How Does Trending Views Work?

Here's a quick list of things you can do on Trending Views.


  1. Start and participate in groups.
  2. Upload pictures/galleries/videos/articles/links. Press the +NEW button.
  3. List articles as premium and earn referral income when new members upgrade.
  4. Write comments on just about everything.
  5. Monetize content if accepted into publisher/partner program.
  6. Buy tokens to use on the site for premium accounts, removing ads, and sending tips to friends.
  7. Earn points for activity that grant you access to badges.
  8. Post on your wall, groups, and friend's walls.
  9. Add friends.
  10. Message people directly.
  11. Earn an extra referral bonus for referring new content partners.
  12. Feature your content if you want more views.
  13. Buy ads to promote your own website, blog, or product.
  14. Enjoy a platform where everyone can do what they want and have some fun!

Membership at Trending Views is free! Sign up (or login)! Then post pictures, videos, articles, and links! Share this with your friends! Ask about our content partner program to earn extra money. :)