Soccer 'Fact Sheet' says women's team lost millions, but still got paid more than men's team

Despite all the chants for 'equal pay' by the U.S. women's national team (USWNT), this 'fact sheet' released by the President of the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) shows that the women's team lost millions, but they were still paid more than the men's team.

Ashe Schow from the Daily Wire reported that Americans are constantly told that the women's soccer team players are paid less than the men's team, especially when the World Cup happens every four years. Schow reminds us that every day average Americans earn money and have different pay structures than athletes who rely on revenue from sales and performance, etc.

"Earlier this year, the women’s team filed a lawsuit against the USSF alleging pay discrimination. In June, the women’s team released information alleging they brought in more revenue for USSF than the men’s team. The difference was slight — $50.8 million to $49.9 million — but it was enough to cast doubt on those saying the women’s team doesn’t bring in as much revenue as the men’s team."


Carlos Cordeiro, the USSF President, wrote a letter talking about how he directed the U.S. Soccer staff to perform “an extensive analysis of the past 10 years of U.S. Soccer’s financials.” Cordeiro stated the analysis would be “reviewed by an independent accounting firm.”

This is the part where the "analysis showed that the women’s team was paid more than the men’s team" based on Schow's report.

She continues by discussing the fact sheet which talks about the pay structures for men and women teams, then quoting a USSF claim that suggests women were paid $34.1 million overall (salary and game bonuses) and the men only received $26.4 million. This means the women's players were paid more than the men's players, when their numbers are combined.


The women also receive benefits such as maternity leave while the men don't receive any benefits at all. The women's team have health insurance and a 401k as well. The men do not.

It's stated that "the women’s team has a guaranteed salary thanks to their collective bargaining agreement with USSF. They receive a base salary of $100,000 each year and an additional salary of $67,500 to $72,500 for playing in the National Women’s Soccer League. Male soccer players do not have such an agreement."

So the women's teams are paid a guaranteed salary from $167,500 to $172,500 every year and they can earn bonuses. In comparison, the men only earn bonuses

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As quoted on Daily Wire:

From 2009 through 2019—a timeframe that includes two Women’s World Cup championships—the Women’s National Team has earned gross revenue of $101.3 million over 238 games, for an average of $425,446 per game, and the Men’s National Team has earned gross revenue of $185.7 million over 191 games, for an average of $972,147 per game. More specifically, WNT games have generated a net profit (ticket revenues minus event expenses) in only two years (2016 and 2017).Across the entire 11-year period, WNT games generated a net loss of $27.5 million. Nevertheless, U.S. Soccer does not view these as losses, but rather as an important investment in our Women’s National Team and in the long-term growth of women’s soccer.

The one benefit the men's team receive is they are eligible for higher bonuses. However, they don't appear to have the guaranteed salary, paternity leave, or health insurance and a 401k provided by the team/employer.

While the president of USSF is pushing this "fact sheet" comparing men's and women's differences in earnings, there was at least one person who called it a "ruse" and a "sad attempt" to slow the lawsuit that was filed.

That person is a spokeswoman for the women's team and her name is Molly Levinson.

She said "The USSF fact sheet is not a ‘clarification.’ It is a ruse.” She also stated “Here is what they cannot deny. For every game a man plays on the MNT he makes a higher base salary payment than a woman on the WNT. For every comparable win or tie, his bonus is higher. That is the very definition of gender discrimination."

As per Daily Wire, Levinson did not mention the fact that the men's team players do not earn a guaranteed salary.

The men's team gets higher bonuses, but no guaranteed salary, no health insurance, no 401k.

At the end of the day, it's the numbers that won't lie.

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The women's team was criticized when some of the women's soccer players threw the American flag on the ground during a celebration.

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