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Southern Poverty Law Center drops Women's March after members praised leaders of hate group

The Women's March just got bad news from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) who will no longer partner with the giant radical feminist mess of pink hats and unkempt vagina costumes. The SPLC dropped them because too many people in the Women's March organization are praising members of the Nation of Islam which is listed as a hate group. Think about that for just one second, then think about all the horrible photos you've seen from Women's March events. The costumes, the trash, the horrible signs, the fact that these nutbags brought their kids and some of the people were walking around barely dressed. Sick, right? Now add the fact that some of them are praising leaders from the Nation of Islam, a known hate group according to the SPLC, and that's really all you need to know.

The Daily Beast stated:

The third annual march, to be held on January 19, comes amid criticism of the March leadership’s past affiliation with and failure to fully denounce Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, as well as other allegations of anti-semitism from its former organizers. The SPLC has designated the Nation of Islam as a hate group. Asked whether the Farrakhan connection played a part in the decision not to partner with them, Fuson reiterated that the group had other priorities.
In November, celebrities Alyssa Milano and Debra Messing said they would no longer support the national march after the failure to denounce Farrakhan. March leaders in cities around the country have also disaffiliated in recent months, citing the Farrakhan issue as well as the failure of the national chapter to provide promised financial and logistical support.

I've been saying since day one that Women's March was a big joke. The first time I saw news coverage on it, they had celebrities talking trash, they had like 900 different causes they were fighting for because they couldn't make up their mind on which issue to focus on. They were walking around hating President Donald Trump. It was one giant mess of stupid fuckery that made absolutely no sense at all. To top it off, every location that had a Women's March event was completely trashed. These hoards of horrible women and weak men couldn't even throw their trash in the receptacles, but instead left the massive mess for everyone to clean up. They talk about wanting equal rights for women, but I can't think of a right that women don't already have. Makes no sense and they're a big disgrace, to say the least.

Top that off with some anti-semitism from people like Linda Sarsour and you've got yourself one horrible event with no clear purpose to exist other than to be annoying and not productive.

I don't see Linda Sarsour overseas fighting for Christian women who are oppressed and being stoned, do you?


Sounds like she's being quite a grifter to me, but that's just my opinion.

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