About Trending Views

Trending Views features content in the form of blogs/articles, videos, and pictures. This website features several different categories with a concentration in American politics, news, and various forms of entertainment.

Some writers tell the story as it is and some offer commentary, but no single writer's opinion speaks for the entity of this website in general. Commentary is not encouraged on any news article, especially in a way that it can be confused with the facts.

Many of our older stories have been removed or updated to reflect new standards. It may take some time to get through all of them, as there is nearly 10,000 articles, pictures, and videos on this site.

Trending Views has a content partner program which allows writers, video producers, and content creators/curators to earn a revenue share of our income or be paid a flat rate. The market and our current traffic determines which program is offered at the time.

This website usually generates income through display ads, native ads, and links to eCommerce products.

The contributors of this site are permitted to sign up as their own name or a pseudonym if that's what they desire, although their real name is preferred. Many of our new contributors use their first name or full name and have their information on their profile.

This site previously allowed users to register and post whatever content they wish, but that caused our editorial standards to sink. We now screen contributors and only accept new people on the basis they will provide value and information to the reader in a responsible way.

We have reopened our forums for the general public to sign up, participate, and enjoy a free flowing form of discussion and content which is moderated only if needed. The forums provide the space for conversation while the front end of the site provides the content.

Trending Views was started in 2015 by Frank Bojazi. Frank manages every aspect of this website. There are no investors involved and Frank has funded the costs on his own. Those costs include yearly domain registration, monthly hosting, ongoing development and programming, payments and/or revshare to writers and contributors, and advertising on other websites and/or social media.

Frank attended Kutztown University and graduated in 2003 with a BA in Professional Writing. He also attained an MA from Arcadia University.

He learned websites, advertising, marketing, and managing an online business on his own and left his previous career to pursue this venture.