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Trending Views Features

Trending Views users can start their own interest groups and post pictures, videos, and articles/blog posts in the group. Members can create a unique username and a minimal amount of information is required at registration. We don't sell your info and don't care what your info is. Just have fun and post cool things!

Users can do the following:

Trending Views stickers look like this. This is our OLD logo. We'll get new stickers soon and update this when our new order arrives.

  1. Like and Share our Facebook page or follow me on Twitter .
  2. Take a FAN PIC with our website address or name on it ( You can write “Trending Views” on paper or on your body (hand, arm, ….whatever…). You can write a funny message on it too. Trending Views sucks. Trending Views is awesome like meatballs. Whatever makes you laugh is acceptable to us.
  3. Send us the picture and your address.
  4. You can post the picture on our Twitter or Facebook page. Just make sure your address is in an inbox message or DM (not in the public).
  5. After we confirm, then we’ll send stickers. If you send us something terrible, then we might ignore it. You know, like raunchy photos of Bernie Sanders exposed. No thanks!!

Upon sending us the picture, you give Trending Views non exclusive rights to post the picture on our site or social media or any other promotional items/ads. Trending Views does not pay royalties and people who send in pictures agree that they cannot collect any royalties from Trending Views.

Technically, these are not free. It’s more like a trade. It’s a good trade though.

You can put these stickers on whatever you like, but Trending Views is not responsible for any actions of anyone – just remember that! No funny business!!