Stanford swimmer Judge gives 6 months and probation

Ex Stanford swimmer, Brock Allen Turner, was handed 6 months jail time and probation for being caught raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. Judge Aaron Persky?stated that the Stanford swimmer had?clean criminal history and the fact that the Stanford swimmer does not seem to pose any additional threats to the public helped him avoid six years prison. stanford swimmer

The judge mentioned that the girls alcohol level was three times the legal limit and that she had no memory of the event. She could not describe what happened in her testimony because she was unconscious. She probably won't have flashbacks or any other long term effects either. I'm trying really hard to understand what the judge's thought process was. Is it that the judge sees a boy who made a mistake and wants him to carry on with the rest of his life? The Stanford swimmer faces a life of being known as a rapist. Could that be worse than prison? He's out of jail and still has no life? Who will hire a convicted rapist? I don't believe he'll have a very enjoyable next few years when it comes to job applications and a social life. We might read about him hanging from a bridge someday. For the victim, it was terrible. She has no memory of the event and probably will not suffer the same trauma that sober rape victims go through (think of being held down, crying, bleeding...etc).

To her this might just be another night at college where she over drinks and?has relations with a college guy, with the exception being that the guy had no permission to touch her behind a dumpster. None at all. Not even 1% consent. Who asks to be raped behind a dumpster? No one! Mutual fornication behind a dumpster between two awake individuals, maybe... The judge may think that while it's terrible what happened, and it should not have happened, this girl won't have the same level of trauma as a?rape victim who was wide awake during the act. In other words, the judge may not find this rape in particular as bad because the girl was not conscious and held down and violently raped. If it wasn't for the people who caught Brock Allen Turner in the act, then the girl would've woken up like nothing happened. Thank goodness those two good Samaritans on their bikes were able to chase down Brock the rapist and hold him until police came. Rape is rape and it should come with a proper sentencing. I believe this judge failed to do that.

On top of that, Brock Allen Turner's father issued a very demeaning statement along the lines of "why ruin the boys life over 20 minutes of action" - totally inappropriate and shameful to the victim. She did not ask for intercourse while passed out with a swimmer boy. Girls enjoy intercourse too, and they prefer to be awake during it. In rebuttal, we can ask the father - who gave your son permission to "ruin the girls life over 20 minutes of action?" I'm certain there's people doing longer sentences in prison for lesser crimes. He's not even going to prison - he's getting sent to the county jail with the white collar good boys. I think the judge felt that he made one mistake and has a chance to become something better with his life.

Rape is a fairly concerning mistake though. Such a big mistake that Allen Turner took off running and tried to escape. This isn't a pool, boy. You can't swim away from this. He's going to be listed as sexual offender and everyone knows his story. Maybe that's worse than what the girl will go through. She will be fine. She will recover. She will have a life beyond this. Brock Allen Turner? Not so much. I find it hard to believe he will live a glorious life, because what job will hire him?

The girls life will be much better than his. It has to be. It will be.