How to do things on Trending Views

How to login

Click the icon in the top right of your screen. You can login using your information or use your Facebook account.

How to upload a story, picture, or video

You can click on the UPLOAD button in the navigation and select an option.

How to submit your own story

You can submit your own article or chose from a list of available stories.

How to see a list of available stories you can write

Click on the top right icon of your avatar. You will see a link for "available stories" and click on that.

How to chose from the list of available stories

Here's what the "available stories" screen looks like. You can CLAIM up to three articles at a time. Only claim a story if you plan to write it THAT day. Articles are time sensitive and need to be done the day that you claim them. We can/will release stories back to the public if they're not done. Then write the story and submit it for approval. Remember, if you claim an article, then please have it complete on the SAME DAY that you have claimed it. It's very important to us to have articles released for the public to read in a timely fashion.

Writing an article that you have claimed

Some elements of a story are already completed for you. There will usually be notes in the story for the writers to follow.  Please adhere to those directions and leave quotes, pictures, etc in the story.

Here's info on how to write the perfect article for Trending Views.

This screenshot of our edit article screen has more directions.

Stories pending approval and rejected

When you're at your profile, then you will see a link that says APPROVAL/REJECTED. When you click on that link, then you will see a list of stories that are pending approval and stories that have been rejected. If your story has been approved, then it will be live on the site and listed under the "articles" link.

Stories are rejected for various reasons such as having incorrect facts, too short, don't make sense, or any other reason. If a story is rejected, then you will see it in this list and it will have a reason for rejection and tips to fix the story. You can fix it and resubmit for approval. Most articles are approved and rejections are usually easily fixed.

How to upload picture galleries

Click on the upload button and chose to upload pictures.

Picture galleries will be approved if they have 15+ pictures and are interesting, funny, or worth sharing on social media. If it's a picture gallery that has tiny pictures or they don't make sense together as a gallery, then it will be rejected. A good example is "22 pics of fastest cars" and a bad example is "3 pics of random things that don't make any sense next to each other."

How to upload a video

Click on the upload button and chose to upload video.

Most videos from Facebook and YouTube work great. If you have a custom video that you made on your computer or smart phone, then that will usually work too. We don't normally accept videos that are over 20mb, so please don't try to upload an hour long video. Find the short version and you have a better chance to be approved. Only upload videos that are worth sharing and you think are great to show people on social media.