Soldier Runs out of Ammo and Beheads ISIS Jihadi with Shovel

This report is out of the UK and gives details about a six-hour firefight in Afghanistan and an unnamed sergeant who took out an ISIS attacker with his shovel.  A sergeant with the elite British special forces, the SAS, ran out of bullets during a firefight with ISIS. The quick-thinking soldier then used a shovel to decapitate a rushing attacker with one swoop. He then had the presence of mind to grab the attackers weapon and use it against other ISIS fighters, killing more enemies.

The SAS unit was forced to take cover in a nearby farm after a meeting they were having with Taliban spies was ambushed by the ISIS insurgents. After some time, the SAS unit ran low on bullets; half of the unit completely ran out of ammunition.  It was at this time that the close-knit unit made a pact amongst themselves to not be taken alive and that they would fight to the death.  They knew all-to-well that for a British special forces unit to be captured would mean certain torture and videotaped death at the hands of the brutal ISIS insurgents. They stated that they believed they had fought their last battle.

Several of the ISIS insurgents spoke English and taunted the SAS with promises of what they would do to their wives when they get a hold of them.

As the insurgents moved in on their position, the SAS defended themselves by using anything they could get their hands on, including empty rifles to be used as clubs.  It was at this point that shovel swoop heard around the world was swung.

The British unit radioed in for air support but were under such tremendous fire that they could not get confirmation that help was coming.  Luckily, the radio transmission got through and two U.S. Apache helicopters appeared on the scene first to clear the area.  And clear the area they did.  The ISIS attackers retreated immediately and a U.S. Chinook helicopter was able to pick up the embattled SAS unit safely.

The battle happened just over six weeks ago and the reports are just now coming to light.

Currently, there are only around 50 British SAS special forces members in Afghanistan but the British military said that it intends to double that number to around 100.

While the Taliban is still a threat in Afghanistan, they are being outnumbered by the migration of ISIS insurgents being driven from Syria.  This complicates things for all those involved in the Afghani theater as ISIS and the Taliban share strong ideological differences and aims.