Single father walks 3 hours to work everyday, then co-workers buy him a car

Ever had some package delivered by UPS? I bet u had. Read how hard their employees work to get your delivery always on time (or not). And how good is to have friends at work, that may surprise you with something nice, if you really need it.

Trenton Levis is a 21-year-old American. For the past seven months, he walked every day to his job, 5 miles walk one way, done every day. He had to wake up around midnight to make it for his shift in Little Rock, Arkansas. Because, guess what, his shift starts at


And it's about loading the trucks for the local UPS store. He worked so hard cause he knew that he has one little baby to feed – his newborn daughter. Trenton didn't complain about his job, though.

He carried on. "I had music in my head. I was just walking, not worried about nothing, I was just moving my feet,' he said.

Regardless of his good mood, he really could find a car useful. And he got one, thanks to his friends from the company. Patricia and Kenneth Bryant decided to start collecting donations among the other people working in said UPS office. And yeah, they also contributed to them. When they bought Trenton some Saturn car for $1,900, and Bryant showed him the keys, Trenton was really surprised.


'He just pulled some keys out of his pocket, and I'm like "That can't be mine. Those keys cannot be mine," recalls Trenton.

Now Levis doesn't have to wake up around midnight to make it for his 4.a.m shift. 3:30 a.m is just enough.

Is a $1,200 relief check a waste of time?

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