Corrections and Fact Checks

Writers on Trending Views use mostly well-known website sources for information. Each post generally provides the source link/s or social media links as needed.


Our correction process is very simple.

Send us the proper info and we will make the correction.


Please provide the following for a correction request, in an email to  1215xx @ gmail.


  1. 1. The link that has the error.
  2. 2. The correction that needs to be made.
  3. 3. A link to verify your correction, so we can properly correct and source it.


Fact Checkers


If there are any errors on the site, please send the same information. If our writers see something they think is not correct, they also double check with multiple sources as needed.


We believe in getting it right the first time, but sometimes corrections must be made and we will do them.


You can tell when content was last edited because it will contain that information in the post byline.