Just when you thought abortion could not get any more repulsive, there's a device that can murder a baby in less than three minutes. It's so convenient that doctors can perform the abortion during a woman's lunch break and she can go right back to work! Imagine that! Sally from accounting walks in and has a weird look on her face after lunch because she just murdered her second unwanted baby. The device is said to work in under three minutes, which means Sally had plenty of time to cry in the bathroom while contemplating aborting herself.



The baby killing device is called the SofTouch and it looks like some Halloween prop or kitchen item. It works by forcing the woman to have a miscarriage, of course, with a much softer touch. You see where they get the name from right? An innocent baby loses their entire life, but thankfully it was done with a soft touch and the woman can go right back to work. Glamour reported that it was designed to make the abortion process more comfortable for the woman. I guess being a baby who gets their limbs torn off by a vacuum is OK, right? How about being forced to become a miscarriage? Down the chute! There goes the future astronomer, president, businessperson, or who knows what that child could have become. All down the drain because some irresponsible woman "can't even" right now. 

"It fits in the palm of a doctor's hand and doesn't require an electric suction machine or an operating room or fasting the night before. A patient doesn't need to be sedated and there are and no limits on her lifestyle either before or after the procedure. In fact, she can get the entire procedure done in her lunch hour an d go right back to work. It's nonsurgical, noninvasive and is nearly 100 percent effective. It can be completed in 60 to 90 seconds if the patient is less than six weeks pregnant and in about two or three minutes if she's between six and 10 weeks. The device is called SofTouch."

Are you kidding me? What kind of woman kills a baby and goes back to lunch? Sounds like something Casey Anthony would've done.

Glamour reports that only one place does the baby killing procedure for about $1200, or the same cost as a late 90's sedan on Craigslist. It's great to know what $1200 will get you these days. Too bad most insurances don't cover this procedure, and nor should they for the sake of having some decent morals.

I'm about 95% against abortion. If a woman is raped or a victim of incest, then she should get the abortion or take the Plan B pill as soon as the crime happens. No woman should be forced to bear the seed of a monster and bring more evil into the world. A rapist will likely breed another rapist and we don't want that spawn wandering the planet looking for their first victim. 

Women who get pregnant by accident should just take care of the child or put their kid up for adoption. Carry the baby, birth it as healthy as possible, and give the child away if you don't want them. At least they have a chance at life. What chance do they have if they're torn apart, suctioned out, or forced to evacuate a woman's body from using an abortion procedure?

I have a one-year-old and I can't imagine aborting a child. Maybe my views are skewed because I'm a parent, but I find it utterly selfish of a woman to have an abortion because they don't want to give up nine months of their life to birth someone.

Let's take away someone's entire life because YOU'RE too busy to be bothered for a few months to be a moral adult.

That's not my choice to make, but I can criticize all I want.

Posted on January 2, 2018 in News and filed under abortion.
Source: glamour, dailywire, conservativetribune