He wore a SKIRT during heat wave because shorts are banned, now the rules might change

When heat rises, complying with your workplace’s dress code can become difficult. We’ve all been there: with long-sleeve suit jackets, trousers and ties, the summer weather can become annoying instead of pleasant.

But Dutcham Pin, a 21-year-old worker in Hilversum, Netherlands, had a genius idea to solve this age-old problem. Since he was all sweaty because of the tropical temperatures, he went to the HR department to ask why he wasn’t allowed to wear shorts. The answer was, to put it briefly, that a guy doesn’t look professional with bare legs.

Pin, however, didn’t give up. Noticing that the female HR staff were wearing skirts, he asked why their legs were bare, and they answered that skirts were allowed by the workplace’s dress code.
That’s why the guy asked to his Twitter followers if he could borrow a skirt from them. After a week, he walked in the office wearing a blue skirt, which matched perfectly with his T-shirt. His female director wasn’t angry but, at the opposite, she promised to talk with the HR department to change the old-school dress code rules.
Thanks to his funny antics, he might get to wear shorts next time!
He said, "next week's heat wave. In The company is the rule that shorts are not allowed. I asked if I could wear a skirt, because women do this too. She had to laugh and said this was allowed (bluff). Who has a skirt for me? (Not joking)"

He followed it up with a pic of him in the skirt and said, "The work was very positive, the team is behind me and agrees that short trousers should actually be possible."


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