So..... Wawa is testing hamburgers and waffle fries

Biz Journals reports that Wawa will finally start testing new menu items such as hamburgers and waffle fries and even a breaded chicken sandwich. Some might say Wawa is just trying to catch up with Sheetz and Royal Farms, although that’s partially a lie. Royal Farms food sucks marbles through a straw and they have the worst friend chicken on this side of the planet. I am pretty sure someone sleeping under the El who hasn’t showered or ever cooked in their life can make better chicken than Royal Farms dried out cardboard substitute.

Doesn’t matter, we will still eat this at 4am after an all-nighter. And if it makes you feel better, nothing is worse than the $1 taco at Burger King that taste like you’re eating a rug with barf on it.

The items are available at six stores, including the 535 Horsham Road location in Horsham, as “part of the larger dinner platform” the convenience store is trialing, Wawa spokeswoman Lori Bruce said. (Biz Journals)


Wow. I only half care about it. I will definitely try their hamburger so I can be let down again and sent home in a state of depression after realizing I just paid for food that I don’t even like.

I ain’t touching the waffle fries. No. Chance. Don’t care. I’ll eat six disappointing burgers before I touch a fry. I’m on that low carb diet or something. Psssshhhhhhhhhht.

Anyway, if I want a burger, then I’ll hit up my favorite place called Pizza City or Nifty Fifty’s.

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However, if it’s after midnight and I need that greasy food snack for whatever odd reason, like I’m literally bored, listening to 80’s music, and wondering what my kid is doing on my days of not having her – then I’ll stroll into Wawa for a nice juicy burger.

I am banking on it being well done. There’s no chance they’re risking their prestigious reputation to offer us a medium rare burger. You need to visit a real spot for that!

I sound sad about it, right? Well, whatever.

Just ring me up and get me outta here.

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