About Frank and TrendingViews

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About Trending Views

Trending Views is a community based social news/media network. We provide great content for wonderful readers. We allow writers, video producers, and content curators to earn a revenue share of our income. We embrace free speech and tolerate various opinions on politics and social issues.

Trending Views is a website where people can share things without being censored for their opinions. We keep the language professions, most of the time, and we know how to have a good time.

Our users can join as a reader and earn points for participating on the site. Sometimes we have contests and use those points to determine the winner. Our users can register as a content partner in which they upload pictures, videos, and write articles for a share of the revenue earned on the content. Users also have access to an affiliate program in which they can refer writers and content producers/curators. The referring member can earn a bonus when the referred member meets a specific criteria.

Trending Views is a hub of real news provided by real people. We are not professional reporters or journalists, but we are wonderful story tellers who have something to share with the world. Whether it's an update in the political world or entertainment niche, we've got you covered with open-minded content.

Sometimes we get a little bit controversial, but that's amazing for sparking conversation among peers.

Now we bring that same style to you, but open the door for everyone else to join us with your wonderful views on the world.

All are welcome to join and participate on Trending Views. Keep your mind open and your hearts sharing.

About Frank

Frank has over 20 years experience in managing, advertising, and organizing successful websites. What started as a hobby in college has turned into a career of successful ventures.

Frank graduated from Kutztown University with a BA in Professional Writing, then later attained an MA from Arcadia University.

Frank is well known as the most prolific and controversial writer in Keystone Newspaper history. Barely anyone read the Keystone Newspaper of Kutztown University, then Frank swooped in with some killer opinions articles and turned the campus on their heads. The editors desk was not ever that busy until Frank got there and turned the place into a realm of people just waiting for the next weekly issue of the Keystone Newspaper.

Frank excels at writing opinions articles and crime stories. He's the creator, owner, and editor of Trending Views.