Parents Upset Son Kicked Off Girls Volleyball Team

A middle school in Colorado gave a boy permission to play on the girls volleyball team. Before long, they changed their minds and reversed the call. The seventh grade boy, Jaydnn Romero, was then kicked off the girls team. Now his parents are upset and seem like they are not sure why their son was kicked off the girls volleyball team.

The league he was participating in goes up to sixth grade and he was on a girls team. The league does not have a boys team for him to play on. There's two reasons he was kicked off the team. The first reason is because he's too old. The second reason is because he's a boy and boys don't play on the girls team. If it was a co-ed team who played against other co-ed teams, then he would still get kicked off the team due to him being too old.

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A southern Colorado middle school said it was okay for a boy to play on the girls volleyball team, then the school reversed the decision.

Jaydnn stated there was a moment during practice when he spiked the ball and it hit a girl in the face. Jaydnn said the girl didn't go to the nurse, and that is just a part of the sport.

However, the Romero family isn't sure if that's why he was kicked off the team. Tracy said the principal at Trinidad middle school told them they follow guidelines put in place by the Colorado High School Activities Association, or CHSAA.

11 news reached out to CHSAA, and the organization explained that only girls can participate in volleyball at the high school level. CHSAA does not have any jurisdiction over the junior high or middle school divisions. The organization does help provide guidelines for the divisions, those details are laid out in the Constitution of the Colorado High School Activities Association as follows:

Junior High and Middle School administrators recognize the benefit of holding membership in the Junior High/Middle School Division of the Colorado High School Activities Association. The Association has attempted to provide guidelines for junior high/middle school programs which are responsive to, and in the best interests of, the students affected.

There's a very easy way to fix this problem. Southern Colorado can create some boys volleyball teams or they can make all volleyball teams co-ed. If they tell the male students there's a team, then the students will join. If they don't, then they can gather opinions on making the volleyball teams co-ed for all the schools until there's enough interest for each middle school and high school to have one team for each of the two genders.

The last option is that the boy finds a new sport to play.

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