Space Command launched last week - so.... is this top secret aircraft or what?

U.S. Space Command announces that they've launched last week and we already have questions. Their message was posted on Twitter and it said, "#ICYMI US Space Command was established in a

@WhiteHouse ceremony last week.

Gen. Raymond, #USSPACECOM commander, explains how the command will answer the call of our new national imperative for space."

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First of all, I did miss it, so thanks for telling me a week after you've launched this. I'm sure there was nothing going on that someone from Space Command couldn't tell us. You know, unless they were actually busy.

Meanwhile, not long after captain Space Command on Twitter posted their week old announcement, someone named Jordan Sather posted this and now people are interested.

He wrote, "Do any of these exotic craft being seen lately over America belong to you guys? Be pretty cool if you guys started rolling out the electrogravitic and zero-point tech for us!"

And he included pictures of aircraft that might be top secret. Or they might be fake. It's the Internet, so I have no idea and everything on the web looks real now...almost.

So take a look at these photographs and let me know what you think.

Is this a top secret leak?

Is this fake pics?

You be the judge.

Does Joe Biden have a brain?

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