Sheriff Clarke destroys TV host and Black Lives Matter

sheriff clarke vs don lemon Sheriff David Clarke had a lot to say to CNN host Don Lemon. Sheriff Clarke ripped into Lemon on topics such as racism and Black Lives Matter, essentially painting the organization as a race fueled hate group that's preposterously famous for violence.

Watch Sheriff Clarke destroy Don Lemon

The video looks like it doesn't exist, but press play - it's still there.
The Conservative Treehouse - Sheriff David Clarke appears on set with Don Lemon who cuts off the feed and sends the show to commercial because he doesn?t like the pushback. When they come back from commercial, Clarke doesn?t let up.? Notice how Don Lemon demands a civil conversation then doesn?t let Clarke finish a sentence.
When your defense is to constantly cut off the person who's making a point, then you know you've lost the battle. Don Lemon just got put in his place in the most legitimate way possible. Sheriff Clarke crushed it and dropped the mic on Don Lemon. And if you stop to listen to Sheriff Clarke, you'll see he's right on just about everything he says. We need to be more responsible as citizens. We need to open our eyes to what things really are. We need to stop listening to the mainstream media and biting on all their race bait cookies. Think back years ago, mostly before Obama, and certainly after 1992's LA riots. There wasn't really a problem with racism anymore. People were getting along just fine. Cops were called COPS, not RACISTS. Cops shot criminals who brandished a weapon or put the cop or others in danger. Cops shoot more white people than anything, so it's certainly not a racial thing. However, the mainstream media makes everything about race. If the mainstream media can add some racial fire to a story, then they'll do it. And we need to stop reading into it. Think about your own life. Do you actually know anyone who is a legitimate racist? Doubt it. This is how we know the mainstream media makes things up to get readers all exasperated and drive the media ratings through the roof. We're going to watch the news anyway, so what's the point in adding fake racist content to it? Seems pointless, doesn't it? It's mostly the reason there's a bit of a racial divide today, but don't fall for it. Racism died years ago, we just need to remember that and stop listening to the race baiting that people like Al Sharpton and awful mainstream media outlets would like us to fall for. I don't know any racists, do you?

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