SNITCH rapper Tekashi 69 refuses witness protection, thinks he'll be more famous

Uh-oh, rapper Tekashi 69 is becoming quite unhitched, maybe from the effects of being incarcerated for quite some time. The rapper testified against Nine Trey Gangsta Blood associates while he was in jail for several federal racketeering charges. Many rappers who belong in gangs called him out, labeling him as a "snitch" and a rat. 


However, their words have no effect whatsoever. 

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The rapper actually thinks that people will forget his testimonies against his former gang. Tekashi 69 also thinks that, well, he will be more famous after his release from jail. Sources with a close link to the rapper told TMZ that he is aware of what's going on outside his cell.


That people are calling him out and view his actions negatively. He does not care about the backlash, he believes that the people who are against him actually feel envious towards him. Not only that but he also thinks he is seen as a threat by these people, hence the "defensive" walls. 


Musicians far greater than him, in reality, condemn his actions. The reports say that Tekashi 69 sees it as them fearing his rise to popularity once he comes out since it will mean he can continue making music that will push the others out of the limelight. Say what? 


Tekashi 69 is now an informant for the jury handling the cases against the said gangs' members. He doesn't mind, despite the continuous threats against his life. Once he's released, Tekashi 69 may opt-out of witness protection. His plan is to actually hire a security team of his own in order to live a life of fame. While the trial is controversial and interesting, there's a big chance that people will lose interest since this involves the law. Well, let's hope Tekashi is right, otherwise, his future may not be as bright as he believes it would be. 

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