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2+ million users per month.

Mostly USA visitors.

Right wing audience.

70% mobile users.

Alexa rank growing fast.


Advertising rates


Link submission account

$300 per month. Users who buy this can submit 3 links per day. At least 1 link will be approved and the links will appear on our homepage, category pages, and throughout the site. Users will click on this like normal content and be taken directly to your website. This sends readers directly to your content and is mixed in with our normal content.

Sponsored Article

$500 per article. You give us a topic and we write the story for it. We link to your product, social media, pictures/videos, inside the article.


Banner ads

$3,000 per month for the in article ad (image or text link ad).

$3,000 per month for under comments ad (image, text link, or native ad).

$6,000 per month for video ad (image ad).


$10,000 for full site ads. We remove all other ad companies and you occupy each ad position.  Buy 3 months up front and get a discount.


Please note: I am not interested in testing your ad network. I am very happy with my ad companies and only entertain up front ad purchases which allow me to quickly reinvest in development, content creation, and marketing.


If you're an ad company trying to convince me to test your products, then please offer a respectable RPM or up front payment before contacting me. If you're a new ad company, who is less than two years old, then you're required to pay up front.


Anything $10 CPM or higher will be considered.


Contact me directly via email (1215xx at gmail).