Content Partner Program

Are you a journalist, writer, blogger, or someone who likes gathering content links, pictures, and videos? Are you looking for a website that will reward/pay you for your content? If so, then you're in the right place.

We have a custom setup for content partners and we work hard to distribute your content to increase your views and maximize your earnings. We split the advertising revenue with our content partners by working to get their content views as they focus on what they do best which is creating and curating.

Frequently asked questions about the Trending Views content partner program.

Do I need experience as a writer?

No experience needed. We can help you by assigning stories, or you can write about whatever news stories and topics you are genuinely interested in.

I am a blogger and I would love to try writing here.

Bloggers are awesome. You can also use our platform as your personal blog. You can write here as much as you wish.

What if I'm a YouTuber? Can I have my videos on here too?

If you wish, then yes. We don't ask for your content to be exclusive if they are already on another major platform. 

Some of my previous articles or videos were demonetized because of my political views. Is that OK?

We don't censor content based on politics, so anything that was demonetized at YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook is probably safe here. You can like whatever politics you like - that's your choice.

Do I have to do this every day?

No, but we would love it if you did. Content partners can submit content at any time. However, the more content you post, then the bigger chances you have of getting more views and earning more income.

How much do you pay?

Current pay rates are displayed for all to see. We also have bonuses for people whose content reaches 1000 or more views per day.

Are there other ways to earn income with Trending Views?

Yes. You can use your referral link to refer other content partners. You can also mark your articles/stories as "premium" and attract customers who are willing to subscribe to the premium membership, which you will then get a bonus for.

What is the Trending Views tip system?

Users can send their favorite members/creators tips using our token system. It's simple! If a user likes a story, video, or pictures, then they can send that person a few tokens. The tokens can later be cashed out for a PayPal payment.  Users can also subscribe to each other for a monthly amount that is automatically sent. For example, if someone makes a cool podcast each month and you want to support them, then you can subscribe to them for the amount that YOU set. The users have total control.

How do I get tokens?

You can buy tokens on the site. For example, it costs $5 for 50 tokens. Then you can use them to send to friends or upgrade your account each month.

I see you have the premium membership, how does that work?

Users can upgrade their account and remove advertising from the website. It gives a much better user experience and it's only $5 per month or $50 per year. We want users to have a fast, easy, and quiet experience on our site and do not want their screen covered in ads.

How do I know how much money I earned?

All content partners have access to their own stats panel.

How do you pay?

PayPal when you have reached the $25 minimum.

How do I get started?

Use the contact link and send us a message. Just tell us you're interested and send us some links to your work and social media pages.