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Shark on Flooded Freeway in Houston's Hurricane Harvey Hoax

Blogger Jason Michael Tweeted a picture of a shark on the highway in during Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. Jason's Twitter post received over 70,000 retweets and multiple mentions on big websites like Gizmodo, BuzzFeed, NYTimes, and various local news stations all over the United States. Those websites featured it because they had to tell everyone it was fake. It's almost like people can't figure things out for themselves anymore.

The share picture is clearly fake. There was not a shark on the Houston highway in the floodwaters. In fact, it was totally fabricated and Photoshopped. It's fake and it's spectacular. It was hilarious. It was brilliant. The only thing this picture is missing is product placement.


Photoshop is great because you can do almost anything to a photo with it and make it look legit. However, it seems to have put Jason in some hot water with a few very angry people. But let's get realistic - those people who are Tweeting anger at him for posting this aren't doing anything to help victims in Houston who are dealing with Hurricane Harvey either, right?

What's more impressive, or alarming, is that people actually believed it. It was only a matter of time until the big websites ran stories claiming it was a hoax. Jason can be found on Twitter at @Jeggit where a handful of people weren't happy with his post and he's stuck defending himself over it.

Jason proved a huge point that people will literally see and believe anything that's online. He could've placed the Kraken in the water and people would've freaked out. Or maybe Bigfoot riding the Lochness Monster and a few thousand people would've easily believed it. If people are mad at Jason, then they're mad at the wrong person. Be mad at the people who believe this stuff is real. Be mad at the people who won't click to read a story or make comments based on a headline only. You know who they are - the people who comment and share everything, but don't actually read the story first! Yeah, you know at least a few people just like that.


Always read the story or watch the video before sharing and commenting.

People calling this guy out over a troll post are quite malevolent. They are harassing someone over a Twitter post with a Photoshopped picture. How is that helping victims of Hurricane Harvey?

Some people were quite vicious towards Jason, who simply posted the picture to prove that people will believe anything they see on the Internet, especially social media. Everyone needs to get back into the habit of reading the full story before sharing and commenting.

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Don't go by the headline or the picture. Look things up. Read the full story. Get your facts straight so you don't become a perpetrator of fake news.

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