0.8 weekly 2020-01-24T14:35:37-05:00 A recent news report by CBN News shows Mexican migrants are suggesting they're staying in Mexico until Donald Trump gets out of office. They want to stay home until a Democrat gets in office, because then it becomes a bit easier to get across the border and move on with their life.

This video is from CBN News and the excerpt below is from The Blaze.

In one video report from the Christian Broadcasting News, a 26-year-old Honduran deported from the U.S. said that he is stuck in Mexico and unable to get word from officials about work permits and other documentation.

"My idea is to go to Tijuana, and in Tijuana I'm gonna go ahead and try to make a living until Trump leaves the office," said the migrant, whose name was withheld.

"Once he leaves the office hopefully, everything is going to go back to normal, or the situation is going to get better for immigration laws," he added. "And we're gonna go ahead and try to get up."

News and Politics 194 65 2020-01-24 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-24T14:06:38-05:00 Falsified evidence. Witnesses willing to testify. Crimes at the highest level of both governments. Rudy Giuliani wants to reveal everything he's found and says he won't sit back and let his country be sold out by the Bidens.

News and Politics 780 452 2020-01-24 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-24T14:05:54-05:00 Cindy McCain was speaking during a Human Trafficking Conference about Jeffrey Epstein and how people knew what he was doing, but they weren't able, or willing, to go after him for his alleged crimes. She said, "Epstein was hiding in plain sight. We all knew about him, we all knew what he was doing."

News and Politics 17 469 2020-01-24 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-24T14:05:44-05:00 Rep. Zeldin claims Hunter Biden was hired by a corrupt gas company because his father Joe Biden was the Vice President at the time. Hunter Biden was being paid $83,333 per month, despite now trying to claim he is jobless and facing debt. Hunter Biden was also exposed for renting a lavish and expensive home in California and avoiding payments for child support with his out of wedlock child.

As stated on Reuters, about Hunter Biden's salary with Burisma:

Specifically, the records show 18 months in which two payments of $83,333 per month were paid to Rosemont Seneca Bohai for “consulting services.” The two sources said that one of those monthly payments was intended for Biden and one for Archer. Reuters was not able to independently verify the authenticity of the documents or how much money Hunter Biden received.

One of the sources said prosecutors obtained the payment records in the course of one of their investigations into Burisma related to activities at the company prior to Archer and Biden’s appointments to the board. A Ukrainian lawmaker released copies of the records at a conference for news media last week.

News and Politics 68 336 2020-01-24 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-23T17:06:20-05:00 Julio Rosas shared this video on Twitter and said, "Still can't get over that a Vice reporter, in a video on "smart guns" helping prevent accidental shootings, decided to it was a good idea to point a Thompson, that had a drug mag in, at his cameraman, pull the trigger, and then say, "I didn't think it was going to do that."

This video surely makes the case that it's not the gun that's bad, but the people holding them that is the problem.

News and Politics 20 194 2020-01-23 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-23T16:21:09-05:00 As posted on CNN Newsroom, "CNN Newsroom @RepMarkMeadows, adviser for Trump’s impeachment defense team, on Democrats in the impeachment trial: “When they look at it, they have an indisputable case. Their words, not mine. And yet, here we get to the Senate and now they're wanting more witnesses."

It really seems like she had no idea what to say next and Meadows completely crushed the Democrats "iron clad" case in this one.

So "iron clad" the Democrats sat on it for weeks, then came back and wanted more witnesses. What do you need more witnesses for if your claims are "iron clad?"

News and Politics 408 1337 2020-01-23 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-23T16:19:49-05:00 Former Republican Congressman Ron Paul weighs in on the impeachment of President Donald Trump. He appears to slam the one-sided partisan impeachment by Democrats as "pure politicking" and it appears that he might be very correct on this one.

News and Politics 308 57 2020-01-23 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-23T16:18:56-05:00 As reported on Bloomberg, "President Donald Trump speaks at a news conference about the impeachment trial currently before the Senate. He speaks at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland." Trump refers to Jerry Nadler as a sleaze bag and goes on to discuss how they're having another battle.

Trump also references John Bolton with/as a national security issue.

News and Politics 290 1006 2020-01-23 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-23T15:18:13-05:00 Have you been watching Trump's Senate impeachment trial? If so, then you might have fallen asleep too! You might have noticed it's been very boring, dull, and full of Democrats saying the same things over and over.

But you're not alone! Norah O'Donnell of CBS Evening News reports that many of the Senators present for the trial are found to be looking "bored out of their minds" and she posted a video covering it.

Her post said, "Chip Reid reports on how Senators are faring so far in the impeachment hearing - without phones or snacks. "It’s a bit like a college lecture hall. Some of them are busily taking notes, some of them look bored out of their minds."

And the video that followed is just amazing.

Not only that, but the NY Times deployed a sketch artist to cover the event and the artist found at least one Senator sleeping.

That was Sen. Risch who passed out. Probably bored, hungry, and just wanting to go home and get some real work done. As posted by Michael Calderone, "NYT has a sketch artist covering impeachment, catching moments like Sen. Risch sleeping."

News and Politics 199 465 2020-01-23 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-23T14:29:58-05:00 Here is Democrat Chuck Schumer asking for at least four Republicans to vote his way on the impeachment of Donald Trump.

News and Politics 73 66 2020-01-23 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-23T14:29:46-05:00 A dad confronts Elizabeth Warren to her face and asked about her student loan forgiveness proposals. It turned hilarious when he straight up asked: "can I have my money back?"

The video was posted on Twitter by a user named 'JiveBunny' who said, "A Father confronts

@SenWarren Father : My daughter is in school, I saved all my money just to pay student loans Can I have my money back? Warren: of course not Father: so you want to help those who don't save any money and the ones that do the right thing get screwed?"

This conversation right here confirms what many of us already believe about Elizabeth Warren, that she will lie and is a complete scam when it comes to politics.

On the contrary, I have actually received money back for student loan forgiveness. I believe the amount I received back was about $5,200 and it was part of an initiative where people who work for public service are granted some of their money back after working for a certain amount of years.

You don't get it all paid back, and it's not perfect (totally skewed) but it helps.

Now when it comes to Elizabeth Warren, she's suggested forgiving student loan debt.

Here's the problem - how does that help people who saved their money and already paid their debts? Do they get a refund?

And if Elizabeth Warren puts something like this together, then why would anyone ever save money for tuition if they could just take out loans and have Elizabeth Warren pay them off or forgive them?

This is why the cries for student loan forgiveness in the amount of 100% will not work, because it eliminates the responsibility of paying for your own education.

The biggest way to fix the student loan debt is cut the interest rate down to 1%. The banks will still earn their share and the loans will be easier to repay.

Another way to cut the student loan debt is to control the ridiculous tuition rates some schools are charging. There's no reason for any school to be $20+k per year. Not even close. $10-15k tops, for full courses, books, room and housing should be enough for any well managed school to get by on.

State schools cost this much and they provide wonderful educations.

Another way to help students fix their student debt issues is to not attend a school that costs $100,000 and take a ridiculous major like gender studies. What job will you get with that? Nothing, you can barely make a sandwich with that major, so part of the problem is young people making stupid decisions.

So back to Elizabeth Warren - let's hope she doesn't ever become president, because her ideas are more flawed than her DNA tests.

News and Politics 35 1726 2020-01-23 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-23T13:42:09-05:00 Lindsey Graham just can't stand it. He goes right after the Democrats and opens up against what's going on with Trump's impeachment during the Senate trial.

News and Politics 256 1281 2020-01-23 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-23T13:38:00-05:00 White House lawyer Jay Sekulow used some of Democrat Adam Schiff's own words to shut him down, as pointed out in a video cropped by Daily Caller.

News and Politics 375 1773 2020-01-23 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-22T14:50:57-05:00 Here's a group of protesters who are wearing a "remove Trump" saying on their shirts. A man comes up to ask why Trump was impeached, but many of them won't answer. After a little bit, the protesters also leave the area. The man asking questions tries again, to get some more answers, but it seems like the protesters are either ignoring him or just don't know the answer.

If they do know the answer, then why won't they say it?

News and Politics 140 3734 2020-01-22 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-22T14:30:17-05:00 Here we go with Democrat Jerry Nadler going after the Senate Republicans during the impeachment trial. He's suggesting that they might be doing something along the lines of a "cover-up by definition."

As quoted on Daily Caller:

“To be debating whether you should have the evidence admitted, to be debating whether you should allow witnesses is to be debating whether you should have a cover-up by definition,” Nadler said.

What exactly is Jerry "Pants too High" Nadler suggesting here? Is he saying the Senate Republicans are putting together a cover-up of some sort? Is that really where Nadler is going with this?

News and Politics 328 1121 2020-01-22 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-22T14:06:56-05:00 Attorney Jay sekulow sent a brisk reminder to the Democrats at Trump's impeachment trial. As quoted in Ed Morrisey's article on Hot Air:

“On June 28, 2012, Eric Holder became the first attorney general to be held in both civil and criminal contempt. Why? Because President Obama asserted executive privilege,” Sekulow noted.

Citing a 2012 op-ed Schiff wrote in Politico, Trump’s lawyer said, “With respect to the Holder contempt proceedings, Mr. [impeachment] Manager Schiff wrote, ‘the White House assertion [of privilege] is backed by decades of precedent that has recognized the need for the president and his senior advisors to receive candid advice and information from their top aides.”

“Indeed that’s correct, not because manager Schiff said it, but because the Constitution requires it,” Sekulow added. “Mr. Manager Nadler said that the effort to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for refusing to comply with various subpoenas was ‘politically motivated,’ and Speaker Pelosi called the Holder matter ‘little more than a witch hunt.'”

News and Politics 560 1665 2020-01-22 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-22T12:28:36-05:00 Presidential candidate Joe Biden is talking about the Second Amendment and begins telling the audience what type of shotgun he has. He appears to forget, naming at least three things that could be the one he claims to own. It's unknown if Joe Biden owns any guns or if he's simply telling a story.

Excerpt provided by Grabien:

BIDEN: “And so, folks, we've got to change. We're in a battle for the soul of this country. The soul of this country. The idea that we're in a situation where — how many of you sent your kids or grandkids to school this September? Instead of learning how to drop, cover and roll for a fire drill, they'll learn how to duck and cover. Talk about moral depravity, we cannot even get assault weapons out of our schools. The greatest concern kids have in terms of polling, age 7 to 20, is being shot in school. In the United States of America. That's a stain on the soul of this country. I support the Second Amendment. I own 20 gauge and a 10 — excuse me, a 12 gauge shotgun. But my Lord, any of you guys who need a clip that has 100 rounds in it, you shouldn't be hunting, man. You're a danger to yourself.”

News and Politics 49 1076 2020-01-22 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-22T12:21:48-05:00 Democrat Senators got a bit of bad medicine from attorney Jay Sekulow, who offered to give them some facts. He literally said, "let me give you some facts" and then drilled home some nail-biters.

News and Politics 287 1976 2020-01-22 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-22T12:17:30-05:00 As seen on Fox 10 Phoenix, "Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, claiming the 2016 nominee defamed her when she called her a "Russian asset" during an October podcast interview." This is going to heat up the feud between the former First Lady and presidential candidate.

News and Politics 227 1455 2020-01-22 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-22T12:14:06-05:00 Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has his own resolution and he plans to put forth the "Senate's fair process" which will "draw a sharp contrast with the unfair and precedent breaking inquiry that was carried on by the House of Representatives." Mitch McConnell seems like he just wants to get this over with as quick as possible, so people can go back to their normal job and do something good for their country as we lead up to the election of 2020.

News and Politics 71 461 2020-01-22 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-22T11:06:34-05:00 This is White House Counsel to President Donald Trump. His name is Pat Cipollone. He says during the impeachment trial, "Talk about the framer's worst nightmare; it's a partisan impeachment that they've delivered to your doorstep in an election year. Some of you are upset because you should be in Iowa right now."

News and Politics 74 148 2020-01-22 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-22T10:32:41-05:00 Chuck Schumer was seen on ABC pointing at an empty chair and it has a lot of people wondering what this is all about. As seen on the video, he points at the chair, and then sits down. But we don't know the context or what he was saying. Now people are making up their own theories on what he was doing. What is yours?

News and Politics 63 5567 2020-01-22 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-21T22:20:52-05:00 Adam Schiff is being accused of manufacturing a 'fraudulent version' of the Ukraine phone call that has helped get President Donald Trump impeached. Accusing him is Cipollone, who made quite a wave in today's beginning of the impeachment trial.

News and Politics 106 1475 2020-01-21 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-21T22:12:49-05:00 Here is White House counsel Pat Cipollone sounding off against Democrats during the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Cipollone claims Democrats are trying to remove Trump from the ballot with the impeachment. In theory, it makes sense that Democrats might want to utilize any strategy they can find to get Trump out of 2020's election.

Josh Feldman from Mediaite quoted Cipollone:

“It’s a partisan impeachment that they’ve delivered to your doorstep in an election year. Some of you are upset because you should be in Iowa right now. But instead, we’re here, and they’re not ready to go, and it’s outrageous, it’s outrageous. And the American people won’t stand for it, I’ll tell you that right now. They’re not here to steal one election, they’re here to steal two elections. It’s buried in the small print of their ridiculous articles of impeachment. They want to remove President Trump from the ballot. They won’t tell you that, they don’t have guts to say it directly, but that’s exactly what they’re here to do. They’re asking the Senate to attack one of the most sacred rights we have as Americans. The right to choose our president. In an election year. It’s never been done before. It shouldn’t be done. Now, the reason it’s never been done is because no one ever thought that it would be a good idea for a country, for our children, for our grandchildren to try to remove a president from a ballot. To deny the American people the right to vote based on a fraudulent investigation conducted in secret with no rights.”

News and Politics 42 1101 2020-01-21 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-21T22:12:36-05:00 Former Vice President Joe Biden suggests that America does not "need standing armies." However, one might want to ask him about what happened most recently with Iran where they fired missiles/rockets at a location where American forces were stationed. There were also people trying to raid the United States embassy. The only people who could protect anyone from that would be the boots on the ground when they get the call.

Either way, that's just Joe Biden's opinion and it's a good thing we can all disagree with any opinion we think is not entirely valid.

News and Politics 41 923 2020-01-21 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-21T21:44:38-05:00 This is attorney Jay Sekulow reminding people, especially Democrats, that back in 2015 former President Barack Obama withheld military aid to Egypt. Was Obama ever impeached? No, he was not.

Did Obama really hold back millions in military funds from Egypt? Yes he did. I looked it up and found an article on The Daily Beast discussing the details about Obama finally secretly holding the aid. And again, another reminder, he was not impeached for this.

The Daily Beast reported:

In the latest example of its poorly understood Egypt policy, the Obama administration has decided to temporarily suspend the disbursement of most direct military aid, the delivery of weapons to the Egyptian military, and some forms of economic aid to the Egyptian government while it conducts a broad review of the relationship. The administration won’t publicly acknowledge all aspects of the aid suspension and maintains its rhetorical line that no official coup determination has been made, but behind the scenes, extensive measures to treat the military takeover of Egypt last month as a coup are being implemented on a temporary basis.

The office of Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), the head of the appropriations state and foreign-operations subcommittee, told The Daily Beast on Monday that military aid to Egypt has been temporarily cut off.

Leahy’s “understanding is that aid to the Egyptian military has been halted, as required by law,” said David Carle, a spokesman for Leahy.

The administration’s public message is that $585 million of promised aid to the Egyptian military in fiscal 2013 is not officially on hold, as technically it is not due until September 30, the end of the fiscal year, and no final decisions have been made.

“After sequestration withholding, approximately $585 million remains unobligated. So, that is the amount that is unobligated,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Monday. “But it would be inaccurate to say that a policy decision has been made with respect to the remaining assistance funding.”

News and Politics 112 8045 2020-01-21 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-21T15:42:19-05:00 CNN's Jim Acosta was in Davos asking Ivanka Trump a question about impeachment and she kept on strolling. She appears to want nothing to do with Jim "Dear Diary" Acosta in this video that surfaced on social media.

And sure enough, Jimmy saw the video. Well, he was also there in person, so he lived through it. Thoughts and prayers, Jim.

The good part is this - they're now talking about it too.

Video credit: Matt Hoye on Twitter

News and Politics 16 4737 2020-01-21 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-21T15:32:16-05:00 During the first day of Donald Trump's impeachment trial, Mitch McConnell calls out the Democrats and suggests they are "not playing by the rules." McConnell also changed the rules at the last second to update the schedule a bit, as per a report on MSN.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at the last minute changed his rules proposal for President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, offering a modified resolution at the start of Tuesday’s trial to make some concessions to Democrats and moderate Republicans.

The changes will ease the frenzied schedule for opening arguments and will accept evidence from the House inquiry. The new version of the rules resolution sticks more closely to the precedent set by Bill Clinton’s 1999 impeachment trial but still allows for a potentially quick conclusion. 

News and Politics 686 129 2020-01-21 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-21T14:10:14-05:00 Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says in this video that "the Democratic Party is not a left party. The Democratic Party is a center, or a center-conservative party" and I have to wonder if she knows anything at all about politics or the party she represents. AOC proves once again why so many people heavily criticize her.

News and Politics 77 501 2020-01-21 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-21T14:10:07-05:00 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making the rounds again today as she comes in hot with another stone cold stunner of a quote. This time she slams business owners, in general, and suggests that some of them are lazy and make money off the backs of undocumented immigrants. Of course we can't speak for every business owner out there, but it's her rhetoric that could cause business owners to not like her for sure. Look what happened with Amazon. She was a big-voiced supporter in keeping them out of New York, and then later Amazon turned around and donated tons of money towards another city.

In this clip, Tom Elliott on Twitter wrote:

AOC on why successful businessmen don’t deserve their wealth: “You didn’t make those widgets! You sat on a couch while thousands of people were paid modern day slave wages, and in some cases real modern-day slavery; you made that money off the backs of undocumented people ..."

News and Politics 132 1363 2020-01-21 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-21T11:39:15-05:00 Adam Schiff went on ABC's This Week to speak with George. Schiff claimed, without evidence, that President Donald Trump is threatening to cheat in the next election and it was urgent for him to be removed from office.

“The reality is, because what the president is threatening to do is cheat in the next election, you cannot wait months and years to be able to remove that threat from office.

Daily Caller also stated this:

“We subpoenaed many of these witnesses and because of the president’s obstruction, they ignore those lawful subpoenas,” Schiff told ABC News’ “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” “If you argue that, well, the House needed to go through endless months or even years of litigation before bringing about an impeachment, you effectively nullify the impeachment clause.”

Now if Adam Schiff says it's urgent, then why was Pelosi stalling so long to send the impeachment articles to Senate?

News and Politics 128 5386 2020-01-21 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-21T10:28:53-05:00 This is a video showing how CNN and MSNBC spent the morning covering the Virginia gun-rights protest that took place. They were pushing the narrative that suggested a violent day was ahead of them, but they got it completely wrong. It turned out to be a very peaceful event in which Democrat Governor Ralph Northam even complimented everyone for. There was only one reported arrest (as of yesterday's news) and no violence occurred at all.

And this is why people stopped trusting the mainstream media. They constantly lie and push narratives that don't exists just to get better ratings.

Video credits to Curtis Houck.

News and Politics 100 5046 2020-01-21 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-21T10:19:04-05:00 If you've seen anyone in the mainstream media suggesting that Iranians hate America, then please explain this video of Iranians showing the utmost level of respect by refusing to step on the American flag.

Is this more respect than members of AOC's "The Squad" - a question asked by Imam of Peace on Twitter.

News and Politics 20 117 2020-01-21 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-21T10:18:59-05:00 Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compares the number of police in riot gear to the Freddie Gray (Baltimore) and Eric Garner (New York) protests and the gun-rights protest that happened in Virginia. She says there's almost no police officers at that protest and suggests that the institutions are racist, without specifically saying that.

However, one should point out that when Freddie Gray protests happened, that turned into an actual riot and there were 486 arrests. During the Eric Garner protests, the same thing happened - lots of arrests. During both the Freddie Gray and Eric Garner events, there was a lot of things being damaged.

During the gun rights protest in Virginia, there was one reported arrest and no damaged buildings or looting.

So basically, when a protest turns into a violent riot, that's when the cops in riot gear show up.

It's really that simple.

News and Politics 66 4273 2020-01-21 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-20T15:22:29-05:00 News and Politics 423 459 2020-01-20 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-20T15:20:24-05:00 News and Politics 336 559 2020-01-20 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-20T15:19:20-05:00 News and Politics 670 1528 2020-01-20 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-20T15:16:24-05:00 Hilton chimes in on impeachment, issues some strong opinions on the matter, per Fox News.

And in case you think that was over the top, look at what she actually said. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.: He has been impeached. He's been impeached forever. They can never erase that. "Impeached forever." There's the contrast. Pelosi's stunts versus Trump results. Americans can see what's going on. Look what happened when the president and first lady entered the stadium for the CFP National Championship game last week. They entered to thunderous cheers from the crowd. It was the sound of Americans who are proud of their president because of what he is doing for their country. Proud of the Soleimani strike, the first time Iran's murderous regime has been seriously confronted by America for 40 years.

News and Politics 859 734 2020-01-20 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-20T15:13:36-05:00 News and Politics 1016 666 2020-01-20 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-20T15:09:56-05:00 Greg Gutfeld takes a stand against Democrats and mocks them over their 'historic' impeachment.

Some of his quotes from this segment were as follows:

"So I think we found the one thing worse than fake outrage — fake righteousness"

"It’s like they have pompous Tourette’s"

"In order to sell this sham to America, they put a wedding dress on a sack of dog turds and rolled it down the aisle."

News and Politics 550 722 2020-01-20 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-20T15:05:01-05:00 Journalist Lara Logan speaks out against the 'smear' campaign. Back in February of 2019, she spoke out against members of the mainstream media and now believes she's being smeared. Her story was posted on Mediaite and part of it read:

Defending her remarks on Hannity’s show, Logan said that as the result of her speaking out about how the media is “mostly liberal” she has been targeted because she is an independent voice.

“Any journalists who are not beating the same drum and giving the same talking points,” she insisted “pay the price” for not going along with the liberal crowd.

She also called out her targeters by name.

“I know they’re going to come after me,” she told Hannity. “Michael Calderone who is at the Huffington Post. I can give you the script now. I can tell you who the players are. Joe Hagan. Brian Stelter.”

She added: “They smear you personally. They go after your integrity. They go after your reputation as a person and a professional. They will stop at nothing. I am not the only one. And I am just, I am done, right, I am tired of it. And they do not get to write my story anymore. They don’t get to speak for me, I want to say loudly and clearly to anybody who is listening, I am not owned. Nobody owns me, right? I’m not owned by the left or the right.”

News and Politics 535 552 2020-01-20 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-20T15:00:38-05:00 Senator Lindsey Graham talks with Chris Wallace on 'Fox News Sunday' to discuss his calls for witnesses during Donald Trump's impeachment trial with the Senate this week. Graham wants a quick trial and warns the Democrats about calling witnesses.

As stated on Fox News, Graham has a plan for pre-trial dismissal of the impeachment, but there's very little chance that it goes through. However, it seems like there's not enough Republican support for it.

The Senate trial is set to begin Tuesday. Graham had previously floated the idea that the GOP majority could immediately vote to dismiss the case before hearing any arguments, but now he states that this does not appear to be a possibility given the lack of sufficient Republican support for such action.

“Yeah that’s dead for practical purposes,” Graham told “Fox News Sunday,” explaining, “the idea of dismissing the case early on is not going to happen; we don’t have the votes for that.”

Graham remains confident that Republicans are still united enough to acquit Trump at the conclusion of the trial.

News and Politics 810 440 2020-01-20 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-20T13:36:06-05:00 What's going on in Puerto Rico? A warehouse full of hurricane aid supplies was revealed via raw video captured and posted on social media. Sotiri Dimpinoudis posted the following on Twitter, to go along with the video: "The Governor of Puerto Rico has been exposed by withholding Emergency aid disaster relief from Hurricane Maria. Local firefighters have discovered a warehouse stuffed full off aid supplies."

He later posted, "Just in - Another video footage of the warehouse that has been exposed by local firefighters, withholding Emergency aid disaster relief from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, bringing the Governor of the island under allot of scrutiny!"

After that, he wrote, "And here is a clip of a facebook live video of the firefighters giving out supplies of the Emergency aid to the people of Puerto Rico what was meant for Hurricane Maria back in 2017. The people on the Island of Puerto Rica are furious about their former governor "Ricardo Rosselló" and current Govr "Wanda Vázquez Garced" bringing them under allot of scrutiny for withholding these Emergency supplies aid to the people of Puerto Rico."

You can read all of his threads by visiting his Twitter page.

Here is another video of supplies found in a warehouse.

News and Politics 355 861 2020-01-20 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-18T18:17:49-05:00 President Donald Trump makes a statement suggesting that his impeachment is a massive hoax and one of the biggest 'witch hunts' in American history. Trump seems prepared for the impeachment trial that should get fairly intense this week coming up.

News and Politics 570 792 2020-01-18 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-18T18:13:07-05:00 President Donald Trump invites members of the LSU Tigers to the Oval Office to take photographs if they were interested. After that, he says one thing that has people cheering for him and laughing. He makes a very funny joke about being impeached and it seems like the crowd really enjoys it.

News and Politics 96 256 2020-01-18 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-18T18:08:34-05:00 News and Politics 1060 181 2020-01-18 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-18T17:59:44-05:00 News and Politics 392 566 2020-01-18 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-18T16:33:33-05:00 Walker Bragman wrote on Twitter, "How is Joy Reid still on the air? Serious question. When did we excuse her lying to a national audience about being hacked?" The video shows Joy Reid and her guest talking about Bernie Sanders and suggesting he's a liar because of his physical nature as he hunches over. Bernie Sanders is 78-years-old, how else do you expect the guy to stand? He's like three days older than God and up there on a debate stage standing around all night.

News and Politics 110 546 2020-01-18 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-18T15:19:43-05:00 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was on Bill Maher's show talking about Trump and impeachment. Bill Maher asked, jokingly, about impeachment being a bad thing. Pelosi responded with "and you're impeached forever" and clarified that it means no matter what Trump or Senate does, that is always on his record. In speculation, Trump probably could not care less if he is impeached because he will probably have the same presidential fate as Bill Clinton and not be removed from office.

News and Politics 19 1954 2020-01-18 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-17T14:52:52-05:00 This is Sheriff Deputy Tripp Kester. He is speaking in front of the Davidson Board of Commissioners and states that he will not enforce any anti-2A laws that he finds to be unconstitutional. A crowd of listeners begins cheering. If the law enforcement in Virginia takes the same stance, then things could get quite interesting considering the level of laws they're trying to push in that state.

As stated on Washington Examiner:

The pro-gun rights resolution, introduced by Commissioner Zak Crotts, was passed by the board unanimously and follows similar resolutions adopted in Virginia and Kentucky, which state that no law officer will infringe on the citizens right to keep and bear arms. Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions have been adopted in more than 100 Virginia counties as the Democratic majority in Richmond is set to pass monumental anti-gun legislation.

News and Politics 138 1715 2020-01-17 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-17T14:29:08-05:00 Christiane Amanpour had quite an interesting guest on for an interview. It was Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Vadym Prystaiko, who went on CNN to state the claim that there was no quid pro quo between the United States and Ukraine in any of the conversations they had. This statement crushes the Democrat narrative who is trying to paint Trump as abusing his power in the White House.

Why doesn't anyone on the left believe the people from the Ukraine when they say there was no quid pro quo? It's like the Democrats don't care what they say when it goes against their narrative.

The biggest problem, in my opinion, is that we have people of authority completely ignoring the words of other people of authority, dismissing their statements entirely.

News and Politics 83 6782 2020-01-17 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-17T14:15:00-05:00 Sen. Rand Paul crushes Joe Biden and his son Hunter for corruption. Paul also issues a warning that suggests the impeachment witnesses could be a one-sided issue. Hannity jumps in and calls out the "breathtaking hypocrisy" that could exist. slams Joe and Hunter Biden for corruption. Paul then warns about what could happen with impeachment witnesses.

Hannity calls out the "breathtaking hypocrisy."

Rand Paul also posted on Twitter, "My colleagues can’t have it both ways. Calling for some, while blocking others. If we are going to give a platform to witnesses the Dems demand, I look forward to forcing votes to call Hunter Biden and many more!"

News and Politics 202 1315 2020-01-17 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-17T03:08:57-05:00 If you're worrying about a recession, then maybe this video featuring the United States Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross will make you feel a little bit better.

News and Politics 140 210 2020-01-17 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-17T01:53:36-05:00 Trouble was brewing in North Carolina when a board of elections chairwoman was threatening people that she would call the police on anyone who recited the Pledge of Allegiance at their next board meeting, according to info posted by Bladen Online, as per a report by the Free Beacon.

"The threat came at the end of a contentious Bladen County Board of Elections meeting in which audience members voiced their displeasure with the board's defeat of a measure adding the Pledge of Allegiance to its official agenda. Two of the board members and a significant portion of the audience rose to recite the pledge in defiance of the board's vote, which Chairwoman Louella Thompson described as "out of order."

Thompson said she would call the cops if anyone tried to recite the pledge at the next board meeting. It went a bit like this: "The next meeting, if that happens again, law enforcement will be called because it is against the law to disrupt a meeting that is going on, and that is what happened today with the reciting of the pledge, so be prepared for that," she said.

Board member Emory White introduced the measure that would have added the Pledge of Allegiance to the agenda, according to a report from Bladen Online. Three board members voted against the measure, two voted for it." Gov. Roy Cooper (D.), who appointed Thomas, voiced disagreement with the decision not to recite the pledge.

"The Governor leads the Pledge of Allegiance before every Council of State meeting. He doesn’t agree with the action taken and he thinks it’s a good practice to say it before a Board of Elections meeting," a spokeswoman for the governor told the Bladen Journal.

At Tuesday's meeting, audience members pushed back on the board's decision. Not everyone agreed with the radical Democrat.

"I don't care that other boards throughout the state, the county, wherever, don't do this. There's nothing wrong with setting an example, and it's in fact a good example," one audience member said. "I support it, and I believe there's a lot of other Republicans on board … probably Democrats as well that support the idea of expressing our loyalty to our constitutional republic and to the flag for which all of that stands."

News and Politics News & Politics 2597 398 2020-01-17 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-15T21:04:36-05:00 News and Politics 40 7064 2020-01-15 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-15T20:54:25-05:00 Elizabeth Warren is seen on camera in what appears to be a refusal to shake hands with Bernie Sanders during the most recent Democratic debate. Warren walks towards Bernie Sanders and he extends his hand to her, she looks like she's about to shake his hand, but then pulls back and they have a short conversation. It's unclear what they spoke about, but one thing is possible - Bernie Sanders might have humiliated her during the debates, and maybe she is SALTY.

User Blogs 13 512 2020-01-15 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-15T20:14:40-05:00 Nancy Pelosi finally made a move by voting on the impeachment articles and now sending them to the Senate. She also named her impeachment team, headed by "Pencilneck" Adam Schiff, and what happens next is hilarious! While Nancy Pelosi is trying to push the third impeachment in American history, she gets somewhat upstaged by the Harry and Meghan fiasco.

Democrats are over here trying to impeach a president, but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are over there trying to move back to United States or maybe Canada. I'm not actually sure what's going on with the royal couple, and I could not care less!

But one thing I do know is this - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have dominated news headlines in the last week and it's casting quite a shadow over the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi.

News and Politics 441 768 2020-01-15 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-15T20:08:32-05:00 Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats might want to watch Judge Jeanine's exclusive interview with former Mayor Rudy Giuliani as he rips the impeachment to shreds. You can tell Rudy and Judge Jeanine Pirro have a good time with this interview as they both seem to be highly against what the Democrats are trying to pull off in an attempt to get the White House back.

After a long delay, Nancy Pelosi finally made a move with the articles of impeachment. She also named her impeachment managers, putting Adam Schiff as the guy in charge.

News and Politics 447 1472 2020-01-15 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-14T13:46:28-05:00 Joy Reid goes off on a tangent about Trump and his supporters. She says, "People are afraid of, not just what he can do, but what he is doing to people, what he is bringing out in people... You have swatting happening, and Nazis walking around. It is a scary time."

This type of rhetoric is irresponsible and not based on facts. It's her opinion and it's exactly what the country does not need.

News and Politics 165 339 2020-01-14 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-14T12:33:03-05:00 News and Politics 686 3220 2020-01-14 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-14T11:58:47-05:00 Former Deadspin employee Timothy Burke shared a video of actor Vince Vaughn communicating with current U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania. Captioned "I'm very sorry to have to share this video with you. All of it, every part of it", Burke caused Vaughn to be targeted by netizens over his unknown and probably polite conversation with the president and his wife. 


In an article by Fox News, Vaughn was said to be bashed by netizens as he describes himself a libertarian. However, when looked at it, the man was being respectful and was courteous towards the nation's leader. Once again, the cancel culture takes place and people are now saying that the movie actor is "canceled", facing backlash for shaking hands with the president. 

News and Politics 31 916 2020-01-14 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-14T11:58:47-05:00 U.S. President Donald Trump informs the public of their current victories. However, he regrets to inform the public how House Democrats are intentionally defending Iranian General Qassem Soleimani's actions. In his speech at the White House, the president stated that "It's a disgrace to our country." 


According to the DailyMail, the president believes that the Democrats who criticize his actions are on the side of the Iranian regime. He also retweeted an edited photo of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Chuck Schumer wearing a hijab and turban. This is to support his sentiments towards Democrats as they once again criticize his actions. 

News and Politics 60 1118 2020-01-14 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-11T11:26:11-05:00 From Tommy Pigott, "John Kerry: "if Iran had hit Americans, if they had attacked more broadly..." Iran has attacked Americans, including recently killing a US contractor and trying to storm the US Embassy in Iraq." Kerry seems like he's trying to say that Trump hit first, that way Iran would respond and Trump could go to war if he wanted, by then saying it was Iran's fault. Doesn't Kerry realize Iran has done plenty?

News and Politics 33 2319 2020-01-11 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-11T11:07:27-05:00 The economy and unemployment rates look very good while President Donald Trump is president. He could use this as a "good calling card" to make his case for reelection this year. CNN's John King discusses this, as it could help Trump in the critical swing states.

News and Politics 41 844 2020-01-11 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-09T21:51:47-05:00 Donald Trump said during his campaign rally in Toledo, that he didn't notify Congress of his planned air strike because someone in Congress would have leaked the information to the fake news media. Trump makes a good point considering the amount of leaks to come out of Washington over the last few years.

News and Politics 59 2510 2020-01-09 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-09T21:51:24-05:00 President Donald Trump said during a campaign event that he didn't have time to call Nancy Pelosi before the attack that took out a known terrorist. Trump also claims that Nancy Pelosi is 'not operating with a full deck' and the audience cheers for it.

News and Politics 51 1743 2020-01-09 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-09T21:51:09-05:00 Nancy Pelosi appears very supportive of any actions taken by Barack Obama in 2011 to battle terrorism. In 2019, she appears to have flipped her views and says the opposite when it pertains to Donald Trump as President. What changed?

News and Politics 16 1077 2020-01-09 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-09T21:43:12-05:00 Here is John Kerry openly admitting that some of the JCPOA funds could end up in hands of people who are 'labeled terrorists.' If they are labeled as a terrorist, then that is for a reason. What could that reason be? Probably because they are terrorists.

What does JCPOA stand for?

Great question and here's your answer.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is a detailed, 159-page agreement with five annexes reached by Iran and the P5+1 (China France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States) on July 14, 2015. The nuclear deal was endorsed by UN Security Council Resolution 2231, adopted on July 20, 2015. Iran’s compliance with the nuclear-related provisions of the JCPOA will be verified by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) according to certain requirements set forth in the agreement. On May 8, 2018, President Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the JCPOA and reinstate U.S. nuclear sanctions on the Iranian regime. 

News and Politics 17 1111 2020-01-09 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-09T21:10:17-05:00 What Joe Biden says now contradicts himself from what he said back in 2012. Here's a video comparing both times and showing his ability to flip flop on his own words. He seems to have forgotten his stance from years ago.

News and Politics 59 565 2020-01-09 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-09T21:08:33-05:00 This video shows Rep. Ilhan Omar laughing and smiling in the background while her colleague discusses the casualties suffered in Iraq. It remains unclear what she is sniveling at, but many people have expressed that it was disrespectful for her to act like this based on the topic at hand. Rashida Tlaib appears to have a slight grin on her face too, but she attempts to hold it in.

News and Politics 57 1406 2020-01-09 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-09T19:52:25-05:00 Here is Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier who appears to blame President Donald Trump for Iran accidentally shooting down a Ukrainian passenger plane. She calls it collateral damage caused by President Trump's actions.

Reports suggest Iran's anti-aircraft mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian airplane, wiping out all passengers. Canadian and US officials state it was done by Iran, based on the intelligence.

The Pentagon also believes it that Iran shot down the Ukrainian plane.

Even if it was by mistake, that's a massive mistake that no one can ignore and Democrats should not blame American leaders for this.

News and Politics 32 3114 2020-01-09 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-09T18:00:33-05:00 Presidential candidate Joe Biden has lashed out about Donald Trump, telling him to "stop blaming President Obama for his failures." This comes after Trump suggests that missiles used by Iran were possibly paid for by the Obama administration, a detail that is hard to prove in theory because we don't know whose or what money actually paid for the weaponry. However, it was Obama's administration that helped Iran get access to more funds. Also, insert information here about pallets of cash and you can figure out your own theories on it.

This video shows the reactions from a Fox News contributor and a Wall Street Journal editor.

News and Politics 263 755 2020-01-09 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-09T15:49:29-05:00 The video is somewhat dark because it was night time. If you look into the sky of the video, you can see the slow moving light heading towards the ground, and then the unfortunate crash that happened. United States officials from the Pentagon believe this Ukrainian plane was shot down by mistake by Iran's anti-aircraft weapons. Justin Trudeau of Canada also stated that intelligence reports suggesting the plane was shot down appear believable.

Iran will most likely deny this has happened.

Investigations are very much needed.

The video was originally posted by Ali Hashem on Twitter.

News and Politics 34 531 2020-01-09 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-09T15:45:47-05:00 News and Politics 468 679 2020-01-09 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-08T13:50:22-05:00 President Donald Trump issues a response to last night's attack by the Iranian regime. He says that no Americans were harmed. Specifically, "We suffered no casualties...Iran appears to be standing down, which is a good thing for all parties concerned and a very good thing for the world."

News and Politics 58 475 2020-01-08 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-08T13:50:12-05:00 Joy Behar is reading a quote from white nationalist, Richard Spencer, who says he regrets voting for Trump and has spoken out about it. I looked it up and Richard Spencer said exactly this: "I deeply regret voting for and promoting Donald Trump in 2016."

Either way, the audience members who clapped for this man, may not know who he is or what he's about, but they might be clapping because they simply dislike Trump - and they'll clap for anyone who also dislikes him. Very strange times, indeed. Right?

News and Politics 35 1410 2020-01-08 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-08T13:41:49-05:00 Tom Elliott posted this video, and quoted Susan Rice as saying the following, "Susan Rice: Trump now has no leverage with Iran because “we are the ones who have precipitated this cycle of escalation unfortunately and we treat our allies under President Trump like trash."

News and Politics 61 1325 2020-01-08 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-08T11:51:11-05:00 Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden once again creates confusion. The former VP claims that the Iran Deal has cutoff "everyone of Iran's pathways to a nuclear weapon." Once again, this proves to be false. 


In a Fox News article published back in April 7, 2015, then president Barack Obama actually admitted that the Iran Deal will allow the said country to have nuclear weapons by 2028. The issues now do not affect that deal at all. This is something that the Democratic presidential hopeful should be keeping track of. After all, this happened under his administration. At a time where the country is having a crisis, it is best to ensure that misinformation is avoided. 

News and Politics 11 673 2020-01-08 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-08T11:51:10-05:00 Former Vice President Joe Biden, current Democratic Presidential hopeful, is making a few mistakes. All of which was caught on camera. In the recent press conference, Biden claimed that Iran just voted for U.S. troops to leave. However, it is not Iran that the United States of America has a clash with. It is IRAQ, a huge difference. 


In the recent report of Trending Views, it is reported that "American troops can remain and do their job. However, their job might become a bit more risky as the militia leaders are calling for revenge after the drone strike took out their general." It is also reported that U.S. troops are now serving to protect both the embassy and ensure the safety of the people in their surroundings. 

News and Politics 9 1055 2020-01-08 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-08T11:41:54-05:00 Here's the reaction from Ramadan Sharif, an Iranian Revolutionary Guard spokesman, who breaks down crying in tears after the airstrike that took out Soleimani. It remains unclear if he's sad about the passing of their general, or someone was cutting onions in the room.

Collin Rugg from Trending Politics reported that Sharif wasn't the only person who expressed sadness during this time.

As stated:

During an interview on CNN, retired Maj. General James "Spider" Marks had some choice words for these Democrats as he blasted anti-Trump critics for their reactions to the airstrike.

The retired general started off by shredding Democrat Senator Chris Murphy who stated that the airstrikes may spark a "massive regional war."

“What I would say to Senator Murphy is, why don’t you just be quiet?” Marks said. “Look, when has Iran ever demonstrated self-restraint? I mean, that’s the question I have. So is the world more dangerous today? Maybe it’s more dangerous. But when has it not been dangerous? When have we not been a target of a regime like exists in Tehran? I mean, it happens as a matter of routine.”

News and Politics 16 579 2020-01-08 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-07T23:10:30-05:00 CNN has an interview video on their website of an Iranian VP saying the United States made a 'serious miscalculation' and that our country might be regretful for taking out a terrorist. "Iranian Vice President for Women and Family Affairs Massoumeh Ebtekar says Soleimani's killing has sparked a revival of the Islamic Revolution." The video is a bit disturbing in context, because it feels like they are overlooking the terrible things that Soleimani did over his lifetime.

News and Politics 39 394 2020-01-07 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-07T22:33:21-05:00 A dozen or so ballistic missiles were launched by Iran into two United States military bases that are housing U.S. troops in Iraq. These attacks were confirmed by the Pentagon. CBS News reported what the Pentagon said, "It is clear that these missiles were launched from Iran and targeted at least two Iraqi military bases hosting U.S. military and coalition personnel at Al-Assad and Irbil."

You might see this photo circulating the web. I assure you, this is not the Iranian air force. People are trying to say it is, but it is not. Don't let them trick you.

News and Politics 8064 2144 2020-01-07 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-07T16:04:19-05:00 Joe Biden spoke to a crowd and said, "What we've heard so far from this president are tweets, threats, and tantrums." Joe Biden may want to look at some statistics and facts about things accomplished while Trump was in the White House for the last three years. We can all honestly say that Trump might spend too much time on Twitter, he did threaten to destroy enemies, and if he has a tantrum, then it's about the people surrounding him who aren't getting much done.

While Democrats wasted three years figuring out how to take Trump out of the White House or out of an election, he has resiliently pushed through and got quite a bit done.

You can search the stats all you want.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden can't even get Barack Obama to endorse him and he often forgets what city he's in. Don't even get me started on Hunter Biden and his Burisma scandal, which was potentially layered in enough corruption to keep you warm all winter.

News and Politics 175 255 2020-01-07 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-07T16:03:41-05:00 Joe Biden poses for a selfie with a college graduate. He then unexpectedly kisses her on the cheek and she looks a little shocked. Dear Joe Biden, please stop doing this. It is absolutely creepy. I don't know why Joe Biden hasn't gotten the message about how he constantly invades people's personal space. Perhaps the former Vice President Biden is aware that he's a bit odd, but he simply does not care. Surely, over the years and spending more than 5 minutes on social media, he must know.

News and Politics 5 14185 2020-01-07 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-07T16:03:36-05:00 Mitch McConnell stands tall and shreds Democrats who are criticizing Trump's latest moves. He reminds them to remember that we are all Americans first. As reported by ABC News, "Sen. McConnell criticizes Democrats over Iran: "Can we not maintain a shred, just a shred of national unity for five minutes before deepening the partisan trenches?...Could we at least remember we're all Americans first, and we're all in this together?"

News and Politics 264 247 2020-01-07 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-07T14:47:05-05:00 Julio Rosas shared a video showing silent/quiet protesters walking around the Hart Senate Building because they want Trump impeached and removed from office. Rosas wrote, "To advocate for Trump's impeachment and removal, protesters are quietly walking around in circles in the Hart Senate building. Organizers say they will be here everyday."

News and Politics 38 1029 2020-01-07 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-07T14:19:29-05:00 Elizabeth Warren refused to answer Meghan McCain's actual question when asked why she 'flip flopped' on her label/description for an actual terrorist. She didn't want to say it, but the hosts on The View got her to say it. McCain just wants to know why she changed her description of the guy and Warren goes into this long-winded nonsense answer about nothing, basically answering the question without answering McCain's actual question.

Tom Elliott wrote on Twitter, saying "Under questioning from @MeghanMcCain, @ewarren

— who called Soleimani's killing "an assassination” — now says “of course” he’s a terrorist"

News and Politics 134 1771 2020-01-07 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-07T11:10:40-05:00 Pompeo goes on record to defend the United States against any accusations that they have damaged Persian culture. Pompeo says it's not the United States who damaged the Persian culture, but instead, it's the Ayatollah.

News Channel 5 reported:

The briefing comes amid heightened tensions with Iran following the United States' assassination of Gen. Qassem Soleimani — a man the U.S. had designated a terrorist, but who was popular military leader beloved by many by Iran.

Iran vowed "harsh retaliation" in response to Soleimani's death last week. Iran's Supreme Leader has also urged that any forceful response to Soleimani's death come from the Iranian military itself, not as clandestine operations carried out by militias. Such a response would be outside of Iranian tradition and would likely further escalate tensions between the U.S.


News and Politics 41 407 2020-01-07 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-07T11:10:33-05:00 Matt Gaetz goes on live TV to discuss the situation that Nancy Pelosi is doing what she accused Trump of doing - obstruction. Gaetz has been very supportive of President Trump and finds himself consistently being featured and quoted for his perspective on situations involving Trump.

News and Politics 19 1203 2020-01-07 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-07T10:15:00-05:00 Bernie Sanders was on CNN talking with Anderson Cooper and suggested that Donald Trump is "unleashing international anarchy" after he "violated international law." Sanders also suggests that the Trump administration has no idea what they're doing. On the contrary, maybe they know exactly what they're doing.

Sanders was quoted on Anderson Cooper's show, when discussing Trump's big move, as saying:

No, I think it was an assassination. I think it was in violation of international law. This guy was -- was a bad-news guy, but he was a ranking official of the Iranian government. And you know what, once you get into violating international law in that sense, you can say there are a lot of bad people all over the world running governments.

Kim Jong-un in North Korea, not exactly a nice guy. Responsible for the death, perhaps, of hundreds of thousands of people in his own country. To name one of many, you know? The president of China now has put a million people, Muslims, into educational camps -- some would call them concentration camps.

But once you start this business of a major country saying, hey, we have the right to assassinate, then you're unleashing international anarchy. I think all...that Trump seems to be doing now is trying to break all kinds of international protocol, denying the foreign minister of Iran to speak before the United Nations, and really basically trying to lead us into another war, which I believe will be a disaster.

Sanders also made a strange Putin comparison while on CNN, something that was a bit normal for his usual ways of going off on tangents.

Sanders likes to inject his negative views on President Donald Trump. It makes perfect sense that he's on CNN talking poorly about Trump to another critical figure in Anderson Cooper.

Is there anything Trump can do that Bernie Sanders would approve of?

Even Adam Schiff has called Congressional hearings about this. So what can Trump ever do to make his Democrat and Independent foes happy?

News and Politics 661 737 2020-01-07 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T23:47:07-05:00 A man tells Joe Biden his father lost his insurance, and his new plan under Obamacare was twice as expensive. Joe Biden actually admits that 'no one understood Obamacare' - and you can add me to the list. When I was self-employed and paying $237 a month to AETNA years ago for a pretty decent plan, that was affordable.

If I want the same plan, it's going to run me at least $500+ under Obamacare and comes with a huge deductible. Obamacare prices are outrageous.

Collin Rugg provided this info, from Trending Politics:

"During the run-up to the passage of Obamacare, President Obama promised my father that he could keep his plan and his insurance would be cheaper," the man said. "After the passage, his plan was no longer aloud and his insurance costs double. Since you supported the plan, were you lying to my dad or did you not understand the bill you supported?"

Biden replied: "Look, there is two ways people know when something is important. One, when it's so clear when it is passed that everybody understands it, and no one did understand Obamacare including the way it was rolled out and the gentleman is right, he says you could keep your doctor if you wanted to and you couldn't keep your doctor if you wanted to.

Is there anyone out there who had a pleasant experience with Obamacare? I have heard nothing but complaints. Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez complained about Obamacare. Well, her problem was that she makes so much money that she could chose from all the fancy options available to her. You know, options not available to people who don't earn $174,000 a year.

News and Politics 40 2415 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T23:21:00-05:00 General Petraeus has been busy giving statements and responses this week after Trump ordered a strike to take out a top Iranian general. Petraeus went on Face the Nation to provide his thoughts on the incident. The Face the Nation video is above, but there's another interview where he compared Trump's strike with Osama bin Laden.

Petraeus also spoke with Foreign Policy in an interview to provide that comparison.

A snippet of their interview has been posted, but the full interview is on their site.

Foreign Policy: What impact will the killing of Gen. Suleimani have on regional tensions?

David Petraeus: It is impossible to overstate the importance of this particular action. It is more significant than the killing of Osama bin Laden or even the death of [Islamic State leader Abu Bakr] al-Baghdadi. Suleimani was the architect and operational commander of the Iranian effort to solidify control of the so-called Shia crescent, stretching from Iran to Iraq through Syria into southern Lebanon. He is responsible for providing explosives, projectiles, and arms and other munitions that killed well over 600 American soldiers and many more of our coalition and Iraqi partners just in Iraq, as well as in many other countries such as Syria. So his death is of enormous significance.

News and Politics 461 348 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T22:43:02-05:00 Harvey Weinstein wobbles up to criminal court using a walker. He's only 67-years-old, but clearly hasn't been eating his Wheaties. He looks like the perfect candidate for a Life Alert commercial, but I'm not sure his possible criminal record would be welcome.

People in Life Alert commercials say things like, "help, I've fallen and can't get up" but that sounds like something his victims might have said. Not him though, he's just a creep.

That's Hollywood for you.

News and Politics 40 628 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T15:44:28-05:00 Donald Trump issued a statement that included a warning to those wishing to do harm upon American figures and embassy buildings. Trump says "we will find you, we will eliminate you," and says America will always protect its people.

Trump tries to restore a sense of calm among those watching, but there is also the possibility of a retaliation act from Iranian regimes. Tensions are high, but people are confident we can come to a working and peaceful solution.

Kinda sounds like a Liam Neeson quote, right?

News and Politics 265 659 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T15:38:14-05:00 MSNBC analyst says the targeted Iranian general is a key figure that is now gone. He dives into the description of him a little bit more, saying a few things he was responsible for, but did not tell all that much. It was a quick update by MSNBC.

News and Politics 87 539 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T15:37:52-05:00 Senator Barrasso discusses Trump's actions and how he believes it ends a hypothetical "policy of appeasement" with Iran. Now there is no official policy stating that, but Republicans are using it as a talking point to show the different ways Democrats are handling this ongoing issue.

News and Politics 97 924 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T15:37:27-05:00 Elizabeth Warren might be singing a different tune in 2020 as she criticizes President Trump over his military strike against one of Iran's top generals. Back in 2011, she was seen saying something along the lines of "all options on the table" suggesting she might be, back then, all for taking action as needed. As times change, opinions change too, but it has people speculating if her opinion would be different if this was a Democrat president.

News and Politics 102 713 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T15:24:56-05:00 Judge Jeanine says Trump's action was needed, he was the man to do it, and we should be thankful for it. She's referring to the recent military strike that removed a top general who was allegedly responsible for hundreds of lives lost. Do you agree or disagree with Judge Jeanine? Voice your opinion below.

News and Politics 558 811 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T15:23:01-05:00 OAN reports that a former Ukrainian president's offices have been raided as part of a criminal investigation. This is currently in development as part of a "high-level investigation that has political ramifications," as reported by One America’s Jack Posobiec.

News and Politics 158 680 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T15:22:20-05:00 Steve Hilton goes into some details about Donald Trump's foreign policy and how it helps Americans here at home in the United States. He gives his perspective on the issues at hand and we're welcome to discuss and provide feedback as needed.

News and Politics 638 430 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T15:20:46-05:00 Kellyanne Conway says she won't be lectured by people weak on foriegn policy, or those who voted to send pallets of cash under Obama. She also says they're cleaning up the mess made by former President Barack Obama and his VP, Joe Biden.

News and Politics 202 1050 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T14:17:20-05:00 Ricky Gervais puts Hollywood celebrities on blast, slamming them for being friends with Jeffrey Epstein who was caught up in major scandals which were criminal.

News and Politics 21 659 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T14:03:25-05:00 If ISIS opened a streaming service, the sell-out Hollywood celebrity agents would be on the phone with them right now getting a job. Or trying to.

News and Politics 31 823 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T14:03:14-05:00 Ricky Gervais called out the Hollywood celebrities with a Harvey Weinstein joke. He suggested that the members of the audience were silent and looking the other way when Weinstein was committing his crimes against women.

News and Politics 34 330 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T13:49:42-05:00 Very outspoken former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino is now slamming the Democrats who were critical of Trump's military strike that, more or less, took out a bad guy. Democrats called it one thing, Republicans called it another, and a few militia leaders in Iran are not very happy. Let's not forget all the things that the fallen Iranian general did, OK?

News and Politics 386 593 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T13:48:27-05:00 Lyndsey Graham jumps on the Trump train to defend his president and send a warning to those in doubt. He suggests that Trump can bring the Iranian Regime "to its knees" - of course, with the help of the United States military. Democrats may criticize Trump's warning and find ways to make it sound like a bad thing that Trump is standing up for his country.

News and Politics 424 626 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T13:41:15-05:00 Trump gives a quick statement about the latest military air strike that took out a top general for Iran.  Trump says, "We took action last night to stop a war, we did not take action to start a war.” 

Trump says the target was acting wrongly over the last four years, as well.

Without divulging details about what led to the early morning airstrike that killed Soleimani and nine others, the president said the United States "caught" the general "in the act and terminated him.” “Soleimani made the death of innocent people his sick passion,” Trump added, saying that "what the U.S. did yesterday should have been done long ago." Later Friday night, during an event with evangelical supporters, Trump addressed the airstrike, saying, "Qassem Soleimani has been killed and his bloody rampage is now forever gone.”

Tensions are now rising between United States and Iran, despite the number of people celebrating the act as a victory.

News and Politics 252 400 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-06T03:42:47-05:00 News and Politics 480 565 2020-01-06 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-05T13:59:46-05:00 Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blames former President Barack Obama for the tensions mounting with Iran and the United States. Pompeo has accused Obama's administration for 'appeasement of Iran.'

As shown on USA Today:

"We’re trying to correct for what was the Obama administration’s appeasement of Iran," Pompeo said Sunday on the ABC News' "This Week,"

"This is a regime that has been acting against America for an awfully long time. And we are suffering from eight years of neglect and we’re trying to push it back. We’re trying to contain them," he said.

Don't forget to send a pallet of cash.

News and Politics 110 3619 2020-01-05 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-05T13:41:12-05:00 A news editor named M. Hanif Jazayeri posted this message, saying "Iran's regime just announced an $80 million bounty for anyone who brings the head of @realDonaldTrump for killing Soleimani. PS: Iran's ppl however are overjoyed at Soleimani's death. As the #IranProtests have shown, they long for an end to the mullahs' tyranny #FreeIran2020."

It remains unclear who is speaking over the video and if this is a legitimate threat. It also is highly impossible that they would get $1 from everyone they mention, so they probably won't come up with the $80 million that way. Now if Obama was still in office, he could send them a pallet of cash. Of course, that's a speculation or something we in the biz call - a joke.

Here's a few more of his videos that show threats towards the United States.

Meanwhile, Iranians are celebrating what Trump did in various locations.

News and Politics 102 1504 2020-01-05 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-04T21:54:07-05:00 Joe Biden on the campaign trail getting way too close to people again. Joe, this is creepy. Please stop.

News and Politics 46 3512 2020-01-04 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-04T20:40:35-05:00 Former VP Joe Biden seen on camera struggling to use a cell phone. It looks like he needs help using the cell phone. I wonder if it's a smart phone and that's why he can't figure it out. All jokes aside...

News and Politics 64 764 2020-01-04 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-04T19:17:46-05:00 President Donald Trump made a promise that America will not become socialist under his watch. He also says that "America was not built by religion-hating socialists. America was built by church-going, God-worshiping, freedom-loving patriots."

This speech took place in Miami and was delivered to a crowd of Evangelicals. He was also in Florida to help launch 'Evangelicals for Trump' which consists of Christian leaders who support Trump for reelection this year.

News and Politics 42 365 2020-01-04 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-03T21:29:30-05:00 President Donald Trump had a top Iranian general responsible for hundreds of casualties taken out and numerous Democrats have spoken out against it. This article serves as a reminder that the tone was quite different back in 1996 when Joe Biden, as a United State Senator, seemed to support reacting and taking out the bad guys as needed.

This video shows an interview where he's talking about a bombing that was allegedly done by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps - and Biden called it an "act of war." Biden also stated that the United States "could take whatever action it deems appropriate" - even though he now seems to be slightly against Trump taking action to remove someone who was possibly planning more attacks. Seems like Biden won't have to worry about nominating Barack Obama to Supreme Court if he's dealing with the ghosts of his past. Can't nominate someone if you're not president. Not like he has any shot of winning an election anyway.

Nevertheless, Brent Scher from the Washington Free Beacon wrote this about Biden's 1996 interview:

Biden's view, expressed during an Aug. 4, 1996, interview with ABC News's Sam Donaldson—before the United States determined that the IRGC was responsible for the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia—was that, were Iran involved in the attack, it would yield its sovereignty. The attack on the U.S. Marine barracks left 19 dead and hundreds wounded.

"[The United States] could take whatever action it deems appropriate," Biden said at the time. "They yield their sovereignty if they are [behind the attack] … it's an act of war."

The strong stance differs greatly from his response to Thursday night's deadly strike on Soleimani—itself a response to Iran's attack on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad that killed an American contractor and wounded American troops.

The former vice president condemned the strike on Soleimani as "a huge escalatory move in an already dangerous region."

It should be stated that any action or reaction involving a military strike always comes with some level of escalation and the possibilities of a retaliation. 

That seems fairly normal for one side to retaliate, or to want to retaliate, when someone on their side is taken out. In this case, Iran could retaliate if they wish, but would it be beneficial to them - that remains to be seen. However, they would likely be annihilated. 

Adding to that is this - you can go on Twitter and find people in Iran who are celebrating the United States airstrike publicly on their social media pages.

Scher continued:

"President Trump just tossed a stick of dynamite into a tinderbox, and he owes the American people an explanation of the strategy and plan to keep safe our troops and embassy personnel, our people and our interests, both here at home and abroad, and our partners throughout the region and beyond," Biden said...

It really seems like Joe Biden is throwing his own stick of dynamite into a heap of high school drama. His views on this have completely flip-flopped from years past.

It reminds me of the Donald Trump impeachment in comparison to Bill Clinton's impeachment.

Back then, Democrats were against impeachment and now they want it. The tables have turned.

News and Politics 106 1129 2020-01-03 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-03T16:09:19-05:00 News and Politics 1141 407 2020-01-03 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-03T00:07:05-05:00 The Pentagon has officially confirmed that a United States air strike has taken out a top Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani, in Baghdad. This comes amid chaos that has unfolded over the last few days at the United States embassy, in which Marines and soldiers were deployed to protect.

The Pentagon released an official statement on their website, as follows:

At the direction of the President, the U.S. military has taken decisive defensive action to protect U.S. personnel abroad by killing Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force, a U.S.-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization. 

General Soleimani was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region. General Soleimani and his Quds Force were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American and coalition service members and the wounding of thousands more. He had orchestrated attacks on coalition bases in Iraq over the last several months – including the attack on December 27th – culminating in the death and wounding of additional American and Iraqi personnel. General Soleimani also approved the attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad that took place this week.  

This strike was aimed at deterring future Iranian attack plans. The United States will continue to take all necessary action to protect our people and our interests wherever they are around the world.

The situation is ongoing and the Pentagon will likely release any updates on their official Department of Defense website.

In a recent plot twist, there has been speculation that an NYT article sent a warning to Soleimani. This article includes the name and place where the incident happened, which could be coincidence, or could have some disturbing underlying leak.

News and Politics 374 672 2020-01-03 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-02T23:58:59-05:00 President Donald Trump's campaign for reelection has more money, on hand, than every other candidate for president. He raised a staggering $46 million in the last quarter of 2019

CNN reported on it and quoted Brad Parscale, who is quite active in his role with the campaign. The report said:

"President Trump's unprecedented fundraising is testament to his wide grassroots support and his stellar record of achievement on behalf of the American people," Parscale said in a statement Thursday, adding, "Democrats and the media have been in a sham impeachment frenzy and the President's campaign only got bigger and stronger with our best fundraising quarter this cycle."

The campaign has $102.7 million cash on hand, the most of any 2020 candidate.

What does this say about Trump's followers? Well, it shows they are coming out in droves and willing to help the president in his cause.

However, I'd like to see the numbers that Democrats have! Why? Because I want to see if Trump has more donations than all of them added together.

There's a possibility, that's for sure!

News and Politics 155 363 2020-01-02 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-02T23:52:33-05:00 In what clearly adds more controversy to an already exciting topic, we have Judge Don McSpadden who has mysteriously recused himself from Hunter Biden's paternity case in Arkansas. This comes just days after a private investigation firm stated they were possibly going to intercede in Biden's case.

The Washington Examiner looked into this a bit further. They reported the following:

The case took an unexpected turn nearly two weeks ago when a private investigation firm claimed Biden is the subject of criminal inquiries for “fraud, money laundering and a counterfeiting scheme” in court documents. However, McSpadden removed it from the record after the former vice president's son argued that “the notice is filed by a non-party simply to make scandalous allegations in the pending suit to gain some media attention.”

And now here we are with more drama added to the situation. It's almost like Hunter Biden's life is a really bad reality TV show.

News and Politics 115 1195 2020-01-02 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-02T23:38:30-05:00 Joe Concha, media reported from The Hill, weighs in on journalism in 2019 after the New York Times published a piece saying it was the darkest year yet for journalists during the Trump years.

An article on Town Hall, by Beth Baumann,  further discussed the article and pointed out some flaws.

She pointed out one specific quote:

Mr. Trump’s vilification of the news media is a hallmark of his tenure and a jagged break from the norms of his predecessors: Once a global champion of the free press, the presidency has become an inspiration to autocrats and dictators who ape Mr. Trump’s cry of 'fake news'

Baumann points out the obvious and main reason for why Trump often uses the term "fake news" when it comes to the mainstream media. It's because they often utilize anonymous sources, rely on unverified dossiers, and sometimes rely on feelings and opinions over facts.

Baumann stated in her article:

Trump typically utilizes the term "fake news" to describe so-called "news reports" that rely heavily on anonymous sources, rumors or third-hand information.

In a lot of ways, the term "fake news" has been a battle cry for the right. The mainstream media attempts to hide their bias by claiming to be fair, balanced and non-partisan. These news outlets are not mad at their lack of journalistic integrity. They are mad that someone finally has the guts to call them out for their horrible practices. And that someone happens to be President of the United States.

She's right. The mainstream media is more biased now than ever, and it's not just one one side or the other. It's all around. It's all around because when one side goes too far extreme, the other side must counter with it to create a new balance in the media. Except, the balance in the media is absolute insanity because it's balanced in the most wrong way possible - all the way left, and all the way right, and that's where our mainstream is right now.

And let's ask this - is the NY Times acting like the journalists are the victim? When the journalists continuously publish rubbish, then they're going to get called out for it.

If they don't like it, then write better stories.

News and Politics 247 433 2020-01-02 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-02T23:22:04-05:00 President Donald Trump shed light on a situation with Paul Pelosi Jr, the son of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Trump focused on a report made by One America News that suggested Pelosi's son, and Nancy, might be part of a corrupt Ukraine scandal. Sure enough, Trump called it out and targeted Nancy Pelosi on his usual mode of communication, which is Twitter.

Trump said, "Wow Crazy Nancy, what’s going on? This is big stuff!"

OAN reported that Pelosi Jr was in the Ukraine back in 2017, as highlighted by the video below.

They also stated on their report:

These accusations are similar to those against former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, who allegedly earned $156 million from corruption schemes in Ukraine.

President Trump shared an additional OAN report on Friday, in which Ukrainian officials testified on Democrat interference in the 2016 elections. He thanked One America News for “incredible reporting” and slammed mainstream media for not doing “the same.”

News and Politics 308 988 2020-01-02 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-02T23:11:37-05:00 One America’s Pearson Sharp reports on the efforts by California residents to have Governor Newsom recalled. The officials refuse to turn over signatures so now they're having problems.

To add to the drama, there has been at least one petition calling for Newsom to be removed and they've received over 184,000 signatures.

That petition was started by Joshua Lindsay and he wrote:

Governor Gavin Newsom in addition to Governor Jerry Brown have declared California a Sanctuary State, importing illegal immigrants to replace the people of California, and give them California's tax payer funded goods and services in order to alter the voting demographics against Americans, and in favor of Democrats.

On top of that, a website completely dedicated to Governor Gavin Newsom's recall has been started. It's called Recall Gavin Now.


News and Politics 176 2431 2020-01-02 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-02T15:35:31-05:00 Hillary Clinton introduced George Soros in 2004, saying: “We, once again, have to become better citizens. You know, it is not enough for America’s future that some participate and others don’t. We have been given an extraordinary blessing, and at this moment in time, our country needs us, and we need people like George Soros, who is fearless and willing to step up when it counts.”

Fast forward to Hillary Clinton's campaign back in 2016 and you'll see the pair have quite a connection. He donated $6 million to a PAC supporting her, according to Politico.

George Soros in December donated $6 million to the leading super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, marking the return of the billionaire financier as among the biggest givers in all of American politics.

The rabbit hole runs deep and it's full of money.

News and Politics 45 983 2020-01-02 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-02T15:05:16-05:00 There's a new law signed into action in California that can result in people, found in violation, being fined up to $10,000 for taking too many showers or doing too much laundry in one day. Of course, one would have to take a really long shower, or like ten showers, to go over this limit set by Governor Jerry Brown who signed two bills targeting per-person water use.

Holmes Lybrand of the The Washington Examiner shared this fact checking info from back in 2018, which provided some details on two bills signed into action:

California has a water problem—one so severe that Gov. Jerry Brown thought it prudent to sign two bills, Senate Bill 606 and Assembly Bill 1668, into law focused primarily on decreasing per-person water usage.

One part of the legislation requires that “urban retail water suppliers” stick to set annual water budgets or potentially face a penalty of up to $1,000 per day (more if the overuse coincides with emergency droughts).

The goal, according to the text of SB-606, is to achieve “20-percent reduction from the baseline daily per capita water use by December 31, 2020.” To set the water budget standards, these urban retail water suppliers (i.e. a water supplier that services 3,000 people or 3,000 acre-feet annually) can adopt one of four methods to determine their water usage targets. AB-1668 sets the “standard for indoor residential water use” at 55 gallons a day per person, with the number decreasing to 50 gallons by 2030.

So clearly, if you read that California laws prohibit people from showering and doing laundry in the same day, then those websites have lied. 

I dug a bit further into this and found another article on KQED that suggests the new 55 gallon limit per person is more of a target limit, not an actual required limit.

Matt Weiser wrote:

In reality, it turns out, the 55-gallon limit is not a limit at all. It is merely an aspirational target meant to motivate customers to conserve.

“The statewide indoor water use standard is not enforceable on individual water users,” said Dave Bolland, director of state regulatory relations at the Association of California Water Agencies. “There is no provision [in the law] that requires individual households to meet a specific water use target.”

The pair of new laws that enacted the 55-gallon target, Assembly Bill 1668 and Senate Bill 606, set it as a goal that water utilities must meet by averaging across all their customers. Water agencies must create a “water budget,” aggregated across their entire service area, that includes indoor water consumption, water applied for landscape irrigation, commercial and industrial use and water lost due to system leakage.

So some things we learned are:

  1. California has crazy laws.
  2. Websites have pushed somewhat false information about these laws, which was not needed because the laws were already crazy anyway.
  3. California news anchors are not happy about it and want to talk to Mr. Newsom! Good luck with that! I can see why so many people are moving out of the state.
News and Politics 127 2871 2020-01-02 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-02T04:27:39-05:00 Here is the former U.S. attorney Joe DiGenova stating that former President Barack Obama was aware of the FBI putting a proverbial target on Donald Trump. DiGenova also states that many people don't understand how deeply involved the CIA really was. At this point, DiGenova claims that the disgraced former FBI Director James Comey and another big name, the former CIA Director John Brennan "were the leaders of a coup to reverse the results of the 2016 election."

Zero Hedge dropped a dime on this, stating that:

DiGenova says the Obama Justice Department was corrupted under Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, "with the authority and knowledge of then-president" Obama, and that a 'stupid and arrogant' Susan Rice was dumb enough to document his knowledge in a January 20th, 2017 email.

I guess we found how far the rabbit hole goes - or maybe this is just the first foot in the dirt.

News and Politics 302 2594 2020-01-02 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-01T21:04:21-05:00 Analyst Ron Meyer dives into Joe Biden's campaign and chances to be president. He makes a bold prediction and says there are several factors that all equate to bad news for the former vice president. One of the biggest problems is the people who support Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. If one of them drop out, their supporters will probably not switch to supporting Biden, but rather the other. For example, if Bernie Sanders drops out, his supporters will likely support Elizabeth Warren, and vice versa.

Fox News stated in their article:

"If you look at Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, they’re right behind him in most of these states or beating him in [Iowa and New Hampshire]. So when you add up the two socialist candidates versus the one moderate candidate, they overtake him," Meyer said.

"And so as these delegates amass, you’re going to see basically the left wing of the party is going to have more delegates at the end of the day. So when Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren drops out, those delegates will consolidate behind one candidate that’s not Joe Biden, and that spells trouble for him.

"I think he's cooked," he concluded.

Biden has a lot of other things working against him too. He sometimes doesn't know where he is. He does strange things and gets way too close to people. Biden called a boy "honey" two times on a previous campaign event and that made people cringe too.

News and Politics 66 1147 2020-01-01 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-01T20:48:40-05:00 Two days of nonsense from protesters appears to be over as the Marines showed up and protesters finally backed off. Protesters were throwing rocks and water bottles, doing vandalism on security cameras, and even attempted to storm the embassy. That prompted a response from the Pentagon, who sent 100 Marines overseas. 650 other soldiers are reportedly on the way as well.

The protests appear to be a response to what the US did after an American civilian contractor lost his life.

A report on Al Jazeera stated that "the US said it launched the attacks on Sunday - killing at least 25 fighters - in Iraq and Syria in response to a rocket attack on Friday near Kirkuk, which killed an American civilian contractor - an assault Washington blamed on Kataib Hezbollah."

News and Politics 126 1546 2020-01-01 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-01T20:44:07-05:00 A new update shows the United States will deploy about 750 soldiers (650 Paratroopers, 100 Marines) to protect the U.S. embassy and get the situation in Baghdad under control. This video shows the American soldiers dropping tear gas to disperse the protesters who gathered around the embassy and wouldn't leave the area.

The protesters slept there overnight and attempted to storm the embassy, causing fire damage. They finally dispersed today, but it took efforts from the United States military and a healthy dose of tear gas to get them to leave.

ABC News reported:

Earlier on Wednesday, U.S. Marines guarding the embassy fired tear gas after the protesters lit a fire on the roof of the reception area, the Associated Press reported. Smoke could be seen rising from the building.

Despite the protests ending, the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad said in a statement Wednesday that all public consulate operations have been suspended and advised U.S. citizens not to even approach the compound.

Who are the protesters?

They are pro-Iranian militia and their supporters. They were seen lighting fires, throwing objects like water bottles at security, and singing anti-American chants such as "Down, down USA."

News and Politics 118 511 2020-01-01 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-01T20:39:06-05:00 His name is Daniel Hoffman and he's a retired CIA station chief. He talks about President Trump's response to Iran-backed protesters attacking U.S. embassy in Iraq. The U.S. embassy is dealing with lots of fire damage after they were attacked and Iran backed protesters stormed the building.

Fox News reported on the damage:

Stunning photos reveal scenes of destruction inside the United States embassy in Iraq's capital one day after Iran-backed militiamen stormed the previously heavily fortified compound in protest of recent airstrikes.

The photos, released Wednesday by The Associated Press, show windows blown out and the charred remains of papers, office furniture and shelving inside the Baghdad complex.

Smoke was still seen rising from a reception room in the embassy and an embassy checkpoint was left in complete ruins from the conflagration.

News and Politics 78 956 2020-01-01 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-01T20:32:28-05:00 News and Politics 156 569 2020-01-01 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-01T20:14:51-05:00 Joe Biden was hot on the campaign trail but it got a bit awkward in New Hampshire when he called a young boy "honey." Joe Biden calls him "honey" twice, but then catches himself and says he shouldn't do that, but that he talks to his grandson like that. Biden then goes into talking about "free speech" being an absolute and compares that to the second amendment. Credit Fox 10 Phoenix.

I wrote about this earlier on Medium too, saying that it literally cringed me out and this is one of the reasons Joe Biden should not be running for president. He's too far gone.

News and Politics 204 1899 2020-01-01 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-01T15:20:08-05:00 This video shows President Donald Trump standing with First Lady Melania Trump. He addresses a crowd either before or during an New Year's Eve celebration.

He says, as quoted by The Hill:

President Trump: "I want you to have a great year. Look, you're honorable people, you have to stay honorable. If you're honorable, I'm going to win the election by a lot. If you're not honorable, I'm just going to win the election by a little."

Trump sure has a sense of humor! Not everyone thought so, as the replies to the video were quite mixed, as per Trump's usual collection of replies generally is. Several people threw insults at Melania, suggesting she looks like an animatronic character from show West World.

As you can see, there ended up being a bit more people throwing insults than usual on this one. I guess they have nothing better to do.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon sent 100 Marines to Baghdad to protect the people at the United States embassy. You know, so we don't have another repeat of what Hillary Clinton let happen. What difference does it make?

News and Politics 54 553 2020-01-01 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-01T10:41:31-05:00 This is Jack Wilson. He's the man who helped save countless lives in a Texas church when a gunman opened fire. Wilson was carrying concealed, brandished his piece, and took out the suspect in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, the suspect did take the lives of two others. However, it could have been much worse as many people sat there unarmed, unprotected, and facing the worst moment of their lives.

Wilson is a former deputy sheriff reserve.

CNN reported more on the situation in Texas and how Jack Wilson responded.

The volunteer security team member who fatally shot a gunman in a Texas church Sunday said he began watching the shooter as soon as he entered the sanctuary.

Jack Wilson, head of security at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, told CNN affiliate KTVT that he had "eyes" on the man right away.

"After he shot (the two victims), he went and started towards the front of the sanctuary and that's when I was able to engage him, and I fired one round," he told KTVT.

Wilson didn't say why he was suspicious, but another parishioner told KTVT the man's appearance made her uncomfortable because he appeared to be wearing a wig.

This will be known as one of the "good guy takes out the bad guy" stories that likely ends up being politicized by both sides of the political spectrum. The good thing is lives were saved, the bad thing is that someone thought this was a good idea to harm people and lives were lost. No matter what the method of harm is, the problem lies with the person who wants to do this.

Why do people do the things they do? That might be something we don't ever solve, but we could try.

News and Politics 139 611 2020-01-01 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-01T10:37:27-05:00 Ryan Fournier shared a video of Bernie Sanders saying out loud what many of us have thought all along! "If I can't win an election on my ideas, then I should get the H-ll out of politics!" Yes, Bernie! That's why you're not president and why the Democratic Party didn't nominate you to represent them in 2016. That's why you won't be the nominee this year, nor will you be president. Socialism and all these trendy, trying-to-be-trendy and "free" ideas simply won't work because the money it takes to run them doesn't grow on trees.

Bernie Sanders can ask his pal Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez how she will pay for Medicare for All. Oh, that's right - you "just pay for it."

News and Politics 29 3503 2020-01-01 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-01T10:22:43-05:00 President Donald Trump is heading into a New Year's Eve party at Mar-A-Lago and stops to make a comment about the situation at the United States embassy in Baghdad who is in the midst of chaos. Trump says it will not be another Benghazi.

Trump has received public support from Senator Lindsey Graham for his response, sending 100 Marines over to help keep everyone safe. Graham was outspoken in his support and even issued a warning for others to choose their battles wisely.

News and Politics News & Politics 605 1811 2020-01-01 no 0.8 weekly 2020-01-01T10:02:46-05:00 Live on CNN was Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper talking about who has the biggest c-ck in Hollywood during the New Year's Eve festivities. Of course, they would probably have to fact check it. It's probably not either of them. Let's thank Mark Dice for grabbing the video. Follow him here.

News and Politics 24 605 2020-01-01 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-31T21:16:08-05:00 The Pentagon has sent at least 100 United States Marines to protect the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. This happens here on New Year's Eve as a means to increase security while Iraqi Shiites are protesting and acting out after American's conducted an airstrike "on Iran-backed militia in Iraq and Syria breached the compound, U.S. officials said." 

Corey Dickstein reported on this earlier, stating:

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said in a statement issued earlier Tuesday that the new forces would help “ensure the security of our embassy and personnel working in Baghdad.” Esper’s statement came as television footage showed dozens of the protesters standing along the walls of the embassy compound and occasionally throwing rocks. Many people in the crowd were waiving the yellow flags of the Iran-backed Shia militias, known as Popular Mobilization Forces. Some fighters in that force helped battle the Islamic State under the Iraqi security forces umbrella, however the United States has blamed the group for recent rocket attacks on American positions in the country, including an attack Friday on a base in northern Iraq's Kirkuk that left a U.S. contractor dead and injured four American service members. 

It's also stated that infantry from 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines, were taken from Kuwait to the embassy. They were assigned to the Corps' crisis response team as they have the experience and training to evaluate the ongoing situation and respond quickly as needed.

Critics on social media are already suggesting this is all Trump's fault, with at least one person blaming 'Obama envy.'

His name is Ben Rhodes and he posted that "Trump sanctions on Iran have done nothing to change Iranian behavior except make it worse. This is what happens when your foreign policy is based on Obama envy, domestic politics, Saudi interests, and magical right wing thinking."

At some point Elizabeth Warren tried to make herself relevant. She managed to get 14.k 'likes' on her post, but the amount of people calling her out was the highlight. She said, "Trump’s reckless decisions to walk away from the Iran Deal and now to launch airstrikes in Iraq without Iraqi government consent have brought us closer to war and endangered U.S. troops and diplomats. We should end the forever wars, not start new ones."

The response to both Rhodes and Warren were very mixed and a few subtle arguments broke out.

News and Politics 78 1248 2019-12-31 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-31T15:48:06-05:00 Rep. Matt Gaetz speaks out on television, stating that he witnessed threats on Democrats who opposed impeachment, that they could lose out on financial needs and funding. Gaetz went public with this and posted the announcement on his account, stating the following:

Democrats used money as a political weapon against those who might've voted against impeachment. @RepAndyBiggsAZ and I observed threats on the House Floor that if Dems didn't support impeachment, they would not be financially supported. That's the only quid pro quo in this sham

Democrat cities, like all cities, need funding and when it comes down to it, if any city loses their funding, that could be a huge problem for them and their infrastructure. It could actually sway a future election because losing funding can make a leader's efforts less effective.

Rep. Matt Gaetz has been very outspoken against the Democrat push for impeachment of President Donald Trump. He has no problem stating his case and pointing fingers when he believes there is corruption walking among us.

News and Politics 40 1642 2019-12-31 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-31T15:40:53-05:00 Hillary Clinton made this mistake in 2016's run for president and Joe Biden just did it too. Biden was on video telling coal miners that they should learn how to program, or code, to find jobs of the future. Sure, learning how to program can certainly open doors for new jobs, but Joe Biden's verbiage sure has people upset as it was talking down to some of the hardest working people who put their lives on the line to bring us energy.

Biden stated his version of "learn to code" during an event in New Hampshire this week. He says that anyone who can "go down 3,000 feet in a mine can sure as hell learn to program as well." 

Dave Weigle from the The Washington Post pointed out this was huge mistake that Hillary Clinton made. He said, "Biden riffing on how Obama put him in charge of judging the "jobs of the future" suggests re-training miners as coders. "Anybody who can go down 3000 feet in a mine can sure as hell learn to program as well." This sort of "just transition" stuff was murder on Clinton in 2016..."

It might just be the way that Biden worded it, because it certainly didn't sit well.

Biden said, "Anybody who can throw coal into a furnace can learn how to program, for God's sake!"

What exactly is a coal miner going to learn how to program? There's literally like a million things that people can program. Is there a coal miner to programming online course or something that Biden will be funding?

Is Joe Biden going to pay for their education in programming if he phases out their jobs and livlihood, taking food off the plates of their families?

Let's be honest here folks. No, everyone cannot learn to code. Sure you might be able to pick up the basics, but it's essentially learning a new language and adding logic to it. It's not something that everyone can do at all.

Look at all the people who take several years of Spanish in high school or college and they can't speak a word of it fluently. It's not much different than that.

Yes, everyone can study it, but only few will succeed at speaking and writing it so fluently that they can get a job in it.

Maybe Joe Biden should learn to code first.

Leaders take action, right? You first, Joe.

News and Politics 138 2659 2019-12-31 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-31T15:24:55-05:00 A newly released video shows a group of thug teens attack a Jewish man, throw a chair at him, and beat him.

News and Politics 25 35605 2019-12-31 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-31T13:18:33-05:00 This is former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin who was fired partly because of Joe Biden's influence. He makes the claim that Joe Biden had a "direct role" in having his office stop any investigation into possible corruption with his son, Hunter Biden.

Rudy Giuliani reported that Shokin was poisoned after he was fired, so it looks exactly as bad as it could be. However, accusations need proof and it will take some time for this to all unfold.

As I previously stated:

Rudy Giuliani has opened the biggest can of worms on social media I have seen this week and it's only Monday. Giuliani went on an open thread, in public, on Twitter, and revealed that a main potential Burisma witness, a prosecutor who got fired because of Joe Biden, was later poisoned, died twice, and was revived. This was a man who had the ability to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden for corruption.

Where does Hunter Biden go from here, besides court?

News and Politics News & Politics 234 2635 2019-12-31 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-31T02:41:47-05:00 News and Politics 0 400 2019-12-31 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-30T15:55:59-05:00 Senator Ted Cruz, out of Texas, explains how the Senate impeachment trial could go. He mentions due process, high crimes, and possible outcome. Cruz also mentions his views on if Republican Senators would actually vote against the President in an impeachment trial if it gets that far.

RealClearPolitics posted a partial transcript of the video:

TED CRUZ: Remember, the Nixon case was litigated all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court? The U.S. Supreme Court, at the end of the day, ordered the White House to hand over the White House tape. And I think, two days later, Richard Nixon resigned. That's how you actually fight these matters.
TED CRUZ: The House Democrats didn't do that. Instead, their assertion is simply claiming a privilege is an impeachable offense. If that were true, all 45 presidents -- going back to George Washington, every one of them would have committed impeachable offenses. That's just laughable.
MARIA BARTIROMO: This is a new precedent; it sure is.

Bill Clinton was impeached and not removed from office. It's likely the same thing will happen here because the sides of turned. Now the Democrats are for impeachment and the Republicans are against it. Back in 1999, it was the other way around.

So here we are 20 years later with a party grabbing for power. It's fairly obvious this time as we see what happened with a particular Supreme Court justice before he took the seat.

News and Politics 355 744 2019-12-30 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-30T15:53:25-05:00 Ted Cruz states that President Donald Trump can call on Hunter Biden to testify if he wants to, because due process would grant him that wish. Ted Cruz also discusses the two articles of impeachment and explains why they won't hold up in the Senate.

Of course, that is if Nancy Pelosi and Congress ever send the two articles of impeachment to the Senate. They delayed and went home for the holidays, so we are not sure what their next move is as of yet.

News and Politics 356 860 2019-12-30 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-30T15:09:44-05:00 Here's a video with New York Times' Dean Baquet, the executive editor, and Marty Baron, the executive editor of the Washington Post and they're discussing several points. One of them was how it's important to no longer be dismissive when it comes to Trump voters.

Ken Meyer from Mediaite reported on this, stating that both editors agreed their publication must do "a better job of covering President Donald Trump’s supporters" - with a less dismissive approach and to be better listeners.

The editors of both publications, major publications popular all across the world, were doing their segment with Chuck Todd of NBC when this topic was approached. It started by talking about how Trump is battling the mainstream media and "fact-based reporting" - and they're wondering what can be done, by news outlets, to counter the alternative facts that sometimes get pushed out by the media. Without being said, this probably pertains to how the mainstream media stopped being neutral and starting pushing a far right and left story, which obviously has resulted in their statistics likely going up, because as we can see from reality programming, drama sells.

Meyer reported:

When asked about why people support Trump despite his numerous falsehoods, Baquet said “I’m not convinced people want to be lied to,” but journalists have a job to report the truth even when its counter to the lies that “bad politicians” offer their supporters.

“I don’t want to be dismissive of people that support our president. They’re owed our respect they certainly have mine,” Baron said as he jumped in. “They feel the so-called elites in Washington have not paid attention to them, that they don’t understand their lives…They feel that the president is actually listening to them and addressing their concerns and so they tend to believe him.”

We currently sit in a state of drama-filled rating-seeking programming. The big outlets are looking for the juicy bits and going for the ratings. This has caused the well known publications to start injecting their opinions and commentary into stories, which can sometimes persuade people to think one way or another.

That type of reporting is better for smaller outlets like here on Trending Views.

We still have a few neutral sources of information, but they are becoming fewer by the day.

When these two big time editors finally admit they need to cover Trump and his supporters with a less dismissive approach, it's better late then never - but they should have been doing this three years ago.

News and Politics News & Politics 765 1741 2019-12-30 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-30T15:00:19-05:00 New Jersey's former Governor, Chris Christie, is warning Democrats that they could lose another few seats to Republicans after NJ's Jeff Van Drew switched parties. Christie suggests the impeachment has already hurt them, and there could be another few people who switch if the Trump impeachment isn't handled properly.

With Van Drew already switching his loyalty to the president, it paves the road for several more in New Jersey to do the same thing.

BPR's Frieda Powers reported:

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie warned that Democrats are in danger of losing more of the “very blue” state due to their impeachment efforts against President Donald Trump.

The former Republican presidential candidate noted how the impeachment sham has already flipped one Democratic congressional seat in favor of the GOP and believes more defections will be coming.

“You know what’s happening in blue New Jersey, a very blue state,” Christie told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, citing the recent move by Rep. Jeff Van Drew who announced he was switching parties.

Chris Christie speaks the truth on this one. Despite his own problems with "BridgeGate" and the fact that a lot of New Jersey residents disliked him, from both parties, and the fact he couldn't get a job with the Trump administration is one thing. But he hits the nail on the head with this warning that more Democrats might switch if nonsense continues.

A lot of people see through the Democrat bag and the tricks are revealed. We saw a similar thing happen to Brett Kavanaugh despite him having no issues until Trump mentioned his name.

Now we're facing the impeachment of a president because Democrats simply don't like him and they want his seat in the White House.

News and Politics 63 1071 2019-12-30 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-30T14:26:29-05:00 An armed good guy takes out an armed bad guy during a shooting that happened in a church in a town called, White Settlement, in Fort Worth, Texas.

AP reported:

A man who trained others in his Texas church to use guns to protect the congregation fatally shot a gunman seconds after he opened fire during a service, the Texas attorney general said Monday.

Jack Wilson fired a single shot, quickly ending the attack that killed two people at the West Freeway Church of Christ in the Fort Worth-area town of White Settlement. More than 240 congregants were in the church at the time.

The video footage of the shooting was leaked on social media. This sparks conversation about gun control and how Democrats want to take guns out of law abiding citizens hands, but here's one incident of a law abiding citizen stopping what could have become a massacre.

Gun control is good aim, if you're asking me.

Well, who's asking me? No one really, but gun control is something that only the left seems to want. Criminals don't follow laws, so gun control would put more good people at risk.

News and Politics 27 42526 2019-12-30 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-30T14:08:42-05:00 Joe Biden's latest event started off very awkward when a protester lashed out at him, called him a name no one wants to be known as, and referenced the "TRUTH" coming out. It remains unclear what the truth might be, but many speculations are on the rise. I won't say what those speculations are because you can do that on your own.

So what happens in the video above? Well, Biden is up there trying to talk, but someone in the crowd yells out about Creepy Joe and the way he puts his hands on people, particularly minors and women.

Biden tried to deflect the nonsense back at them and said it ain't no Trump rally. Yeah, no kidding. Trump would have a bigger crowd and more protesters!

Collin Rugg from Trending Politics came through with the details:

Video footage of the event shows a man in the crowd asking Biden about his inappropriate touching of women and children.

“You touch kids on video, and women," the man shouted. "We don’t need another old, white man running for president."

Biden tried turning the situation on President Trump by saying, "This isn't a Trump rally."

The shouted back, stating that he was not a Trump supporter as he said, "Don't touch kids, you pervert!"

"This is democracy," Biden said as he got interrupted by another audience member who shouted, "The truth is going to come out, buddy."

The video was originally posted by ALX on Twitter, who does a great job finding these gems and sharing them with the public.

Social media allows people to see things happening in other sections of the country that our local news might not cover.

News and Politics 54 1436 2019-12-30 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-30T14:00:22-05:00 News and Politics 0 625 2019-12-30 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-29T15:43:38-05:00 Senator Elizabeth Warren's brother, David Herring, is "furious" after finding out the Democrat candidate called their father a "janitor" - in particular, calling herself the "daughter of a janitor." 

As stated on the Washington Examiner:

“According to a family friend, David has disagreed with the way Warren calls herself the daughter of a janitor as she describes the work he found after losing a job as a salesman after his heart attack," the Boston Globe reports. Speaking with a family friend, Herring was adamant that his father was a maintenance worker, not a janitor. "My Dad was never a janitor," he told the Globe. Warren has referred to her father as a maintenance man in the past but has used the term "janitor" while on the campaign trail. In a 2012 speech titled "Values and the Economic Crisis," Warren did not identify her father as a janitor. “My father held a series of jobs. His last one was mowing lawns and cleaning swimming pools for an apartment house,” she said.

It's funny when Elizabeth Warren gets caught in this lies and ways she refers to things, then her own family member calls her out. She should know better after the DNA test debacle. Anyone who claims they are Native American for a big portion of their life, and gets benefits like they're a person of color - then gets caught in a huge lie about it - should not be telling lies about anything else, ever again.

It's like every other time Elizabeth Warren is in the news, it's about her saying something in a wrong way, telling it like a lie, or partially making something up to fit her narrative.

Can't she just tell the honest truth once in a while?

Yes, it's true, that a janitor and maintenance worker could be confused, but they are totally not the same. One job has a lot more responsibilities than the other. Janitorial jobs consist of mostly cleaning, but a maintenance worker covers a wide area of expertise that involves fixing things and helping to keep a building running smoothly.

All maintenance workers can be janitors, but not all janitors can be maintenance workers. So yeah, there's a difference and she needs to stop playing word games to turn her campaign into a pity party.

No one likes a phony.

News and Politics News & Politics 247 3670 2019-12-29 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-29T15:27:42-05:00 President Donald Trump has spoken out against leaders in California to fix the homelessness problem or he will get the feds involved. He specifically mentioned Governor Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi. Trump's messages were posted on Twitter, as per his usual method of mass communication.

The homelessness problem has increased and now CA leaders scramble to help their homeless citizens.

As reported on Local12:

The annual data from HUD shows homelessness in California increased by 21,306 people. This is up 16.4% from last year. This is higher than the overall national increase of 2.7%.

Maria Foscarinis is the executive director of the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty. She said affordable housing is the solution.

“It’s a matter of making this a priority and recognizing that this is something that needs a solution, it affects everybody. Homelessness obviously affects homeless people, but it affects entire communities,” said Foscarinis.

Local leaders in California also say that while housing is important in solving homelessness, it's only part of it. They say there must be other services, such as addiction and mental health treatment.

California has many other problems such as people leaving the state in large numbers and human excrement on the streets. Some residents complain that lawmakers seem focused on things like banning straws instead of cleaning up the state in terms of actual filth and getting people off the streets.

Blaming mental illness on this could be an easy way out, but why are these people homeless to begin with? Getting down to the root of the actual problem is key to lessening it in the future.

Besides that, people who have skills to work will need affordable housing and jobs to maintain their housing. More work pertaining to solving those problems could certainly help, but who is in charge of that and what are they really doing about it?

News and Politics News & Politics 320 968 2019-12-29 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-29T15:17:52-05:00 Corey Lewandowski speaks about the latest Hunter Biden fraud allegations. Lewandowski says the big mainstream media sometimes ignores these type of scandals if they're connected to Joe Biden, a Democratic presidential candidate for 2020.

Lewandowski is the senior adviser for Trump's 2020 campaign.

The NY Post reported that Hunter Biden is in the middle of multiple investigations and scandals. Hunter Biden is the subject of multiple criminal investigations related to “fraud, money laundering and a counterfeiting scheme,” it’s claimed in court documents filed Monday in his Arkansas paternity case. The claims were put forward by a Florida-based private-eye firm, D&A Investigations, in Biden’s ongoing case against alleged baby mama Lunden Alexis Roberts, a former Washington, DC, stripper who went by “Dallas.” Soon after the claims were filed, a judge struck the allegations down because they were filed by an “intervener,” according to court papers. Biden filed a motion to strike down the claims, arguing “the notice is filed by a non-party simply to make scandalous allegations in the pending suit to gain some media attention.”

This is not a good look for Joe Biden when his son is caught up in his own scandals. It brings unnecessary drama and attention to Joe who's trying to become the Democratic nominee for president, but things like this and the fact Joe sometimes doesn't remember what city he's in don't help.

News and Politics News & Politics 357 2028 2019-12-29 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-29T15:04:16-05:00 Adam Schiff says that we should see the information Mike Pence made classified because it will give us more info about Donald Trump and the "Ukraine scheme.' Schiff suggests that Mike Pence knows something we do not and that the classified info includes materials that don't need to be classified. OK, if they don't need to be classified, then they must not be that important, so why is Schiff even bothering to talk about them? If something isn't worth classifying, then it must not be a big deal, right? Of course, this all came out during a talk with Rachel Maddow, who herself was just called out for "rooting" for the Steele Dossier, despite it's major flaws.

Jared Harris from WND wrote:

"You seem to still be pulling on some threads here, including some potentially provocative and consequential ones," she said. "I'm thinking specifically about a letter that you sent to the vice president's office this week in which you raise questions as to what the vice president knew about the president's behavior, the president's scheme in Ukraine, and thereby essentially his potential involvement in any coverup of that behavior by the president.

"Are you actively looking at Vice President Mike Pence and his role in this scandal, and should we expect further revelations either related to the vice president or related to the other core parts of these allegations that have resulted in this impeachment tonight?"

It's like Maddow is trying to sneak answers out of him to create some drama that probably isn't there. Mike Pence has laid low for the last three years and we don't hear or see that much of him. He sits back in the passenger seat while Trump drives the train. But of course, that's what Maddow does. She digs for information and pushes the conversation in a direction that would help her narrative and ratings.

News and Politics News & Politics 171 1680 2019-12-29 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-28T23:52:23-05:00 Eric Wemple is a media critic for the Washington Post and he shredded MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, calling her a "clearinghouse" for information pertaining to the Steele Dossier, in hopes it would prove Trump was working with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton in the election.

Wemple said of Maddow and her "rooting" of the dossier:

The ubiquity of Horowitz's debunking passages suggests that he wanted the public to come away with the impression that the dossier was a flabby, hasty, precipitous, conclusory charade of a document... Viewers of certain MSNBC fare were surely blindsided by the news, if they ever even heard it.

When small bits of news arose in favor of the dossier, the franchise MSNBC host pumped air into them... At least some of her many fans surely came away from her broadcasts thinking the dossier was a serious piece of investigative research, not the flimflam, quick-twitch game of telephone outlined in the Horowitz report. She seemed to be rooting for the document.

It's funny because the Washington Post often gets called out for some of their writers being a bit biased against Trump, but here's a media critic simply pointing out the obvious and not caring about it being partisan one way or the other.

Thank you Eric Wemple for simply being honest. It's a breath of fresh air.

News and Politics News & Politics 391 1304 2019-12-28 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-28T23:51:04-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 358 477 2019-12-28 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-28T23:49:53-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 545 288 2019-12-28 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-28T23:32:35-05:00 News and Politics 0 940 2019-12-28 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-28T11:37:33-05:00 I don't know who made this car, or how much it cost, but this is the Donald Trump mobile and it's out of this world!

News and Politics 103 1508 2019-12-28 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-28T11:21:54-05:00 Trump sent some holiday jeers to Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsome, targeting them over the homelessness crisis in San Francisco. Trump posted his criticisms on Twitter, saying "Nancy Pelosi’s District in California has rapidly become one of the worst anywhere in the U.S. when it come to the homeless & crime. It has gotten so bad, so fast - she has lost total control and, along with her equally incompetent governor, Gavin Newsom, it is a very sad sight!"

But the governor's office slammed back, countering Trump's comments with one of their own.

They posted the following:

CA is doing more than ever to tackle the homelessness crisis despite the federal administration's roadblocks: $1B investment including $650M in emergency aid

New legislation to help cities & counties

Homelessness experts to identify solutions + more

OK, so where's the money? Did they get it yet? Or are they waiting for it?

How are they spending it? Will they build affordable housing? Will they use it for job training to get people back to work?

I think this issue has been going on for so long and it's hard to imagine it getting better.

There needs to some a lot of transparency and people running the budget who make smart, common sense decisions to have the money create a lasting effect to help as many people for as long as possible.

California is a mess with all their strange laws and filth. They need new leaders.

News and Politics News & Politics 125 950 2019-12-28 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-28T11:03:15-05:00 An editor from the Christian Post, Napp Nazworth, has quit his job after the publication posted a pro-Trump article. Their piece was a rebuke of Christianity Today's article that asked for Trump to be removed as president. This left Napp Nazworth in a debacle as it was not something he could support, so he resigned.

News of his resignation found itself on major networks such as Fox News and CNN, with the latter reporting the following:

A former editor for The Christian Post said Thursday he had "no other choice" but to resign from his job after the Christian news website issued a strong editorial supporting President Donald Trump.

"When I was told this would be the position of the paper, of the news site, I said that's not something I can support," Napp Nazworth, who announced on Monday that he had resigned from The Christian Post, told CNN's Alisyn Camerota on "New Day."

The article in Christian Post was in response to the anti-Trump piece, by editor Mark Galli, and posted on Christianity Today. It was titled, "Trump Should Be Removed From Office" and the last part of it stated:

We have reserved judgment on Mr. Trump for years now. Some have criticized us for our reserve. But when it comes to condemning the behavior of another, patient charity must come first. So we have done our best to give evangelical Trump supporters their due, to try to understand their point of view, to see the prudential nature of so many political decisions they have made regarding Mr. Trump. To use an old cliché, it’s time to call a spade a spade, to say that no matter how many hands we win in this political poker game, we are playing with a stacked deck of gross immorality and ethical incompetence. And just when we think it’s time to push all our chips to the center of the table, that’s when the whole game will come crashing down. It will crash down on the reputation of evangelical religion and on the world’s understanding of the gospel. And it will come crashing down on a nation of men and women whose welfare is also our concern.

At least the article pointed out one good thing... that Democrats had it out for Trump since day one.

That we should all agree on - the rest, that's up to you.

News and Politics News & Politics 243 1149 2019-12-28 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-28T00:40:34-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 488 1580 2019-12-28 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-28T00:21:58-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 494 1381 2019-12-28 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-27T14:59:32-05:00 Nancy Pelosi continues to stall and has not sent the articles of impeachment to Senate. Something else that may have been overlooked by many of us is that the full transcripts of all meetings held by Adam Schiff prior to the vote for impeachment were not released, according to Rep. Michael Burgess. He says that there are still transcripts from the meetings held by Adam Schiff that have not been released, but that House/Committee rules dictate that all meeting transcripts should be made available.

They discuss the theory that Nancy Pelosi is stalling because they might be digging for more information. Burgess says they haven't released all the transcripts, but they should have.

The host and Burgess bring up a quote by Chad Pergram that Pelosi is playing mind games with Trump and trying to get in his head.

Burgess says.... maybe.

An article dating back to mid-October, on USA Today, stated:

Republicans have complained that the meetings should be public and transcripts should be released. Access has been limited to members of the three panels, which prevented one Republican from attending Monday and the half-dozen Wednesday. Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said private sessions are needed to prevent witnesses from hearing each other, the same protocol used by prosecutors in criminal investigations.

So Republicans wanted the information made available to the public, to provide transparency and see what exactly the closed-door meetings were all about. It was allegedly denied and the full set of transcripts still are not available according to Burgess.

Further in the USA Today article was Kevin McCarthy making his complaint that he's not able to read the transcripts.

Leading the confrontation was House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., who called Schiff a liar and a partisan leading a witch hunt – language that echoes Trump’s terminology. McCarthy cited Schiff’s opening statement Sept. 26 in a public hearing with the acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, which characterized Trump’s phone call to his Ukrainian counterpart July 25 as a mafia shakedown.

“I can’t even go down there and read the transcript,” McCarthy said.

When we the people seek transparency in Government, let's remember who is behind a closed door and who is asking for the transcripts to be made public.

News and Politics 199 2378 2019-12-27 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-27T13:53:20-05:00 Political commentator and Fox News contributor John Solomon was on an episode of Lou Dobbs show talking about James Comey and Andrew McCabe facing possible consequences over the FISA Report. According to Solomon, they are being looked at for making false statements and Attorney General Bill Barr would be the one to put the consequences in action, if anything wrong is found.

There was trouble before with McCabe and Comey who gave conflicting reports, as reported on the Washington Examiner back in March of 2018.

The Washington Examiner article stated back then:

A public claim made by former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired earlier this month, is at odds with comments from his former boss, ex-FBI Director James Comey, according to a yet-to-be-released Justice Department inspector general report.

The FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility had recommended McCabe be fired, a move that was prompted by findings in a report prepared by the DOJ watchdog, according to media reports. The inspector general determined that McCabe had misled them after they asked about authorizing the release of sensitive information to the Wall Street Journal.

Attorney General Bill Barr gave his official statement on the FISA report on December 9, part of it read:

The Inspector General’s report now makes clear that the FBI launched an intrusive investigation of a U.S. presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicions that, in my view, were insufficient to justify the steps taken.  It is also clear that, from its inception, the evidence produced by the investigation was consistently exculpatory.  Nevertheless, the investigation and surveillance was pushed forward for the duration of the campaign and deep into President Trump’s administration.  In the rush to obtain and maintain FISA surveillance of Trump campaign associates, FBI officials misled the FISA court, omitted critical exculpatory facts from their filings, and suppressed or ignored information negating the reliability of their principal source.  The Inspector General found the explanations given for these actions unsatisfactory.  While most of the misconduct identified by the Inspector General was committed in 2016 and 2017 by a small group of now-former FBI officials, the malfeasance and misfeasance detailed in the Inspector General’s report reflects a clear abuse of the FISA process.

Now we're at the part of the story where things are still developing, truths are still being discovered or covered up, and we really don't know which way this will go.

It's an ongoing battle to learn the truth about what's really going on, so it's going to take quite a while to get to the bottom of it.

Our theories and speculation could be true, but we need to go through the proper protocol and investigations, all of which takes time.

What do you think happens next?

News and Politics 406 1078 2019-12-27 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-27T02:11:03-05:00 News and Politics 0 1066 2019-12-27 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T19:43:40-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 659 1697 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T19:38:02-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 135 398 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T19:35:28-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 123 760 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T19:31:38-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 748 691 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T19:30:00-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 279 728 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T19:26:47-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 237 300 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T19:22:10-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 271 516 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T19:18:30-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 171 390 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T19:14:09-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 111 312 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T19:12:52-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 136 738 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T16:09:15-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 74 250 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T16:03:45-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 120 563 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T16:02:38-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 168 597 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T15:45:19-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 239 2291 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T15:39:09-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 189 700 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T15:32:27-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 208 569 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T15:15:07-05:00 The Senate has voted 71-23 on a eight-bill spending package and it includes the first major retirement security package in over a decade. It's called the Setting Every Community up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019 and is named the SECURE Act.

PIOnline reported that "the House approved the same measure Tuesday by a vote of 297-120. The eight-bill package is part of a $1.4 trillion spending deal. The Senate will vote on a four-bill package that focuses on national security measures later Thursday and a similar vote is expected."

News and Politics News & Politics 164 1283 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T14:53:50-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 244 1546 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T14:53:48-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 220 606 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-26T14:53:46-05:00 No big deal, just a few hundred voters in California who were switched to a different political party without their permission. These errors come by the way of mistakes at the DMV. A lot of people want this problem fixed as fast as possible.

The Hill reported:

Officials have reportedly linked the issue to the state's Motor Voter program, which automatically registers eligible voters when they go to the DMV. The Bee reported that a rushed launch of the program in 2018 resulted in 105,000 registration errors. Sacramento County Voter Registration & Elections public information officer Janna Haynes told The Sacramento Bee that about two-thirds of about 200 complaints the department received from people who were now registered as having no party preference were from people who had recently gone to the DMV.

News and Politics News & Politics 207 987 2019-12-26 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-25T02:06:15-05:00 News and Politics 0 898 2019-12-25 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-25T01:15:15-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 342 472 2019-12-25 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-25T01:15:15-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 103 533 2019-12-25 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-25T01:15:15-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 87 426 2019-12-25 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-25T01:15:15-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 261 1166 2019-12-25 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-25T01:15:15-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 356 969 2019-12-25 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-25T01:15:15-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 230 547 2019-12-25 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-25T01:15:15-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 184 1835 2019-12-25 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-25T01:15:15-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 234 589 2019-12-25 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-25T01:15:15-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 285 321 2019-12-25 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-25T01:15:15-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 1187 1020 2019-12-25 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-25T01:15:14-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 469 594 2019-12-25 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-25T01:15:14-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 338 282 2019-12-25 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-25T01:15:14-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 276 447 2019-12-25 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-25T01:15:14-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 411 695 2019-12-25 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-24T14:38:41-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 554 1562 2019-12-24 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-24T14:34:19-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 201 2592 2019-12-24 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-24T14:32:17-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 180 652 2019-12-24 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-24T14:26:59-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 545 772 2019-12-24 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-24T14:23:51-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 1950 299 2019-12-24 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-24T14:23:49-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 220 459 2019-12-24 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-24T14:15:46-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 134 457 2019-12-24 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-24T13:39:16-05:00 News and Politics 0 393 2019-12-24 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-24T13:31:34-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 590 786 2019-12-24 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-24T13:29:04-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 280 1409 2019-12-24 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-24T13:28:26-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 395 1915 2019-12-24 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-24T13:22:56-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 253 1154 2019-12-24 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-24T13:19:01-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 601 1075 2019-12-24 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-23T12:30:34-05:00 ABC reporter Martha Raddatz was interviewing voters in several states and one of them was a Hillary Clinton supporter who sad the Democrat impeachment of President Donald Trump is 'sad' and it has 'disheartened' her

Raddatz was in several states, from PA, Ohio, and Michigan and it seems like people on both sides are a little bit tired of the impeachment nonsense going on. Some people expressed that impeachment might backfire and give Trump more attention, particularly from his voters who might come out in bigger numbers for 2020.

Victor Rantala wrote on BPR:

One 2016 Hillary Clinton supporter in Pennsylvania said she is “disheartened” by impeachment. “I just think we have to come together, and we’re so divided that it’s sad,” she said.

Democrats in Michigan that Raddatz interviewed are concerned that Michigan will go to Trump, perhaps due to the impeachment charade. “I don’t think this is going to help the Democratic Party. I really don’t,” said one progressive. “In fact, I have great fear that the opposite is going to happen. But I don’t think you have a choice when you look at the rules, you look at the Constitution.”

She makes a good point that this country has become a bit more divided than anything we've seen in a very long time, if ever.

Democrats pushed against Brett Kavanaugh on baseless accusations and are now trying to remove Trump from office.

As of now, the Senate has still not received the articles of impeachment, which means Trump still has not been technically impeached yet.

News and Politics 15 1233 2019-12-23 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-22T18:50:45-05:00 Hillary Clinton is on a book tour and she's praising Nancy Pelosi for how she handled the impeachment process of Donald Trump so far. Trump has not been technically impeached yet because Congress still needs to send the articles of impeachment to Senate where Trump will have his day in court. However, Clinton still gives Pelosi praise and throws some shade on Trump.

Also, I am not sure what she's wearing, but it looks like big blue polka dots.

News and Politics 86 475 2019-12-22 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-22T14:54:18-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 81 541 2019-12-22 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-22T14:52:24-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 143 721 2019-12-22 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-22T14:51:30-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 127 5053 2019-12-22 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-22T14:50:13-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 783 834 2019-12-22 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-22T14:50:09-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 10 1115 2019-12-22 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-22T14:50:08-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 1481 311 2019-12-22 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-22T14:46:20-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 379 1055 2019-12-22 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-22T14:46:19-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 489 2356 2019-12-22 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-22T14:42:28-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 606 497 2019-12-22 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-22T14:40:26-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 388 1040 2019-12-22 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-22T14:40:24-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 4715 161 2019-12-22 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-22T14:29:18-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 154 578 2019-12-22 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-22T14:29:16-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 128 371 2019-12-22 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-22T14:29:13-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 935 1017 2019-12-22 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-22T14:23:03-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 70 1542 2019-12-22 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-21T18:49:06-05:00 News and Politics 0 665 2019-12-21 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-21T18:49:06-05:00 News and Politics 0 606 2019-12-21 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-21T18:08:32-05:00 This is Democrat Rep Rashida Tlaib on her way to vote for President Trump to be impeached. Some Democrats stated they were sad or somber to be voting on a president to be impeached, but Tlaib is all smiles.

Tricia Flanagan from New Jersey posted the following on Twitter, "Does this look sorrowful & prayerful as the Democrats claimed to be? This documented evidence of glee before impeachment proves Dem ‘somber’ sentiments were a big lie. Evil had its day yesterday, but today is the dawn of a New Day for America to get back to winning!"

Flanagan is a United States Senate Candidate.

She received some positive support after sharing this video.

Do you still stand with President Trump? Take our confidential reader poll here!

News and Politics 14 1093 2019-12-21 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-21T17:10:31-05:00 Tucker talks to guest about how CNN reportedly pays for their content to be played at airports. I tried to find more information about this revelation and stumbled upon an article on Brett Jensen wrote about this back on April 23.

The CNN Airport Network is also on a 10-second delay when streaming its live news stories, like ‘The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,’ so as not to air something that may not be suitable for younger viewers or anything that might involve an airplane tragedy.

CNN boasts its Airport Network is aired at more than 2,400 gates in the country and 329 million people are exposed to the broadcast at airports.

The CNN Airport Network isn’t in all of these airports by happenstance. CNN is paying a hefty price to bombard you with their content.

The media giant pays each individual airport a negotiated sum, as well as handles all the infrastructure and costs in having its content displayed. That means that CNN covers the costs for all the cables and televisions used in each airport to air their programming.

For instance, the busiest airport in the world is Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta. That also happens to be the headquarters of CNN.

So, there you go.

Now I don't know how reliable that source is, but it's on website and he has no problem putting his name on the article.

Further fact checking is welcome and any inconsistencies can be sent to our email.

News and Politics 87 856 2019-12-21 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-21T17:10:14-05:00 TWR posted today the following, "Remember when Barack Obama & Joe Biden sacrificed America's missile defense for a little help winning the 2012 election from Russia? Remember Hillary Clinton hired a foreign spy to get fake dirt on Trump from Russia? Watch

@KarlRove call out Democrats for their total hypocrisy!"

I checked up on this to see what Snopes would say about this Obama information. It was actually rated as TRUE by Snopes and here's a quote from them:

A hot microphone picked up President Obama telling Russian President Dmitri Medvedev he would have more flexibility to negotiate on issues such as missile defense after the 2012 election.

The rating: TRUE.

Snopes provided a quote from the conversation Obama had:

As he was leaning toward Medvedev in Seoul, Obama was overheard asking for time — “particularly with missile defense” — until he is in a better position politically to resolve such issues.

“I understand your message about space,” replied Medvedev, who will hand over the presidency to Putin in May.

“This is my last election … After my election I have more flexibility,” Obama said, expressing confidence that he would win a second term.

“I will transmit this information to Vladimir,” said Medvedev, Putin’s protégé and long considered number two in Moscow’s power structure.

The exchange, parts of it inaudible, was monitored by a White House pool of television journalists as well as Russian reporters listening live from their press center.


News and Politics 119 1681 2019-12-21 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-21T17:09:48-05:00 Jenna Ellis is asked about what she said about the Democrat candidates and how much they dislike Trump. She's asked to defend her comments and she does so 'with a smile and with facts' as per her post on social media.

The host is a bit taken back and says something along the lines like, wow, didn't think you could defend that, but you did.

Jenna Ellis is the senior legal advisor for Team Trump and lawyer for Donald Trump. She is a constitutional law attorney.

News and Politics 140 3955 2019-12-21 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-21T17:09:20-05:00 Tim Murtaugh said, "The Green New Deal requires that you declare war on our traditional sources of energy and so that's what Joe Biden is embracing right there when he's talking about sacrificing these jobs... Going after those sources of energy means 10 million jobs nationally." This will hit a lot of blue collar American jobs.

Murtaugh suggests the costs of the new energy sources could cost us more during the winter and summer months when we need to spend more on heating and cooling.

News and Politics 53 167 2019-12-21 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-21T17:09:07-05:00 Democrat candidate Andrew Yang tells America during the recent Democrat Debate that 'Americans don’t trust the media networks to tell them the truth.' Yang has a point here as many Americans have complained about the mainstream media pushing a left or right narrative in hopes to increase their ratings. A lot of people in America would like the mainstream media to have a more neutral stance when they report on the news. They want the facts, not the opinions.

News and Politics 5 176 2019-12-21 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-21T17:09:04-05:00 This video comes from the Jews for Trump page on Twitter. They posted this for fun and it got quite a bit of positive feedback.

Here's the original post and some of the replies.

News and Politics 13 476 2019-12-21 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-21T15:57:14-05:00 This is Tom Steyer at the Democratic Debate telling everyone that he started the Need to Impeach movement over two years ago. Steyer is a billionaire who donates to Democrats. If you're wondering who Tom Steyer is, he's running for president.

I honestly don't have any clue who this guy is, so I looked him up and gathered more information about his movement.

I found an article on Vox that suggested his Need to Impeach movement was halted once he ran for president.

Billionaire Tom Steyer put nearly two years and millions of dollars into gathering support for President Donald Trump’s impeachment. And now that impeachment is here, he’s running for president — and the group he founded to spearhead the movement is a skeleton of what it once was.

In October 2017, Steyer launched Need to Impeach, a political group dedicated to pushing for Trump’s removal from office. Through online, television, and on-the-ground campaigns, Need to Impeach gathered a list of more than 8 million supporters, an enviable number for any political cause. The California billionaire positioned himself as the face of the organization, appearing in ads and talking to the press about its mission. And then, in July 2019, Steyer decided to run for president.

News and Politics 8 895 2019-12-21 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-21T15:43:00-05:00 News and Politics 0 579 2019-12-21 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-21T15:42:59-05:00 News and Politics 0 239 2019-12-21 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-20T17:39:30-05:00 Nancy Pelosi is asked a question by a member in the press. She appears to stumble quite a bit through her answer, at times looking confused, and then suggesting that she will take no more questions at the end of this video. At one point she says she doesn't care what the Republicans think.

There are numerous clips of Nancy Pelosi having trouble when she's on the spot, at times even seeming like she's mumbling or having trouble getting her thoughts together and put into words.

Normally she does fine, but this is one of those moments where she really just seems like she'd rather be at home enjoying retirement. We really need term limits for career politicians.

News and Politics 55 11812 2019-12-20 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-20T17:39:17-05:00 Joe Biden is asked if he would sacrifice blue collar jobs as part of a transition to becoming a green economy. Biden says that he would. This could speculatively affect a lot of Americans who hold blue collar jobs. It's unclear if there would be new jobs for those who would lose their job and if the transition would benefit them and their paycheck.

What is a green economy?

As stated by Wikipedia:

The green economy is defined as economy that aims at making issues of reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities, and that aims for sustainable development without degrading the environment. It is closely related with ecological economics, but has a more politically applied focus. The 2011 UNEP Green Economy Report argues "that to be green, an economy must not only be efficient, but also fair. Fairness implies recognizing global and country level equity dimensions, particularly in assuring a just transition to an economy that is low-carbon, resource efficient, and socially inclusive.

What does socially inclusive have to do with saving an environment? I literally have no idea, but it sounds like something a social justice warrior would say during a protest.

News and Politics 39 1080 2019-12-20 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-20T04:10:16-05:00 News and Politics 0 232 2019-12-20 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-20T04:10:16-05:00 News and Politics 0 273 2019-12-20 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T19:16:35-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 7561 408 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T19:16:35-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 143 379 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T19:16:35-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 1011 1245 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T19:16:34-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 1223 686 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T19:16:34-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 972 807 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T19:04:51-05:00 News and Politics 0 150 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T19:04:50-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 488 713 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T19:04:40-05:00 News and Politics 0 137 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T15:18:38-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 302 617 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T15:16:40-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 1200 412 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T15:16:39-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 1770 405 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T14:30:01-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 258 827 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T14:30:00-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 494 725 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T14:29:58-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 297 1328 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T14:29:56-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 41 920 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T14:29:54-05:00 Democratic Rep Clyburn says they will wait "as long as it takes" to send the Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate. It's almost like they're holding Trump's future hostage on purpose, which shows again their obvious partisanship.

As seen on TownHall:

Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC), who voted for impeachment because it was his "solemn oath," agreed with the speaker that they should hold the articles until they get some guarantees from the Republican-controlled Senate. Those asks were outlined in Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's letter to McConnell on Sunday.

What's your opinion on the impeachment? Vote here and tell us if you support or oppose it!

News and Politics News & Politics 72 881 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T14:29:52-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 72 657 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-19T00:00:46-05:00 President Donald Trump is now the third to be impeached. His impeachment comes on an almost entirely party-line vote and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to silence the "sad" Democrats as she states that the first article of impeachment was accepted. The crowd seemed like they were about to let off a little bit of an applause, but she squashes that before it really has a chance to be an outburst.

Then of course, right after she does that, there's a groan in the crowd anyway.

The second article of impeachment was accepted too.

As stated on the NY Post:

Voting began at 8:09 p.m. and Democrats reached the necessary 216 majority on the first article — that Trump abused the power of his office for personal gain — at roughly 8:24 p.m.

Democrats passed the second article, that Trump obstructed Congress by refusing to cooperate, garnering the needed 216 votes at 8:42 p.m.

What is a party-line vote?

A party-line vote in a deliberative assembly is a vote in which a substantial majority of members of a political party vote the same way. The term implies that the decision is irrelevant to the merits of the issue at hand or the political beliefs of individual members, but instead is dictated by party policy. - Wikipedia

What happens next?

There's a hearing and Republican leaders believe Trump will most likely have the same outcome as former President Bill Clinton in 1999. He was impeached, but not removed from office. If you look back in time, there was mostly Republicans calling for him to be ousted and Democrats saying no.

With Donald Trump, the Democrats want him out and the Republicans say no.

The only difference is Trump didn't go after a young intern in a blue dress and get caught. He just made a phone call that hinted at some obvious corruption that Democrats don't seem to care about.

Some say it's an abuse of power because Joe Biden is a political opponent. However, no one is pointing out the fact that Joe Biden is actually NOT a political opponent. He has not been selected to be the Democratic candidate.

Technically speaking, Joe Biden is only an opponent to other Democrats hoping to be nominated to represent the party.

It's a subtle fact that doesn't seem to be in the conversation.

News and Politics 16 1176 2019-12-19 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-18T15:13:47-05:00 News and Politics 0 211 2019-12-18 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-18T15:13:47-05:00 News and Politics 0 389 2019-12-18 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-18T15:06:58-05:00 Chuck Schumer talks to CNN's John Berman and says he's unsure of the facts about Trump's impeachment. Schumer states that he doesn't have the facts and the facts may very well help Trump, or they might not.

They compare it a little bit to 1999's impeachment of Bill Clinton and Schumer shames Clinton, says what he did was a 'failing as a human being.' Schumer is referring to the incident with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Clinton was impeached, but not removed from office in a one-sided partisan attempt.

A few Democrats, such as Jeff Van Drew, have spoken out against impeachment of Donald Trump. Do you support or oppose the impeachment? Post your answer here on our confidential reader poll.

News and Politics News & Politics 610 545 2019-12-18 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-18T14:51:24-05:00 News and Politics 0 225 2019-12-18 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-18T13:06:21-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 432 1531 2019-12-18 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-18T12:54:10-05:00 Lisa Page appears to play the victim card in a short video clip that's from one of her recent interviews.  Readers should be reminded that Lisa Page apparently had an affair with Peter Strzok, whose wife found her text messages on his phone.

Lisa Page has also sued the Department of Justice and FBI over how they handled her text messages.

Quoted from CNBC:

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page — who has been a frequent target of President Donald Trump’s barbed tweets and comments — on Tuesday sued the Justice Department and the FBI over what she claims were illegal and “improper” disclosures to media outlets of her nearly 400 text messages with an FBI agent with whom she was having an affair.

So now she's being labeled by many people in the public as a homewrecker who is suing and acting like the victim since she was pointed out by Trump.

We shall see how it all plays out.

News and Politics 47 932 2019-12-18 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-18T12:53:57-05:00 Hosts of 'The View' got into a really heated argument and then made up on the air this week and told their audience to 'calm down.'

Goldberg said: “We’re just going to do a little cleanup before we do anything. You know, things get heated on this show... sometimes we’re not as polite as we could be. This is part of what we do... This is not an indication that women can’t sit around and talk. This is not an indication that we don’t know how to deal with each other on camera. This is happening in real time. So, everybody just calm down. It’s a TV show. We’re on together for an hour and we step in poopy, okay? We step in poopy and stuff happens and just, everybody just calm down."

McCain said: “Whoopi and I get along great... I love you very much. I’ve loved you for a long time. You were good friends with my dad. We fight like we’re family. It’s all good. We’re not tearing the set apart. Calm down, all of you."

So there's that.

The two had a big blowup over something and now they're best pals again.

I don't really care, do you?

News and Politics 118 514 2019-12-18 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-18T12:29:15-05:00 News and Politics 0 219 2019-12-18 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-18T00:06:44-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 69 1264 2019-12-18 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T23:11:22-05:00 President Donald Trump penned a 6-page letter about the Democrats and the issues with the impeachment. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked what her response to the letter is. Pelosi basically says she has no reaction, she hasn't read the full letter because she's been working, but she knows the essence of it and it's really sick.

To quote her exactly, she said:'s ridiculous.

I mean, I haven't really fully read it.

We've been working.

I've seen the essence of it though, and it's really sick.

So did someone else read the letter and give Nancy Pelosi the short version? Just wondering how she concludes that Trump's letter is ridiculous and sick if she hasn't read it herself. If it's only six pages, that could be read in a very short time. Surely she has enough time to read that. Most people could read that in less than half of a bathroom trip on their phone.

Now's a good time to ask if you are for or against Trump's impeachment. Would you take a moment to answer our national reader's poll? All answers are confidential.

Place your answer here on this link.

News and Politics 15 1665 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T23:01:36-05:00 California Democrat Zoe Lofgren says the vote to impeach Donald Trump will stain his record. Some people might speculate that if the Democrats are unsuccessful in the impeachment, that it would also stain their record as well, painting it as a partisan attempt to dethrone a president prior to an upcoming election.

Lofgren identifies herself as a 'DREAMers Defender' and a 'resister' on her Twitter profile.

MSNBC ran a video with her and stated the following on the description, "The congresswoman, who has worked on three impeachment cases, explains why she believes this one is the most serious yet. Plus, Lofgren asks Republicans in Congress: if they’re scared of backlash from the President, then ‘why are you here?"

Do you think Trump is innocent or he committed a crime? You can take our confidential reader poll on this link and record your answer. We appreciate your feedback in this matter.

News and Politics 13 896 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T15:31:18-05:00 News and Politics 0 271 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T15:03:26-05:00 News and Politics 0 246 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T13:36:34-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 0 341 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T13:36:34-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 72 1636 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T13:36:34-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 103 587 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T13:36:34-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 48 888 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T13:36:34-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 126 1104 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T13:36:33-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 733 210 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T13:36:33-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 457 208 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T13:36:33-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 1061 389 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T13:36:33-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 1664 286 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T13:36:33-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 738 2717 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T13:36:33-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 307 257 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T13:36:33-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 519 682 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T13:36:33-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 103 647 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-17T12:25:40-05:00 President Donald Trump has signed an executive order that permits graduates of the United States military schools to join professional sports leagues before they fulfill their active-duty military requirement of two years.

This puts a reversal on previous Pentagon requirements that would prevent college athletes at three military schools from going into professional sports after they graduated. This also caused some of the schools to miss out on recruits as many high school students who were sports stars would prefer to attend colleges where they can go pro.

Reuters reported the following on Trump's executive order:

Trump’s memo to the secretary of defense reverses a Pentagon requirement that prevented sports stars at the U.S. Military Academy, the Naval Academy and the Air Force Academy from joining professional teams immediately after graduation and hurt recruiting of top athletes at the schools.

The new rules, which will also apply to members of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), will allow the athletes to defer their military obligations until they have completed their professional sports careers.

“Cadets and midshipmen have a short window of time to take advantage of their athletic talents during which playing professional sports is realistically possible,” the executive order said.

This is a great thing for college athletes who join the military schools of America. This gives those students the opportunity to work hard towards a professional athlete career and give them the same opportunities that other college students have. 

They should not have ever been denied the ability to participate in professional sports in the first place.

This is a great executive order for all-star college athletes who also desire to serve their country.

News and Politics 69 188 2019-12-17 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-16T23:46:53-05:00 Donald Trump talked about the Democrats at a PA rally on the exact same day that Democrats introduced the two articles of impeachment. The hosts of The View talked about it. Joy Behar said that a recent Quinnipiac poll says 51% of voters polled don't want Trump impeached. Chris Christie explains that it's a political process, not a legal process, and that 'Democrat tactics are failing.' Joy Behar doesn't seem to get the concept that Christie is explaining.

They then bring up the hypocrisy of the impeachment that was one-sided during Clinton's impeachment and how he wasn't taken out of office either. He abused his power in the White House with an intern, but his Democratic Party didn't think it was something to worry about. Abby Huntsman also mentioned that Democrats kept talking about bribery, but no bribery was mentioned in the two articles of impeachment.

Are you for or against Trump's impeachment? Vote Yes or No on our reader poll. All answers are confidential.

News and Politics 322 1663 2019-12-16 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-16T23:31:18-05:00 News and Politics 0 355 2019-12-16 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-16T15:21:18-05:00 Trump supporters showed up to Adam Schiff's townhall, called him a 'liar' and pulled out a Trump flag. Then a scuffle breaks out and it's all caught on camera and then posted online by Heidi Vea. You can follow her here.  The video also was posted on Defiant America and talked about in length there.

The scene is a bit chaotic and it shows what it's like for Trump to have protesters at his events. Now people on the Democrat side of politics can see how disturbing it is when protesters show up and cause trouble. However, it should be noted that these Trump supporters did not commit violence, but instead were simply present and hoisted a flag. On the contrary, there have been numerous incidents in which Democrat protesters have caused a bit more chaos than this, even with people getting hurt or property damaged.

Incidents like that happened a lot in Berkeley.

See more here at this link as well.

News and Politics 548 2625 2019-12-16 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-16T15:20:39-05:00 In the interview entitled "Omar's Opponent Banned From Twitter", Ilhan Omar stated that hate is synonymous to Republicans. She blames the party for not condemning those who do wrong and for choosing not to distance themselves from people who use "Republicans" in their manifestos. One of the eyebrow raising comments here is that Omar is basically blaming many of the crimes going on as the Republican party's fault and by default, by the President himself. 

It is not the GOP's fault that they are being used by other people, as anyone can act on their beliefs. They don't share those beliefs, they are just being used by people to justify their actions which the party does condemn. These hate crimes that Omar pins on Republicans does not make sense. One of the cases posted here on Trending Views is of a teen being hospitalized after he was attacked. For what crime? None, he was just wearing a Trump Hat. That's his way of support, and yet he was attacked for it by people. 

People will choose to attack each other, does that make the parties they support at fault? For Omar, that's a yes and she's blaming it all on a party she's not a part of. 

News and Politics 167 1729 2019-12-16 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-16T15:20:37-05:00 Kim Strassel says the IG Report had 17 errors that all pointed against President Donald Trump. We decided to look this up and see what other news outlets reported on the errors. It turns out that 17 inaccuracies do exist.

As stated on USA Today:

The Justice Department's internal watchdog found the controversial surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser was riddled with errors, raising questions about its justification.The voluminous report, released Monday by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, identified 17 separate inaccuracies across three surveillance applications, effectively inflating the justification for monitoring former foreign policy adviser Carter Page starting in the fall of 2016.

News and Politics 47 559 2019-12-16 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-16T15:20:36-05:00 This CNN guest on 'Reliable Source's suggests that it's terrifying for reasonable people to disagree with the impeachment of Donald Trump. She's a columnist for the New Yorker who wrote the following, which might help show her potential bias against the president.

We use the word “corruption” to describe abuses of power, especially those motivated by profit. We also use the word “corruption” to describe something that is transformed, corroded beyond recognition. When the word “corruption” is used by an evidently corrupt politician—such as our self-dealing, profit-seeking, mendacious President—to describe something that other people do, the word “corruption” itself becomes corrupted. But it is not only language that can be changed and turned into the opposite of what it originally means. The same can be done with foreign policy, and with government itself. This is the essence of the story that the impeachment inquiry is telling.

News and Politics 55 1072 2019-12-16 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-16T15:05:09-05:00 This is Democrat Representative Collin Peterson who says he will most likely vote against impeachment of President Donald Trump. Peterson was quoted saying that "it’s all second-hand information" and that Donald Trump "has not committed a crime."

As stated on MPR News:

Barring new information that could convince him otherwise, Rep. Collin Peterson said Saturday he will vote against impeaching President Trump when the issue comes for a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Peterson, a conservative Democrat who has not yet announced whether he'll seek a 16th term representing western Minnesota's 7th District, said he expects four or five other Democrats will do the same.

After seeing that some Democrats are looking at the fact-based information and not thinking about their party lines, this has some other Democrats doing the same thing. What are your thoughts on it? Do you think Trump should be impeached or do you oppose it? Would you like to take a vote in our national reader poll to voice your opinion? Click here if you'd like to participate in our poll.

News and Politics 54 1528 2019-12-16 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-15T22:02:11-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 308 2200 2019-12-15 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-15T22:02:09-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 512 695 2019-12-15 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-15T21:55:02-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 514 2242 2019-12-15 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-15T21:55:01-05:00 Chris Wallace gets former FBI Director James Comey to admit he was wrong in saying that the FISA process was followed. This is a fairly big story considering all the nonsense we've gone through with all the different reports coming out left and right. Many people criticize Wallace for things he's said or done, but he did a pretty good job getting questions answered from James Comey. However, there's always speculation that Comey knew the questions ahead of time, as these interviews often involve some sort of prep work for both sides.

Should James Comey go to jail?

News and Politics News & Politics 952 796 2019-12-15 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-15T21:48:07-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 184 392 2019-12-15 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-15T21:45:23-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 264 516 2019-12-15 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-15T21:45:22-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 280 1667 2019-12-15 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-14T14:54:43-05:00 Here's Joe Biden making a false claim that he found Republican votes for Obamacare, except if you fact check it - you'll see that he is completely wrong.

As stated by the Daily Caller:

The Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, passed on a partisan basis in the Senate, 60–39, in December 2009. Every Democrat and two independents voted for it, and all Senate Republicans against. The House passed the Senate bill with a 219–212 vote in 2010, with 34 Democrats and all 178 Republicans voting against the bill, which became a flash point that ultimately made passing future bipartisan legislation nearly impossible.

As usual, Joe Biden is up there having no clue what he's talking about. This is expected from a guy who has several video clips of him not realizing what city he's in.

Who would win in an election? Trump or Biden? Vote here.

News and Politics News & Politics 41 765 2019-12-14 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-14T14:52:23-05:00 You can tell Steve Harvey probably doesn't care about climate change as he rolls his eyes after asking a Miss Universe contestant about it. He asked one of the contestants and you can see his eyes roll back behind his head for a moment. And you know how Mr. Steve Harvey is, he doesn't hold back. He puts it all out there which is why a lot of people love him. However, Greta Thunberg will possibly be mad when she sees this. How dare you!

News and Politics 19 3352 2019-12-14 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-14T00:24:12-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 103 467 2019-12-14 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-14T00:24:12-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 64 570 2019-12-14 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-14T00:24:12-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 79 804 2019-12-14 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-14T00:24:12-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 37 851 2019-12-14 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-14T00:24:12-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 52 834 2019-12-14 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-14T00:24:12-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 48 953 2019-12-14 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-14T00:24:12-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 68 614 2019-12-14 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-14T00:24:12-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 134 562 2019-12-14 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-14T00:24:12-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 105 1562 2019-12-14 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-13T15:07:27-05:00 ABC News Politics stated, "More than 14 hours after starting their day, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler recessed the impeachment markup for the evening. Nadler said he wants lawmakers to “search their consciences before we cast our final votes.” Some of the Republicans lashed out after the abrupt delay.

News and Politics 62 919 2019-12-13 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-13T15:01:19-05:00 Steve Guest was watching the impeachment hearing and noticed something on a Democrat lawmakers laptop. He posted this on social media, "What on earth is Democrat Rep. Cedric Richmond watching on his laptop during this impeachment markup? To me, it looks like Rep. Richmond is watching the President’s Cup golf tournament. Richmond’s actions are a DISGRACE."

Shortly after, Guest posted a second video showing it zoomed in and it was certainly golf.

News and Politics 32 4314 2019-12-13 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-13T15:01:08-05:00 This is Democrat Rep. Karen Bass who shows up 20 minutes late. She votes 'AYE' after hearing her Democrat associates vote the same way. She most likely did not hear what the specific vote was on. It turned out to be the impeachment vote.

Abigail Marone posted this on social media, "Wondering how partisan impeachment really is? Here's Democrat @RepKarenBass walking in 20 minutes late, having no idea what the committee is voting on, but saying "I" anyway because she hears all her fellow Democrats voting yes. Democrats are taking this very seriously!"

News and Politics 8 2240 2019-12-13 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-13T15:01:03-05:00 A Democrat voter calls in to state their case and explain why they are now a "Democrat for Trump." As posted by the Trump War Room, "After watching the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, that was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen." "And now we have this impeachment crap." "My party has now made me a Democrat for Trump. I’m going to back Donald Trump all the way."

News and Politics 29 487 2019-12-13 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-13T14:10:08-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 309 397 2019-12-13 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-13T14:10:06-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 572 230 2019-12-13 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-13T14:04:40-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 252 1064 2019-12-13 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-13T13:59:21-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 595 425 2019-12-13 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-13T13:56:08-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 510 799 2019-12-13 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-13T13:50:56-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 800 579 2019-12-13 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-13T13:47:07-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 266 1507 2019-12-13 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-13T13:41:05-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 428 510 2019-12-13 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-13T13:35:58-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 649 503 2019-12-13 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-13T13:29:56-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 294 1218 2019-12-13 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-13T13:27:32-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 158 1017 2019-12-13 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-13T13:22:57-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 313 434 2019-12-13 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-13T13:15:20-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 348 925 2019-12-13 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-12T19:02:36-05:00 As stated on CSPAN's YouTube page, "Following an amendment introduced by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), in which he mentions Hunter Biden's substance abuse history, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) responds, saying: "The pot calling the kettle black is not something that we should do. I don't know what members, if any, have had any problems with substance abuse, been busted in DUI. I don't know. But if I did, I wouldn't raise it."

After all the nonsense this impeachment has brought out, do you think Trump should get a second term in office? If so, give us a YES vote on our poll.

News and Politics News & Politics 310 1043 2019-12-12 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-12T19:02:35-05:00 Rep. Karen Bass goes after Republicans, claims this impeachment is not a coup. However, it appears to be one of the most partisan impeachments we have ever seen. Obviously it seems like a coup because it's a massively partisan act of impeachment in what many believe to be a power grab. Some Americans, myself included, think the impeachment is the Democrats only way to get Trump out of the 2020 election and give the Democratic Party a serious chance at retaking the White House.

Do you think Democrats like Karen Bass and particularly, Adam Schiff, should be relieved of their duties in office? Take your vote here in our confidential reader poll.

News and Politics News & Politics 294 542 2019-12-12 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-12T19:02:35-05:00 The House Judiciary Committee debates two articles of impeachment against President Trump. The first one is abuse of power and the second is obstruction of Congress. This video is four hours long, so grab some popcorn.

Do you oppose or support the impeachment? Vote here now, your vote is confidential.

News and Politics News & Politics 14698 328 2019-12-12 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-12T19:02:35-05:00 Rep. Doug Collins shames the Democrats and says they have lowered the standards for how we impeach a president. Should Donald Trump even be impeached over this? Do you think Trump will be fine after the impeachment nonsense goes away? Take a vote in our important reader poll here.

News and Politics News & Politics 162 451 2019-12-12 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-12T19:02:35-05:00 Chris Wallace: "I believe that President Trump is engaged in the most direct sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history." Also, "He has done everything he can to undercut the media, to try to de-legitimize us." This is fine by me because the mainstream media has turned into the far left and far right of news. They are no longer the neutral source we need it to be. Trump has turned on them because the media no longer provides us with good honest reporting - it's become a partisan circus.

I think Trump is getting called out because he's ruining the circus and wants the media to be more honest. Will you support Trump no matter what? Should he be cleared of any wrong doing after the partisan circus leaves town? If so, vote yes in our national reader poll.

News and Politics News & Politics 495 2546 2019-12-12 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-12T15:16:14-05:00 Rep. Karen Bass has talks with TMZ and says the Democrats are open to impeaching Trump again if he wins the 2020 election. 

As posted on TMZ:

Rep. Karen Bass has bad news for President Trump if he wins a second term, and especially if the Democrats take back the Senate -- more impeachment, baby!!! The U.S. congresswoman -- whose 37th district includes parts of L.A. -- was on "TMZ Live" Tuesday, shortly after the House announced the articles of impeachment. Dems in the House allege Trump abused his presidential power and obstructed justice, regarding the whole Ukraine thing.

If Trump gets by this impeachment, then he could face it again if he succeeds in reelection.

Show Trump some support! Take a vote on our poll if you think he should be cleared of all wrongdoing.

News and Politics 139 1005 2019-12-12 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-12T15:00:12-05:00 A video interview with Pete Williams on MSNBC shows Attorney General Bill Barr claiming that the FBI had falsified documents in hopes to continue spying on Donald Trump after he won the election of 2016.

Barr also reveals some more details that was not located in the IG review of "Crossfire Hurricane" - an operation many of us may not have known about.

Here's a partial transcript provided by Breitbart:

PETE WILLIAMS: What questions will John Durham address that the IG didn’t?

ATTORNEY GENERAL WILLIAM BARR: Durham is looking at the whole waterfront. He is looking at the issue of how it got started. He’s looking at whether or not the narrative of Trump being involved in the Russia interference actually preceded July and was it, in fact, the precipitating trigger for the investigation. He’s also looking at the conduct of the investigation. There were some things done in the investigation that are not included in Horowitz’s report. He’s looking at those things. But also, a few weeks ago, I told him that he should spend just as much attention on the post-election period. I did that because of some of the stuff that Horowitz has uncovered, which, to me, inexplicable.

WILLIAMS: Such as?

ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR: Their case collapsed after the election and they never told the court. They kept on getting renewals on these applications. There were documents falsified in order to get these renewals. There were all kinds of withholding of information from the court. The question really is: “What was the agenda after the election?” They kept on pressing ahead after their case collapsed. This is the President of the United States.

After finding out about things like this and seeing the Democrats impose a partisan impeachment, do you think Trump should be cleared from all wrongdoings?

If you think Trump is in the clear, then vote YES here.

News and Politics 228 2048 2019-12-12 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:57-05:00 Was it all rigged? Was the FBI wiretapping President Donald Trump. Here's Ted Cruz unleashing his statement on it during talks on the Horowitz report.

Every time I hear about the FBI, I wonder if James Comey should be arrested for spying on Trump. What do you think? Should James Comey still be arrested? Tell us here.

News and Politics News & Politics 685 2518 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:57-05:00 Lindsey Graham points out what he believes is a clear cut bias against President Donald Trump and points out it comes from the FBI.

Has the Democrat impeachment efforts made your support for Trump stronger or weaker? If you think Trump will get a second term, then tell us yes or no here.

News and Politics News & Politics 2541 590 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:57-05:00 Need a quick look at the IG Fisa Investigation, then here you go! Graham got heated, things lit up, and here we are facing a partisan attempt to also impeach a president.

When all the reports and "sham" impeachment are over, will Trump get support for a second term? We need your opinion here.

News and Politics News & Politics 8126 333 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:57-05:00 Michael Horowitz may not realize it, but he's showing some clear bias towards President Trump. Do you oppose or support the impeachment? We want your honest opinion and for you to vote in our national poll. Your honesty counts and goes a long way!

News and Politics News & Politics 1060 347 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:57-05:00 Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Diannie Feinstein opening remarks during hearing with the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz on the FISA report. The California Democrat has been silent recently, but here she is finally coming out of the woodwork to deliver a statement on FISA.

Are Democrats doing a good job or participating in a partisan scandal? Should people like Adam Schiff be asked to step down? Voice your opinion in our national poll and take a vote! Your answers help us do a better job on the reports!

News and Politics News & Politics 503 460 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:57-05:00 Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Justice Department IG Report: "Let me repeat, so that all of those conspiracy theorists out there here it, this report confirms that the predicate for the FBI's investigation was valid and without political bias." Many people would disagree with Schumer and might also state that our political field is the most partisan it has ever been.

I think people like Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff are not fit for office. How do you feel about them. Would you like Adam Schiff to resign? Vote yes if you do!

News and Politics News & Politics 198 436 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:57-05:00 President Trump addressed the Jersey City shooting before signing an executive order targeting college anti-Semitism. Trump said ‘With one heart America weeps for the lives lost, with one voice we vow to crush the monstrous evil of anti-Semitism.” It's very odd that Trump is signing this because, if you believe everything the liberals say about him, well, then he's a Nazi. The truth is that Trump is not a Nazi and here he is proving that once again, he's the worst Nazi ever.

Do you think Trump deserves a second term as president? If so, vote in our poll!

News and Politics News & Politics 107 205 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:57-05:00 Rep. Armstrong says to the Democrats who want impeachment so bad that they are disrespecting the votes of 63 million Americans. The only way we can get this answer is to ask you, the voter, how you feel about it. Tell us your opinion in the comments and what this video means to you.

Is this Democrats way to insult 63 million people who voted for Trump? Do you think the impeachment is a sham? Take a vote in our latest poll and let us know how you really feel!

News and Politics News & Politics 117 762 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:57-05:00 Rep. Matt Gaetz refers to the Democratic Party's desire to impeach President Trump as one a very quick, thin, weak, and highly partisan effort to overthrow a president. A lot of people think the Democratic Party is in the middle of a witch-hunt with the impeachment. Is this a witch hunt? Tell us yes or no on the poll.

News and Politics News & Politics 153 496 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:57-05:00 Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, says that workers with newborn children are treated worse than dogs and their new puppies. Add this to the list of weird things AOC has said, but nothing tops her ideas of how to pay for medicare for all - you just...... pay for it!

Is there something wrong with AOC? Is she mentally unfit for office? There seems to be times where she's just so far out there that she's not making sense. If you want AOC out of office, then click here.

News and Politics News & Politics 380 586 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:56-05:00 House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy reacts to House impeachment markup hearing on 'Hannity.' McCarthy believes that Democrats would rather impeach a president than do any real investigations on the allegations. Some people believe this is true because Democrats brought upon a "expert" witness such as Pamela Karlan who said she once crossed the street to avoid walking in front of a building with Trump's name on it.

Time for a poll! Do you oppose of Trump's impeachment? If yes, then vote here!

News and Politics News & Politics 172 219 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:56-05:00 'The Daily Briefing' host Dana Perino reacts to the Biden campaign's bold strategy. Some reports suggest that Biden will only be president for one term if he wins. However, his own campaign now denies that.

Politico reported, "Former Vice President Joe Biden’s top advisers and prominent Democrats outside the Biden campaign have recently revived a long-running debate whether Biden should publicly pledge to serve only one term, with Biden himself signaling to aides that he would serve only a single term."

However, Politico's report was disputed.

NBC News reported "Joe Biden denied Wednesday that he’s discussed making a pledge to serve only one term if elected president, rejecting a published report that it remained a consideration.

"I don't have plans on one term,” Biden told reporters between campaign stops in Nevada. "I'm not even there yet."

Now here's a question for you. Is Joe Biden's former teammate, Obama, the worst president in history? If you think yes, then vote now in our nationwide poll.

News and Politics News & Politics 211 284 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:56-05:00 Tucker Carlson suggests that American people were lied to about Carter Page and dossier. Do you trust the mainstream media? Are you going to stand by Trump during this hard time while Democrats try to impeach him? Vote in our poll and let your voice be heard.

News and Politics News & Politics 474 310 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:56-05:00 President Trump participates in the White House's second Hanukkah reception hours after signing an executive order combating anti-Semitism. Trump's event looked to be a very warm and welcome night and a fun reception, despite the recent criminal activity that occurred in Jersey City.

Trump needs your support. Will you stand by your president? Vote here!

News and Politics News & Politics 1339 305 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:56-05:00 Trey Gowdy shares his biggest hot takes on the DOJ Inspector General's FISA abuse report on 'The Story with Martha MacCallum.' Gowdy suggests that James Comey not write any ethics books anytime soon.

Do you think James Comey should get arrested for spying on President Trump? If you think yes, then please vote on our poll right here. Thank you!

News and Politics News & Politics 492 924 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:56-05:00 The president mocked his opponents at a Tuesday rally, calling their push 'impeachment lite.' In the meantime, the Democrats are working on two articles of impeachment against the President.
Trump is being ran through the impeachment process by Democrats. Do you support Trump or the Democrats? Do you think Trump's impeachment is a sham? If so, then vote on our national poll to show your support!

News and Politics News & Politics 401 248 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:56-05:00 Jim Jordan suggests that Democrats bent on impeachment don't like the 63 million people who voted for Donald Trump, or Trump himself. Democrats are pushing two articles of impeachment on Trump and many believe it's a very partisan attempt.

Do you support Trump or the Democrats for impeachment? Vote here so we know you're on the right side!

News and Politics News & Politics 312 344 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T23:21:56-05:00 House Democrats introduced two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. Trump has hung in there all along and continues to do so. Now is the perfect time to ask our readers! Do you support Trump or the Democrats in impeachment? Who do YOU think is on the right side?

Make your voice be heard here.

News and Politics News & Politics 310 342 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T20:00:11-05:00 Here's UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell after his recent victory over Matt Sayles, talking about beating up some politicians for President Donald Trump. Mitchell is now 12-0 and his post fight speech in the ring was very funny.

“Donald Trump. I’m up here in D.C.... If you need help whooping some politician, holler at me bro; I’ll do it for free!”

If you want to see what Bryce Mitchell can do, then here's his "twister" move, being one of the very few people to ever pull it off.

News and Politics 44 830 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T19:24:31-05:00 Joe Biden says that he will end the limit on how many family members a green card holder can bring into the United States. If something like this passes, one can speculate that there might be some level of fraud involved when brothers from another mother start showing up.

Speaking of Joe Biden, was his former buddy, Barack Obama, the worst president you ever had? If you think YES, then vote in our poll!

News and Politics 41 866 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T19:15:22-05:00 Jon Miller went OFF on this. He posted the following on YouTube: "All morning, the shooters who targeted a kosher deli in New Jersey dominated the news cycle. Then, the shooters were revealed to be Black Hebrew Israelites, and faster than you can blink your eyes, the coverage goes right back to impeachment and the Horowitz report. Might it be because the media is only interested in covering shooters when they are white nationalists? Then, Greta is the Time Magazine Person of the Year. Yawn. We have some better ideas."

This is the mainstream media we are dealing with! With that said, will you still support President Trump despite all the nonsense? If you're on Team Trump, then vote here in our poll.

News and Politics News & Politics 917 2680 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T19:10:02-05:00 His name is Laurent Simons and he's only 9-years-old and already a brilliant prodigy enrolled in college. His father took him out of the university when they told him that his son could not graduate before he turned 10, despite previously assuring he could do.

To make things worse, we have a teenage Greta Thunberg gallivanting around the world and lecturing us about climate change, then winning Time's person of the year award. Meanwhile, this kid who's actually smart just wants to be at school and get his degree - something Greta might find hard to do if she doesn't ever go to class.

As seen on LiveLeak:
Laurent Simons was studying electrical engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology, located in the Netherlands, before his parents withdrew him from the school this month.
He was reportedly supposed to complete his three-year degree within 10 months, so that he could graduate before his birthday on Dec. 26 and become the first person to graduate college under the age of 10, BBC News reported.
But despite Eindhoven’s initial reassurance that Laurent could graduate, the school backtracked, claiming there were too many exams he needed to take and that it was not practical for a 9-year-old boy to develop “insight, creativity and critical analysis” in such a short time frame.
The school said Laurent has “unprecedented talent,” but cautioned against the idea of placing “excessive pressure on this 9-year-old student” and reportedly offered the child a graduate date for mid-2020, but the boy’s father, Alexander Simons, declined, and opted to pull Laurent from the college.

This kid deserves an award before Greta Thunberg does.

He actually has something to offer the world other then yelling at people, saying "HOW DARE YOU!"

News and Politics 129 756 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T13:56:58-05:00 Michael Horowitz admits that no one, he knows of, has been charged with working with the Russians illegally for the Trump campaign. It does not appear that anyone will be charged either, which means the Russian collusion story should eventually be put to rest. If it was true, then someone, somewhere, would eventually be charged with something.

News and Politics 19 872 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T13:51:51-05:00 Ford Fischer wrote on social media, "Pro-Trump activists held a "Mega MAGA March" Saturday afternoon in Seattle, WA and were counter-demonstrated by antifa, who set a "Blue Lives Matter" flag on fire. Several black-bloc clad antifa activists were arrested." He shared the following video showing the officer put the fire out.

Is it time for Antifa to be listed as a terrorist organization? Vote Yes or No here!

News and Politics 134 2275 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T13:38:24-05:00 Lindsey Graham confronts Michael Horowitz on the spying, also known as 'illegal surveillance,' that was done to Trump. Graham also mentions Peter Strzok's name near the end of the clip and calls him out for doing it.

Graham says, "Whatever illegal surveillance means, they did it. So all this stuff that they didn’t illegally surviel Trump’s campaign.. They did."

If you still stand with Trump after all this nonsense has come out about his enemies, then please sign our poll and vote yes! Go here to sign!

News and Politics 120 982 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-11T13:37:57-05:00 Don Lemon lacks enthusiasm and excitement as he reports on a meme that showed Trump as Thanos from the Avengers movies. The meme was posted by an account called the Trump War Room and you can see the possible resentment in Lemon's sour face as he plays the video for his audience.

Don Lemon may want to lighten up a bit. Memes are made for entertainment, fun, and laughter.

News and Politics 140 906 2019-12-11 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-10T15:27:35-05:00 Nancy Pelosi announces the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump while Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, and Maxine Waters is at her side. Many people in the public are criticizing the impeachment for being a partisan effort bent on getting Trump out of office before the election, giving Democrats a much better chance of victory. 

*** National Poll: should Nancy Pelosi be removed as House Speaker? Vote now. ***

News and Politics 384 1283 2019-12-10 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-10T14:36:23-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 80 1799 2019-12-10 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-10T14:36:23-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 41 2636 2019-12-10 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-10T14:36:23-05:00 Rep. McCarthy gives Trump a good statement for passing the USMCA, which is being touted by some as a much better deal than NAFTA ever was. What is the USMCA? It's the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

With USMCA getting through and receiving praise, does that help Trump get a second term? If you think Trump deserves a second term in office, then take our national poll. Vote yes or no!

News and Politics News & Politics 114 824 2019-12-10 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-10T14:36:23-05:00 Some voters in Pennsylvania have expressed that they are not very happy with how the Democrats are treating President Trump and the weak impeachment case. The voters say their support for him is now stronger than it was before.

Are Democrats making you unhappy with the witch-hunt impeachment? Take a moment to answer our national poll and voice your opinion. Vote Now if you support or are against impeachment.

News and Politics News & Politics 105 5324 2019-12-10 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-10T14:36:23-05:00 Some of the Democrat's constituents aren't actually happy with their party supporting the impeachment, and that seems to be because the basis of said impeachment is very weak and not a strong case for pushing a president out of the White House.

Do you think think the impeachment is a witch-hunt? If so, vote now and support Trump in our nationwide poll.

News and Politics News & Politics 61 1062 2019-12-10 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-10T14:36:23-05:00 I don't think the Latin dictator would have their country's economy doing well, hitting record stock market numbers, or doing much of anything that Trump is doing in his time at the White House. This could be considered a very irresponsible and "unhinged" opinion and comparison of Trump. He deserves better than this.

With all the stuff Democrats are putting Trump through, we now want your opinion. Does Trump deserve a second term more now than ever? If you're a Trump supporter, then vote YES on our nationwide poll.

News and Politics News & Politics 39 194 2019-12-10 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-10T14:36:23-05:00 Rep. Doug Collins seems upset that many people got on stage and didn't answer any questions, or at least to his liking. Collins is referring to those on the Democrat side of this impeachment.

Are you against impeachment? If so, vote NO in our national poll.

News and Politics News & Politics 117 766 2019-12-10 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-10T14:36:23-05:00 Here's a news video clip of Rep. Chabot detailing how Burisma is corrupt and how Hunter Biden was involved with it. Let's remind folks that he was getting paid $83k a month at some point and many people are asking what exactly he was doing to earn that money.

Tired of the corruption? Get a Free Trump hat and wear it proudly!

News and Politics News & Politics 287 1053 2019-12-10 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-10T14:36:23-05:00 The IG Report was released and numerous reporters are stating that it contained several inaccuracies and omissions. Some of the info that was incorrect or omitted might have made a big difference in the way it came out.

*** Poll for America: Should we kick Adam Schiff out of office? Vote Now! ***

News and Politics News & Politics 39 709 2019-12-10 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-10T14:36:22-05:00 Rep. Matt Gaetz was unhappy with how Jerry Nadler was handling the impeachment hearing and appearing to silence Republicans. Gaetz called him out for it live and out loud.

Are you going to stand with Trump during the impeachment hearings? Are you still a big time Trump supporter or do you think he's guilty? Take a vote on our poll now!

News and Politics News & Politics 261 1596 2019-12-10 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-10T14:36:22-05:00 Rep. Matt Gaetz proved this Democrat impeachment investigator is 100% anti-Trump by showing people a copy of his previous tweets that tried to shame the president.

Are Reps like Matt Gaetz helping to show us what impeachment is all about? What is your opinion of the impeachment? Do you think it's a witch hunt?

Take our national poll and voice your opinion on the Trump impeachment. Vote now!

News and Politics News & Politics 264 1442 2019-12-10 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-10T14:36:22-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 970 864 2019-12-10 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-10T14:36:22-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 192 233 2019-12-10 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-10T14:36:22-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 182 925 2019-12-10 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:32:15-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 551 524 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:32:15-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 197 243 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:32:15-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 553 262 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:32:15-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 213 421 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:10:57-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 187 1537 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:10:54-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 81 464 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:10:51-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 183 1696 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:00:27-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 76 658 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:00:25-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 55 455 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:00:24-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 53 1239 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:00:22-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 120 1918 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:00:20-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 83 417 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:00:19-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 215 1898 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:00:17-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 685 290 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:00:16-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 0 152 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:00:15-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 94 194 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:00:13-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 664 1068 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:00:12-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 226 1173 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T14:00:11-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 760 139 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-09T01:47:50-05:00 Joe Biden is mentions spaghetti sauce, then talks about someone using a forklift to move shopping carts, or something of that nature, and it seems like he's struggling to put together his thoughts.

News and Politics 15 3975 2019-12-09 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-08T14:28:53-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 4017 474 2019-12-08 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-08T14:28:53-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 303 4473 2019-12-08 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-08T14:28:53-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 307 2106 2019-12-08 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-08T14:28:53-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 439 516 2019-12-08 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-08T14:28:53-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 273 1642 2019-12-08 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-08T14:28:52-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 887 717 2019-12-08 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-08T14:28:52-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 601 1732 2019-12-08 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-08T14:28:52-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 254 640 2019-12-08 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-08T14:28:52-05:00 Republican Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham says the impeachment process in the House is partisan. Graham continues to say that Adam Schiff is causing damage to the country in the process that they, the Republicans, say is mostly a partisan effort to derail Trump and try to take him out of the upcoming election in 2020.

Are you tired of people like Adam Schiff? Do you want him to step down and get out of his spot in office? Take a vote on our poll and let us know what you think about Adam Schiff.

News and Politics News & Politics 346 873 2019-12-08 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-08T14:28:52-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 618 645 2019-12-08 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-07T17:40:13-05:00 Elizabeth Warren makes it seem like money grows from trees or out of the taxpayer pocket as she claims, the way she sees it, that there is always money. Our national debt of $23.1 trillion would suggest otherwise.

News and Politics 80 1102 2019-12-07 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-07T17:39:53-05:00 Nathan Brand shared this wonderful video of Bernie Sanders supporters turning Christmas songs into songs about Bernie's socialist agenda. You'll need listen to it for the full cringe effect. Like socialism, the songs fail too.

News and Politics 119 711 2019-12-07 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-07T17:39:10-05:00 Kim Strassel gives her input on the situation with Adam Schiff obtaining people's phone records from AT&T amid the Trump impeachment hearing. Schiff has recently stated there was no reason for him to testify, despite the Republicans calling for him to take the stand.

News and Politics 139 6274 2019-12-07 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-07T17:38:40-05:00 This is professor Pamela Karlan saying how she crossed the street to avoid walking in front of the Trump Hotel. Someone with a sense of humor asked if she was staying there, but her answer was more telling of the possible Trump Derangement Syndrome she might have going on. It's just a building lady, it's OK to walk in front of it rather then cross the street in traffic.

News and Politics 27 826 2019-12-07 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-07T17:38:34-05:00 Alex Thompson reported, "Asked by @cbszak if she would release her pre-08 tax returns if Pete makes his fundraisers open press, Warren shakes her head. “This is about the conflicts he is creating every single day right now” later adds conflicts [are] “when candidates for president sell access to their time" - so apparently Mayor Pete does his fundraisers without the press, but it seems like Warren had an issue with that. Now she's being asked about dropping her old tax returns if Pete opens doors for the press on his private fundraisers. At least, that's what I got out of it. Pete Buttigieg has no chance to be the Democratic nominee either way. He's polling way too low and doesn't have enough African American support.

News and Politics 104 1269 2019-12-07 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-07T17:38:00-05:00 Democratic Representative Al Green tries to make a point that impeaching President Donald Trump is needed to help 'deal with slavery' - despite the fact that slavery ended about 150 years ago and, well, I don't know how else to put it. Slavery was already dealt with, buddy. We are all free.

News and Politics 166 3093 2019-12-07 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-07T17:37:26-05:00 It seems like Mayor Pete Buttigieg holds private fundraisers and does not want the press invited. He is here refusing to answer questions about his fundraisers. Does it really matter when he's polling so low? Probably not.

News and Politics 39 845 2019-12-07 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-07T16:44:08-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 286 1316 2019-12-07 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-07T16:44:08-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 363 940 2019-12-07 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-07T16:20:13-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 1612 1249 2019-12-07 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-07T16:17:56-05:00 Elizabeth Warren is in a bowling alley having an event. She was asked about the ancestry thing and she goes into an apology. She admits she is not a person of color or in any tribe. This was posted by Alex Thompson. He wrote, "Warren gets a question in NH town hall from a voter asking what she [should] tell relatives about the past claims of Native American ancestry. “I shouldn’t have done it. I am not a person of color, I am not a citizen of a tribe. And I have apologized for confusion I have caused"

News and Politics 21 2308 2019-12-07 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-07T16:17:46-05:00 Joe Biden falsely claimed that the 11-12 million undocumented immigrants can "buy into the system like everyone else" and sign up for Obamacare. Under current terms of ACA, the undocumented immigrants do not have access to Obamacare. Joe says they can, the reporter says "they cannot" and Joe Biden doubled down on it, then had to cover up his mistake.

News and Politics 29 4626 2019-12-07 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T19:23:17-05:00 As stated by CNN on social media, "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she’d have no regrets if exit polls showed in 2020 that pursuing impeachment helped reelect President Trump: “This isn’t about politics at all. This is about patriotism... honoring our oath of office."

Am I the only one confused here? The Democrats are doing a partisan impeachment, which means it really is all about politics. The Democrats have tried to stop Republicans from putting people in Supreme Court, not they're trying to stop Trump from getting to the 2020 election.

News and Politics 142 551 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T19:22:56-05:00 President Donald Trump is asked about his legacy and if the impeachment will have an impact. Trump says the impeachment is 'a big fat hoax.' 

As quoted by The Hill:

Reporter: "Are you worried, sir, about the stain impeachment might have on your legacy?" President Trump: "No, not at all. No, not at all. It's a hoax. It's a hoax. It's a big fat hoax."

News and Politics 12 589 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T17:36:29-05:00 News and Politics Entertainment 53 473 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T17:34:19-05:00 This is an analysis into how the Democrats used the Surveillance State to get info on Giuliani, Nunes and Solomon. Many people are unhappy with this and consider it spying.

News and Politics 251 895 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:38-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 105 324 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:38-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 148 846 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:38-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 42 911 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:38-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 953 620 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:38-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 186 2394 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:38-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 574 262 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:38-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 267 283 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:38-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 81 488 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:38-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 903 240 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:38-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 301 337 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:38-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 128 388 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:37-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 650 313 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:37-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 781 155 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:37-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 385 179 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:37-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 559 141 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:37-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 480 1021 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:37-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 279 912 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:37-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 616 2356 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:37-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 118 400 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:37-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 472 1060 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:37-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 487 168 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:37-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 114 1629 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:37-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 51 537 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:37-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 109 724 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T15:13:37-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 67 676 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T14:23:52-05:00 Despite what many people think of the Confederate flag, she makes a good point that bad people can ruin just about anything they touch or associate themselves with. I think that's the bigger point she's trying to make.

News and Politics 82 224 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-06T14:23:41-05:00 The Democrats used an "expert" witness to speak against Trump at the impeachment hearing. The witness is a professor Pamela Karlan from Stanford. She teaches law. Gohmert doesn't seem to like her very much, so he criticizes her school. Stanford doesn't seem to have the best track record with hiring professors if this is who they're hiring.

News and Politics 10 857 2019-12-06 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T17:40:07-05:00 Benny Johnson reports that "Democrat Jeff Van Drew says he plans to vote against all the articles of impeachment "unless there's something that I haven't seen, haven't heard before." This is good news because it shows someone is looking at facts and evidence (or lack of) rather than going off the partisan feelings and emotions.

News and Politics 44 3887 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T17:27:50-05:00 Former presidential candidate and current 2020 dropout, Cory Booker, says that it's a problem the 2020 presidency has more billionaires then black people. Let's point out that Kamala Harris and Cory Booker have both dropped out of the race. They contributed to the lack of African Americans and people of color by dropping out.

What happens when Kamala Harris and Cory Booker are unable to gain enough support from Americans?

What does that say about their agenda and ideas?

News and Politics 23 701 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T17:20:54-05:00 Pamela Karlan, a Stanford law professor, and the Democrat's expert witness at the impeachment hearings had mocked Barron Trump. She then apologized. However, people on social media have dug up her old video from 2006 where she criticizes people who are 'rich... white... straight' and then says "what about us?" 

Specifically, she said:

“The rich, pampered, prodigal, sanctimonious, incurious, white, straight sons of the powerful do pretty well everywhere in the world, and they always have.”

Well, mocking people's 13-year old doesn't help. So there's that.

News and Politics 35 531 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T17:07:52-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 52 6013 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T14:36:50-05:00 Nancy Pelosi was asked if there was an 'ah ha' moment that sparked her desire to go through with impeachment, after being previously hesitant to do so. She says it started 'couple of years' back when they started with the Russian investigations that has finally lead to this moment of impeachment. Is it just me, or does it seem like Nancy's Democratic Party is heavily biased and have been working to get Trump out of office ever since he won?

News and Politics 33 766 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T13:44:24-05:00 Joe Biden appears to dislike the questioning from an American voter who seems to bring up Hunter Biden and his former job. Joe gets heated and approaches the man, the crowd gets into it, and Biden says 'get your words straight, Jack.' It's unclear if the man's name is actually Jack or Biden was just throwing it out there. The beginning of the video was hard to hear and these guys outside had a leaf blower making all this noise near my little shack in the city. So yeah, enjoy the video and send it to a friend, Jack.

News and Politics 130 2520 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T13:27:50-05:00 Not Nancy Pelosi's typical behavior in public, but she appears to snap at a reporter who simply asked a question. The video isn't that long, so I am unsure of what transpired next.e

News and Politics 80 2561 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T01:26:56-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 66 905 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T01:26:56-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 126 1146 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T01:26:55-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 431 1803 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T01:26:55-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 404 961 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T01:26:55-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 640 401 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T01:26:55-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 406 299 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T01:26:55-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 76 511 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T01:26:55-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 328 474 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T01:26:55-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 285 1255 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T01:26:55-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 563 270 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T01:26:55-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 32609 175 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T01:26:55-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 37 230 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T01:26:55-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 196 209 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T01:26:55-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 28094 173 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-05T01:26:55-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 812 341 2019-12-05 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T23:58:45-05:00 Matt Gaetz asked witnesses to raise their hand if they had personal knowledge of facts from the reports they read, but no one responded. Gaetz then goes on to list people who denied the alleged crimes such as bribery/quid pro quo. Credits: CWP.

News and Politics 45 311 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T15:29:19-05:00 News and Politics 251 664 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T12:43:20-05:00 Wojciech Pawelczyk shared this breaking news video of a new report that tells about estate workers and their claim that Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and even Chelsea Clinton had stayed at Jeffrey Epstein's 'Cowboy Ranch.'

News and Politics 113 2050 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T12:43:01-05:00 You might see information going around about Nancy Pelosi saying we're still in the Paris Climate Agreement, despite the fact that President Donald Trump said he was pulling the United States out of it back in 2017, then actually official in 2019. Now you might be confused. OK. That's perfectly normal. The fact is - they are both true. Trump DID pull the US out in 2019, but it takes a year to actually get out of it. The United States won't technically be out of the Paris Climate Agreement until one day after the 2020 election.

While Nancy Pelosi was making this speech over in Madrid,  she was technically correct. However, we're still getting out of it next year unless people in Washington try pulling some strings.

This information comes directly from Foreign Policy.

Didn’t the United States already withdraw from the Paris agreement?

Not quite: The Trump administration announced that it planned to withdraw in its first year in office, but a country can’t formally even begin to withdraw until three years after the agreement went into force. For the United States, that was Nov. 4, 2019. Even so, the United States isn’t quite out yet. It takes exactly one more year for the withdrawal notice to become official, meaning that the United States will formally pull out of the Paris agreement one day after the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

News and Politics 63 2456 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T12:21:38-05:00 MSNBC posted "Asked about video of NATO leaders caught on camera speaking candidly, President Trump says PM Trudeau "is two-faced," but adds "honestly, he's a nice guy." This was in response to an earlier video that was released, showing Trudeau mocking Trump while Trump wasn't around.

News and Politics 41 612 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T12:21:25-05:00 Canada's Justin Trudeau is caught blatantly mocking President Donald Trump on candid camera when Trump wasn't around. Trump later responded and called Trudeau 'two-faced' but also explained he's a typically nice guy. I know another kind of face Trudeau once had, but I'm not sure I want to say it!

News and Politics 25 1107 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T00:01:26-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 636 426 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T00:01:26-05:00 News and Politics Entertainment 884 352 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T00:01:26-05:00 News and Politics Entertainment 2449 266 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T00:01:26-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 170 1978 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T00:01:26-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 51 400 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T00:01:26-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 80 755 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T00:01:26-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 153 281 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T00:01:26-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 39 905 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T00:01:25-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 392 749 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T00:01:25-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 301 670 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T00:01:25-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 388 235 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T00:01:25-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 266 602 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T00:01:25-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 120 340 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T00:01:25-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 331 361 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-04T00:01:25-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 454 268 2019-12-04 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-03T23:20:33-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 148 240 2019-12-03 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-03T23:03:30-05:00 This is the animated version of Joe Biden's bizarre 'hairy legs' speech that involved roaches and kids jumping on his lap. Soooooo weird. Courtesy of Donald Trump Jr.

News and Politics 26 386 2019-12-03 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-03T23:03:27-05:00 Here's presidential candidate Andrew Yang out here giving shots of whipped cream to his fans like he's at a college party.

News and Politics 6 228 2019-12-03 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T23:58:07-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 105 234 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T23:58:07-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 565 362 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T23:58:07-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 288 725 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T23:58:07-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 173 471 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T23:58:07-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 297 207 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T23:58:07-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 96 371 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T23:58:07-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 460 1696 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T23:58:07-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 117 602 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T23:32:01-05:00 This woman approaches Trump supporters and harasses them. People who commented on the video, on social media, have suggested that the lady harassing them sounds like Mickey Mouse. After further review, we can also agree. I think she would have good luck as a voice actor fill-in for when the real Mickey Mouse needs a day off.

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News and Politics 103 935 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T23:13:49-05:00 Someone named "Mysterious Squid" on YouTube made this Joe Biden remix video of the hairy legs speech. Let's just say you're probably gonna puke when you see it. Only share this one by email, because it's guaranteed to cause some family problems if you've got any Democrats hanging out with ya.

News and Politics 59 2766 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T15:34:07-05:00 Did Joe Biden and Kim Jong Un ever meet? That answer is no. However, Joe Biden says in the video Kim Jong Un's name and then says he "spent a lot of time with these folks" but they didn't ever meet. Perhaps he was talking specifically of the other person he mentioned, or just in general when it comes to world leaders. However, specifically, Biden has no documented meeting with Kim Jong Un.

News and Politics 32 1391 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:44:08-05:00 Elizabeth Warren suggests eliminating the electoral college and going to a direct vote, aka, the popular vote. She assumes she will win the first election and then also a second.

News and Politics 43 721 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:36:14-05:00 Joe Biden gives a very odd story about his hairy legs, he learned about roaches, and that he loves kids jumping on his lap. Many of us are still processing how this all makes sense, or if it ever will make sense. Not sure about the roaches part or how that ties into his hairy legs.

News and Politics 32 1577 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:17-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 36 3953 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:17-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 54 283 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:17-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 260 296 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:17-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 55 1143 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:17-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 18 482 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:17-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 254 412 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:17-05:00 Another fight broke out between protesters and Trump supporters outside the California Democratic Convention in Long Beach, Ca.

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News and Politics News & Politics 190 4981 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:17-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 490 744 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:17-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 220 359 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:17-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 250 1431 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:16-05:00 News and Politics Nonprofits & Activism 2840 601 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:16-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 291 205 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:16-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 217 208 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:16-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 196 323 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:16-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 146 170 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:16-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 31 769 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:16-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 181 1059 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:16-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 229 554 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:16-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 189 717 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:16-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 111 1237 2019-12-02 no 0.8 weekly 2019-12-02T12:32:16-05:00 News and Politics News & Politics 35