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If you're looking for banner ads to build branding and exposure, then these ads are what you're looking for.

We only use a small amount of banner ads on this website to avoid overcrowding the content. This is a high quality website with ads placed in highly visible areas.


What kind of ads are accepted?

We accept an image and url for your ad. We don't typically allow iframes or other coded ads unless it's from a well-known and trusted provider. For example, if Toyota wants to utilize that type of ad, then we would likely accept it. If Joe Blow who opened his website yesterday and it's all in Russian - sorry, but we can't accept that.

How many ads are in each location?

One. Just yours. We do not rotate ads. If you buy a banner ad spot, then that spot is yours for the month.

Can I change my ad if it's not doing well?

Sure. Just email us! We're not going to do this on a daily basis, but a few times per month isn't a problem.

How many clicks and impressions will I get.

We do not guarantee any set number of clicks or impressions. These numbers will rise and fall based on our traffic for the day and the creative itself. We will work with all buyers to ensure they pick something that we believe the audience will enjoy.

Rates are $500 per month, with discounts at 3 and 6 months. 

We do not sell ads for longer than 6 months. 

Ads lower on the site will be reduced in price by $100. For example, the sidebar ad in the center will sell for $400, while the sidebar ad on top will go for $500.

One month $500 

Two months $1000

Three months $1250 ($250 discount)

Six months $2500 (one month free)

If you would like your links featured, then you may consider an a featured link package found on our "feature your link" page

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