Some protesters accused of being fake, only there for looting

People on social media are looking for protesters who are caught up in the looting. In one incident, there were two photos posted of one woman who was holding up a Black Lives Matter sign. Then the same woman was seen at some point holding clothes that could have been looted from a store.

So the problem is this - are peaceful protests being ruined by people who use the protest as an example to commit crime, cause violence, and loot stores? That answer is a clear yes.

Over the last week, I have watched numerous peaceful protests.  Just people standing around, gathered for a good cause, and even talking with the police and everyone getting along just fine.

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But I've watched even more protests where people show up and cause chaos despite the peaceful protesters yelling at them to stop.

In several protest/riot videos, there have been people there simply to steal things, attack people, and completely take advantage of the situation for their own selfish need.

Many videos show protesters handing violent offenders over to the police or telling them to stop.

Except, another problem is this - the mainstream media focuses on the videos of looting because that's what gets the mainstream media more views.

When we see the peaceful protesters standing around, or handing someone over to the police - we think, "OK, that's nice" and we turn it off.

There's nothing exciting or crazy about that, and this is exactly why mainstream media will likely ignore it.

But when we see a looting video, it gets us riled up. We respond. We want them to stop looting and destroying our cities.

This is what the mainstream media will show us because we WILL watch it.

These are the same people who are using the boring peaceful protests as an excuse to show up and act like an a--clown.

We are watching our own people destroy our own cities and rob our own stores.

It's insanity and the media harps on it.

I've posted videos of peaceful protests and the chaos on this site and the chaos always gets more views.

Those of us sitting home and not looting or stealing are magnetized to it - that's fine and it's normal and natural to watch something more exciting (not in a good way) because we SHOULD know what's going on.

But don't you think the mainstream media has a job to tell the good news too?

Shouldn't they focus on calling out the people who show up to protest and then get caught allegedly stealing?

Explain this to me in the comments.

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