Social Media, Doing what Big Government couldn't


It seems innocent at first. You make a post on Facebook or Twitter that strikes a cord in your heart hoping others will agree and BAM, You are blocked and the post is removed. At first it's 12 hours, then 24. Next 48 hours, then a week. Soon it's 30 days and for nothing really, other than saying or posting things that the left disagree's with. For instance, Simply stating that one cannot change their sex through Mutilation and Hormone Therapy Or Stating that there are indeed Physical and Biological differences between Men and Women.

For me this has taken years but now I find myself self censoring when posting on social media and even among friends. Rather than being true to my convictions I now find myself unable to even slightly address certain subjects without fear of banned for long periods of time. It appears to me that the left does not share this problem. For instance I came across a Meme that compared Trump to a chimp. Their Post said "clearly they are related". Since Facebook didn't remove that post I decided to do an experiment. I Posted the same exact meme and made the Statement " Man, Barry is looking old".  BAM, a 30 day suspension and the post was removed. So Trump being compared to a chimp does not violate Facebook Standards but comparing "Barry" to a chimp does.

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You see this is my problem with Social media. On one side there is no standard, they can do whatever they want. Even call for violence against Conservatives, Sitting members of congress and even the President and they are in no danger of of being censored. If we simply state the facts we are punished. It really is sad that we have allowed ourselves to be bullied like this. In a conversation with my son in-law, Who is a LEGAL immigrant, He brought up the point that now not only do we censor ourselves online and in social media we do it in the privacy of our own homes. You know what? He's right! How is it that we have allowed ourselves to be stripped of our individuality, our personal opinions and have even allowed certain words and phrases to be put off limits to the point that we look over our shoulder in the privacy of our own homes? This is Pure madness!

I remember as a kid wondering what it would be like to live in a country where holding certain beliefs or making certain statements would be illegal. Now, as an adult I know and who would of thought it would have been so simple to pull off. Social Media, Communists of days gone by would be proud of what you have accomplished....