Reader Polls


Here are the national reader polls that we are conducting.

You can vote on each poll one time. If you want to change your answer, then you have to revote on a new email address.

All votes are confidential.


Should Trump be cleared of all wrong doing in his impeachment?  Vote Here!

Should we ask Adam Schiff to resign immediately? Vote Here!

Do you support or oppose the Trump impeachment? Vote Here!

Do you stand with Trump during the Democrat impeachment? Vote Here!

Does Trump deserve a second term as president? Vote Here!

Do you support Democrats like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar or Israel? Vote Here!

Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself? Vote Here!

Should Antifa be listed as a terror organization? Vote Here!

Should James Comey be arrested for spying on Trump? Vote Here!

Should Ilhan Omar be impeached out of office? Vote Here!

Should Nancy Pelosi be removed as Speaker of the House? Vote Here!

Who would win? Joe Biden or Donald Trump? Vote Here!

Is AOC mentally unfit for Congress? Vote Here!

Should Natural-Born Citizenship Be REQUIRED To Serve In Congress? Vote Here!

Do You Still Stand With President Trump? Vote Here!