Teenagers no longer have to work for minimum wage in California. Now kids in California can work as prostitutes and potentially earn a lot more than those pesky low wages in a fast food establishment.

Imagine this situation. A girl wants tickets to the next Beyonce concert, but her job sucks and her parents won’t give her money without doing chores. Or her parents are good people who think Beyonce is dog crap and simply say no. So, the girl finds a pimp and he let’s her bang a few customers. Then she gets ripped off by the pimp, and still can’t afford  going to a terrible concert. Now she has to do more customers and even worse – now she’s owned by the pimp. She’s trapped in a violent world of crime and sex. If she leaves her pimp, then he’ll make her limp. That’s the rules and you gotta play by them. One does not simply leave their pimp without an issue. That’s not how the business of prostitution works.

Instead of flipping fries, this child prostitute will be flipping the….Oh never mind. You get the point.

This is all thanks to dumb dirty dimwit dolt dense democrats who literally just made child prostitution LEGAL as of January 1, 2017.

Merry Christmas California, your children are hookers.

I wish I was kidding, but sadly I’m not. The new law says the underage hookers are “victims” and should get help – not arrested. That means business saavy teens with low self esteem or high debt will turn tricks for money. Not only that, but there will be pimps who take advantage of this knowing the people won’t get arrested. And what about the teens who struggle with drug abuse who need their next high? Those boys and girls will be on their knees behind a dumpster in an alley getting tossed around like trash so they can dope up.

You want to help those kids? Get them OFF the streets. Arrest them and take them to a rehab center, don’t slap them with a victim card and wait for child services to take over. We all know how long or incompetent those services usually are.

Good luck California. I suppose 2017 is the year To Catch a Predator comes back and we see a lot of closet sicko democrats “have a seat” with Chris Hansen.


There’s something mentally ill with the politicians in California. I understand they want the kids to get help, but don’t act like they’re all forced into sex trafficking. Some do it by choice because they’re hooked on drugs, have daddy issues, low self esteem and self worth, or simply enjoy it.

They all need help, but labeling them a victim is not the way to do it. Show them why it’s wrong, help them get out of it, and make them a stronger person who knows they are worth more than the few bucks their pimp gave them for doing the dirty work.