Six Classic Video Game Easter Eggs

So many video games have hidden Easter Eggs that it's sometimes hard to keep up with them all. Here's six of the greatest video game Easter Eggs, in my opinion of course. Plug in your systems and try them out!

1. Shoot John Romero in Doom 2



First person shooter, Doom 2 has a hidden ending that many players do not know about. The only way for you to discover this hidden ending is to shoot the final boss monster in the face then walk through it. This will bring you over to the other side in which you will be greeted with the head of John Romero, the game's co-creator on a stick. The game also plays backwards a sound file that says “To win the game you must kill me, John Romero!” so I guess you must shoot him, right?


2. Robbie the Rabbit in Silent Hill 4

In Silent Hill 4 you will see that Robbie the Rabbit makes quite a few appearances throughout the series. During Silent Hill 4, protagonist Henry Townshend is seen  peeping through the hole in his bedroom wall to spy on his attractive neighbor named Eileen Galvin, when he looks through he can see Robbie slumped on her bed. Later in the game Eileen Galvin gets rushed to hospital and if the player now peeks through the hole in the wall, you will see Robbie is turned to face you, terrifyingly pointing his foot at you. It can be compared to the scary monkey in family guy except it's pink and a rabbit!


3. Attack of the Giant Ocean Bunny in Saints Row 2

We have seen some unusual animal cameo's in games but never to the extent of a purple bunny! Though it is weird it's very interesting and here is how you make it appear. 

As a player you must make it to a tiny island off-shore among ever rolling mists, once there wonder around for a little near the coast until the bunny appears. Video below to help with location


4. Retro Arcade in Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Remember the Atari? Want to play a few old games from the Atari console such as Pitfall and River Raid? Well you can and it's really simple to do.

Whilst playing Black Ops 2 on the creepy Nuketown map, if you shoot all the heads off the dummies within 30 seconds you will be able to sit down at an old Atari console and play a few old games. Cool, huh?

Aim is key on this one!



5. Thelma and Louise Ending in Grand Theft Auto V

Remember the Thelma and Louise ending? Of course you do! If you steal a chopper in GTA V and fly over a certain mountainous location after 7pm on the game, you will see a vintage car re-enacting the famous Thelma and Louise ending.



6. The End Of Age in Metal Gear Solid 3


Hideo Kojima is well known for packing his games with jokes, tricks and secrets. Metal Gear Solid 3 was no different.

If you save the game before the climatic boss battle with ageing sniper 'The End' and then set your Playstation clock forward several months, when you reload the game 'The End' will have died from old age. Pretty freaky!

How many of these have you tried and how many of them will you be trying? Good excuse to get those old games and systems out!