By Frank
Posted March 20, 2017

A woman in Trenton, NJ, came home from church and noticed police tape, flashing lights, and had a feeling something was wrong. That's when she found out there was another shooting close by. There have been up to six shootings in Trenton over the last few days, so the shock is wearing off.

She found out that a 27-year-old man was shot about nine times and is in stable condition. the worst part about it is that it's happening in broad daylight. People just don't care anymore.

The news reporters interviewed an elderly man and he stated that the only way to clean up Trenton was to bring in the martial law and have the National Guard peruse the streets looking for trouble. Maybe if soldiers walked around with machine guns, picking off anyone who poses a problem, then we could eliminate the suspects who threaten safety. People want to be outside and enjoy the warm weather, but they're trapped inside scared of the gunfire.

A 27-year-old man suffered numerous gunshot wounds to his chest, arm and legs Sunday in the 800 block of Stuyvesant Avenue. The shooting happened around 5:45 p.m. outside a grocery store.

Police sources say the man was shot nine times. The victim remains hospitalized in stable condition.

Sources say there’s been four to six shootings in the area of North Hermitage and Stuyvesant avenues since Friday.

“The only way to stop this violence is to bring in Martial Law,” an elderly city man who asked to remain anonymous said, as he watched police process the crime scene. “They did it when Martin Luther King Jr. was killed and we had riots. There were National Guard everywhere. No one could go outside, not even a grown person. We could only go to work or some type of emergency. If we had to drop someone off at the train station, we had to call police for permission and an escort.”

There's lots of neighborhoods on the east coast that could use the soldiers of the national guard to provide extended security. The problem is that many people lack opportunity to work, another group refuse to work and they become welfare queens, and the third group of people create the middle class who works for everything the poor people take away through benefits and crime.

One way to improve the crime rate, by lowering it, is to eliminate or lower the amount of welfare benefits that people receive. Make it WORTH their time to go get a job. When an obese lady can earn 40k on welfare by not doing ANYTHING ever, than it's time to adjust the settings on the entitlements.

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