition for Racial, Economy and Legal Justice have some other pretty radical ideals such as economic reparations. They have also been associated with activism against the way Puerto Rico has been handled following the recent hurricane that rampaged the islands as well as picking fights with the media for unspecified reasons.

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The irony of the small band of activists marching is that they were surrounded by police put there to protect them.  While the police heard nothing but anti-police rhetoric from the activists, there were pockets of pro-police support from members of the public not a part of the protests who cheered the police as they rounded corners.

One local Philly resident asked on of the police assigned to protect the marchers what the march was all about, he simply said it was about them hating police.

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