Feature Your Links on Trending Views

If you're looking for exposure to your brand, content, social media, or anything else, then you may want to feature your links.

We do this by offering an account status where you are guaranteed a certain number of link submission approvals. By default, users can submit whatever they want and we handpick the best content. You would be prioritized over the general submissions that we receive on a daily basis. In other words, you're skipping right to the front of the line to get your posts approved first and your content the most exposure!


How many link submission approvals do I get? 30 minimum.

How many clicks will it send to my content? I have no way to gauge this. If your content is awesome, it will get more clicks. There is no guaranteed number of impressions, clicks, or views.

Do these links stay in the system after our campaign is over? Yes, these links stay in the system and get clicks/views after your campaign is over. We will only delete the content at request or if the link is broken.

Do I have to use all 30 submissions in one month?

Yes. You can submit your links to us in advance and we will post it for you. Or, you can post the link each day yourself and it will be approved after you submit. The choice is up to the buyer.

Rates are $750 per month, with discounts at 3 and 6 months. We do not sell campaigns for longer than 6 months.

One month and 30 approvals $750

Two months and 60 approvals $1500

Three months and 90 approvals $1875 ($375 discount)

Six months and 180 approvals $3750 (one month free)

Contact me directly at:  1215xx  AT  gmail

If you would like banner ads, then you may consider an advertising package.

Our rates can be seen on our advertising page.