Traffic Trades

Trending Views is always open to trading traffic to grow each other's audience. There are millions of people surfing the web and plenty to go around, so we SHOULD be trading traffic.

If we are not trading traffic, then we are not doing a good job expanding our audience.

How do you trade traffic?

I put image ads for my partners on my content pages. These work like native ads, except they go to YOUR sites.

I also have a widget tool for you to use, if you'd like to send Trending Views traffic. The more traffic you send us, the higher your ad goes on our content pages.

We're currently getting about 2 million readers a month, so there are plenty of content hungry people ready to read your articles, watch your videos, and enjoy your memes.

We trade traffic with high quality content sites and are not accepting trades from any new sites with an Alexa rank over 90k.

OK, so how how does it work?

I post your links on our site.

You post our link on your site.

The more hits you send, the more we will send back.

That's it.

What if I can't send enough visitors to keep up? What if I am a new site?

If you'd like to get traffic from us and don't have a budget to buy ads, and aren't able to send enough clicks to make the traffic trade even, then there's one little thing you can do.

You can put our website link in your main navigation  as "Trending Conservative News" or "Trending News Videos" and we will work with you.

We can work something out with just about any website, so please contact us.

To get started, send me an email and show me your website.

1215xx AT gmail