Easy guide to writing the perfect news article for TrendingViews

Use this easy template, paragraph by paragraph.

  1. Introduce the story to grab the readers attention.
  2. Give a summary of what happened and include the most important facts. Who, what, when, where, why, how?
  3. You MUST use original text only. We do not accept rewrites, reposts, or copies of other articles.

How long should a story be?

  1. 500 word minimum.

What about pictures?

  1. The picture should be from the story. Feel free to use a custom picture.
  2. You may not use any picture that is copyrighted from sources such as Getty, AP, etc.
  3. Get permission to use the picture or use something from a royalty free picture sites. You can also use Google Image Search and set the usage rights to "Labeled for reuse."
  4. There's an upload field for one picture.

Where do I get ideas for news/stories?

  1. Check other news/viral sites for ideas. Sources must be well known in their respective industry.
  2. Check trending topics on social media, your favorite sites, or Google news and trends.

What about the tone and language?

  1. Keep the language professional and clean. 
  2. Keep the tone upbeat and positive if you can. 

What to do after your article goes live?

  1. If you're comfortable sharing it on social media, then please share it.
  2. Write another article to build your portfolio of work on our site and increase your stats and earnings.