Sports Illustrated let Christine Blasey Ford present 'inspiration of the year' award


Sports Illustrated has gone full liberal by allowing Christine Blasey Ford to present the "inspiration of the year" award. Hold my coffee, are you kidding me? A What sport does Ford play? Is making possibly false sexual assault claims a sport now? I don't know what drugs the editors and writers of Sports Illustrated are smoking, but they are not good ones. You can't possibly be serious that Christine Blasey Ford is the person giving out an award based on inspiration? She was a Democrat pawn being used in attempt to steal a power seat in the Supreme Court away from the Republicans. She was used by Democrats and she appeared to be every bit fake and fraud as we can tell. What does she inspire people to do, tell lies?

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If there's one thing we learned, it's that no one needs two front doors in their home and that most people who are actually raped will remember the details so vividly because it will absolutely haunt them for years. Of all people to pick, they chose some hack who would drum up the worst type of responses from people. If they wanted some cheap clicks to their Twitter page, then this was the way to do it - but it will likely result in subscription losses from long time customers who simply can't stand politics being injected into sports.

There was nothing credible about Christine Blasey Ford just like there is no longer any reason for a sports fan to subscribe to Sports Illustrated.

If you want to waste your money with a liberal rag publication who thinks mixing politics and sports is a good idea, then more power to you. Even worse, if you want to waste money supporting a publication who places any sort of merit on some hack phony sexual assault accuser, then you might be just as stupid as they are for ruining their sports with tainted political nonsense.

Good luck in the future, Sports Illustrated. You won't be getting my money if you continue with these dumb decisions. Of all the millions of people in the world, they went with this. Sad.