Speaker Thief Flees Walmart, Causes Crash that Kills 2yo

Christopher Kuhn, of Hamilton, NJ allegedly stole speakers from Walmart in Tullytown, then went on a personal high speed chase (cops were not on his tail), crashed with two cars, had a 2-year-old boy ejected from his car during the crash, then tried to flee on foot and was apprehended. The boy later died at a nearby hospital - all thanks to the man who stole speakers and tried to drive away from the store and crash into other cars when running a red light.

The tragedy began at a Walmart where Christopher Kuhn allegedly stole speakers and was on to his getaway, running a red light light on Route 13, crashing into two other vehicles before flipping over.  The boy was ejected from the vehicle and onto the roadway during the crash.

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Kuhn fled on foot after the collision.  He was apprehended by police a short distance away.

Police on the scene attempted CPR on the unresponsive boy.  Officer Mike Dormer said that he tried reviving the little boy and it was sad to see him die in such a manner.

Kuhn was reportedly being uncooperative with police and refused to tell the police if the child in the getaway vehicle was his son or if the child was buckled into a car seat.  Early reports indicated that the child was Kuhn's son, but since then the reports are that this is still being investigated. 

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It would seem that if the child was properly strapped into a child seat the child would not have been ejected and could have possibly survived the crash when the vehicle flipped over.  While the investigation is still ongoing, there may be some question as to if the getaway car was his.

Kuhn was also taken to the hospital as is routine but he had no serious injuries.  Authorities are holding him on multiple charges related to the crimes such as driving with a suspended license, third-degree murder, homicide by vehicle and accidents involving death and reckless endangerment.

The other two drivers hit by Kuhn were not injured.

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Route 13 was closed for several hours between Levittown Parkway and Haines Road.

What could have been a slap on the wrist as a petty theft charge has turned into a fatality, property damage, the public endangered and perhaps a lengthy stay in a Pennsylvania prison.

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