California HOA Forces Homeowners to Keep Garages Open


You are driving down the road and fear strikes you! OMG did you close the garage door? Should you turn around and check? Will your valuables be safe all day if you left the garage open? Everyone who has a garage door at one time or another has this fear. One sick HOA in California has put this fear into people EVERY DAY. The HOA requires homeowners to keep their garage doors OPEN. Now homeowners in this town can worry about if they left it open. Better yet, will there be anything left in the garage when they get home?

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What kind of Home Owners Association would require their occupants to leave their doors open? Only in California would you find an HOA that would have such a rule.  The rule for the HOA in Auburn, California is homeowners must keep their garage doors open between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.  The time when most Americans are working. The perfect time for criminals to walk the streets and pick out items that they would like to add to their possessions.

The fine for closing the garage door is $200 and an administrative hearing with the HOA board.

The residents are split. Some are abiding by the rule because they don't have an extra $200 for every violation. Other residents have defied the law and closed their garages. This sounds absolutely ridiculous, right? Countless valuables are stored in these garages. One child's fear is that his/her scooter and bike will be stolen. Another Mother wonders who will be snooping around in the neighborhood during the day.  No one should have to worry if their home is safe when they leave in the morning to attend work, school, or fun activities.

Board member Norma Brewer said the policy was put into place after one resident was discovered allowing others to live in their garage. That's right. Only one resident was caught doing something against the HOA bylaws and now everyone has to give up their security. This is the liberal nonsense that people in California deal with on a daily basis.

Fortunately, with all the bad press and negative feedback they have received, property management placed a release on their office bulletin board that read:

“Dear resident, the new garage Door Policy has been put on hold by the Board of Directors effective immediately. You may keep your garage doors down until further notice. The Board of Directors will be working with the Membership (Homeowners) to hopefully come up with a more ‘reasonable’ policy.”

Now the residents of this community can freely close their garage doors like the rest of America.  They will have that same nagging feeling of "did I close my garage door?" the rest of us have to live with when we leave our homes.  That is assuming that the HOA doesn't come up with another 'reasonable' policy that is just as bad.

Maybe the next policy by this insane HOA will be that everyone has to allow a homeless person to live in their garage for free. Up next, they get to sleep in bed with your wife and play with your hamster.