South Korea dog meat market finally shut down, over 80 dogs saved

Eating dog meat is a tradition in some parts of Asia, most notoriously in China and South Korea. As Humane Society International has announced, the notorious dog meat market Gopo in Busan will not operate anymore.

Gopo was selling chilled dog meat, and the customers could even pick a live dog and wait for it to be killed and turned into a meal. The direct result of this shut down is that over 80 dogs have been saved as they are now in various animal shelters across the country.


The shut down was not a surprise since HSI already announced a month before that this is going to happen since they've made an agreement with Busan government. The city plans to turn the dog meat market into a park that will be available to the public.

This is another victory for organizations fighting against dog meat trade in South Korea, as the last one was won in late 2018 when Seongnam closed down the largest dog slaughterhouse in the country and most of the dog meat sellers.

Nara Kim of Humane Society Korea is pleased that this has happened, but also know that there is a long way to go. Still, huge progress has been made in the last couple of years, which helped save thousands of dogs from the cruelest destiny. She also expressed her gratitude to Busan authorities and the agreement with dog meat sellers, which decided to change their line of work.


The government of South Korea still hasn't banned the sale of dog meat, so the activist and various organizations have to meet local governments one by one, which might take years. Since the results are positive and as dog meat industry becomes increasingly unpopular, it looks like it's only a question of time when this cruel practice will stop.

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