About Trending Views

Trending Views is an entertainment site from Philadelphia. It's focused on sports, some news here and there, and entertainment. This is not a news provider and should not be anyone's first source of news. We talk about the news, but we are not reporters reporting the news. Do not come to this site if you are looking for 100% serious news. This is a blog and video site, that's it.  We don't care about politics, we don't care who you like or dislike. We are done giving a fuck about that stuff because it's all negative, it starts arguments, and it's not quality content nor does it provide high quality user interactions like it used to.


I said tons of dumb shit about politics over the years and what does that get you? Nothing. Literally nothing but a social media account filled with people who are always complaining about politics. Shut the fuck up already. Go outside. Read a book. Watch a movie. But for the love of the Internet, please shut the fuck up about politics and stop arguing with each other like assholes. You can agree to disagree. You can vote for anyone you wish. You can do whatever you want, but stop treating each other like shit - because when we see each other in person, it's nothing like that.


From now, September of 2019, we're focused on more sports and entertainment, blogging about news here and there, and having fun. If you see any articles from years ago that you don't like, oh well. Don't really care about them anymore and we're turning a new page in the chapter of Trending Views. We're from Philly and no one likes us anyway.


This website generates income through display ads, native ads, and links to eCommerce products.

The contributors of this site are permitted to sign up as their own name or a pseudonym if that's what they desire, although their real name is preferred. Many of our new contributors use their first name or full name and have their contact information on their profile. 

Trending Views was started in 2015 by me. I am Frank. I manage every aspect of this website. There are no investors involved and I funded the costs myself. Those costs include yearly domain registration, monthly hosting, ongoing development and programming, payments and/or revshare to writers and contributors, and advertising on other websites and/or social media.

I attended Kutztown University and graduated in 2003 with a BA in Professional Writing. I also attained an MA from Arcadia University.


I learned websites, advertising, marketing, and managing an online business on his own and left his previous career to pursue this venture.