Easy guide to writing the perfect news article for TrendingViews

Use this easy template, paragraph by paragraph.

  1. Introduces the story to grab the readers attention.
  2. Give a summary of what happened and include the most important facts. Who, what, when, where, why, how?
  3. Quote the original source. Make sure you put it IN QUOTES.
  4. After the quote, provide another fact or two if there's any left. 
  5. State your opinion, then ask a question or use a clever saying to end your story. Sometimes an opinion is not needed or relevant to the story.

How long should a story be?

  1. We aim for 700 words or more for each story. However, some stories are not very long and don't require 700 words. If that's the case, then strive for 500. Sometimes news articles are very quick and that's OK.
  2. An easy way to measure - your quote should not ever be longer than the rest of your story. If you quote three paragraphs, then make sure you write four or five of your own. 
  3. Long articles perform better and get shared more. If it's too short, then it won't get approved.

What about pictures?

  1. Your picture should be from the story. If you can make something better, then go for it. Custom pictures always do better.
  2. There's an upload field for one picture. 

Where do I get ideas for news/stories?

  1. Check other news/viral sites for ideas. Sources must be well known in their respective industry.
  2. Check trending topics on social media, your favorite sites, or Google trends.
  3. You can claim articles that have been placed in the "available stories" link in your navigation (click your avatar after logging in). These are stories we need written ASAP.

What about the tone and language?

  1. Keep the language professional. 
  2. Keep the tone upbeat and positive if you can. 
  3. It's OK to rant and have a strong opinion.

What to do after your article goes live?

  1. If you're comfortable sharing it on social media, then please share it.
  2. Write another article to build your portfolio of work on our site and increase your stats and earnings.