Let's Link To Each Other

Trending Views trades website traffic with other websites.


I send visitors to you.

You send visitors to me.

We both grow.


Sending visitors to each other is how websites grow! 


If you're linking to me, and I'm linking to you, then we both grow!


You like that word, right? GROW!!!


We trade traffic with lots of websites and it works very well.


We don't care who else you're linking to as we see other websites as potential partners, not competitors. 


There are millions of viewers online at any given moment and plenty of people to read our work and consume our content.

We're getting 2+ million readers per month and that's with minimal traffic trades, so there are plenty of readers to go around.


How do I send you traffic?

You can submit your links to our site and we mix it in with our news and videos.


How can you send me traffic?

You can put our widget on the top, bottom, or sidebar of your site. The widget updates automatically and you get credit for all the clicks!

You can link to our homepage or video/article pages too.


If you're using WordPress, then you create a text widget on your site and place our widget code in that. It takes about 1-2 minutes to setup.


Click here to get our FREE widget tool to send us traffic.

If you want to place a banner ad on your site, that works too.


Here's a few banner ads you can pick from. Please make sure these are above the fold.


Link them to https://trendingviews.co



If you want to place some text links to our site, then please make sure it's above the fold as well.



Once you've placed the widget, link, or banner ad on your site, then email me so I can set you up.



Thanks and let's GROW together.


Want a DEEPER look at how traffic trading works? Well, we've been doing websites since before social media, so this is how we grew our old sites to 350,000 visitors per day.


Here's how it all goes down.


How to trade traffic and grow your websites without social media




The mentality you need to have

Link trades for SEO

What is trading traffic?

Why is trading traffic beneficial?

How to trade traffic

Who to trade traffic with

How to optimize traffic trades


The mentality you need to have

What kind of person are you? Do you view other websites as competition? Do you try to keep all the website visitors to yourself? Do you think everyone is out to steal your ideas and do better than you?




Do you see other websites as a valuable tool, an asset, and a way to network with like minded people and grow your websites together? 


Do you see someone who can trade ideas, tips, tricks, and work together to further growth for both of your projects?


Only one of these mindsets is the way to success, and let me tell you - it’s not the first one.

When I email other webmasters or bloggers, or they email me, I view that communication as a way to network and see how we can help each other. What can we do to push each other to the next level? What can we do to elevate our projects and leverage each other’s talent, skills, and abilities?


One thing I have noticed, especially with political bloggers, is the lack of trust, communication, and networking. There are hundreds or thousands of tiny political blogs who barely catch a wind of traffic and it’s because they don’t work together enough with other owners.


Now is the time to get our mentality right and view each other as friendly competitors who help each other, work together, and grow our websites faster and bigger. See the value in networking and team work.


Link trades for SEO

Link trades for SEO is an old school practice of websites linking to each other’s homepage or category pages in hopes to improve search ranks.


These links are typically on the homepage of each other’s website.


These links often link a website to a keyword or short phrase, or even the site’s name.


SEO links can be done on a one to one basis, or you can exchange links between multiple sites.


These links are not designed to generate tons of traffic, and that’s one misconception that people often have. These links are for the added TEXT based SEO benefit as a means to tell search engines where you are and what you’re about.


Search engines know you exist, sure. Do they care about it? The answer is NO. Search engines need to see that your content is important, so if lots of people are linking to you signals to search engines that you are somewhat relevant/important, and that’s when your ranks slowly increase.

You need to exchange homepage and/or category links with other websites in hopes to rank higher for the keywords/phrases/site name.


If you have a blogroll or place links in your footer, then that’s all you need.

Your job is to find similar websites and offer to do a link trade with them.


What is trading traffic?

How do you think websites were able to get so big back in the day without social media? I had 350,000 visitors PER DAY with not one single social media page. It was all from Google and traffic trades.

Traffic trades are when you purposely send your visitors to another site, and that site sends you visitors back.


Why would you ever send readers to another site? I knew you would ask that.


Why is trading traffic beneficial?

Traffic trading is beneficial because you’re exposing each other to new readers. There are millions of readers on the web at any moment and you are not going to ever see them all on your website.

You are not going to run out of people who want to absorb your content. Do not worry about losing readers, because for every one person you send to another site, there could be 100 more who like your site and start coming back every day.


The best benefits to trading traffic


Helping each other grow


Exposing readers to new content


Some of those readers WILL bookmark, subscribe, follow, and share both of your content


More traffic!


Why send visitors to a friend’s site when they might click your ad? Well, they may not click the ad. And if they don’t click the ad and they leave, that’s it. Their journey is done.


If you send a reader to another website, then you’re getting another reader back from them. Now you’ve got another shot to convert that reader into a bookmark, social share, ad click, email subscribe, etc.


See how it works? It’s like we’re a mall full of stores and if one person doesn’t buy something from me, they might buy something from you.


How to trade traffic

You can do this in many ways.


Link to their content inside your articles


Place an image ad to them under your content


Place a link/image to their content above the fold on your sidebar.


There are many creative ways you can send traffic to other people.


The important factor here is that you’re exposing each other’s readers to new content and sending readers back and forth. It’s like you’ve created your own network of content.


Another important task, which can be automated or Google Analytics can be used, is to try and maintain fair and even trades. If you send someone 1000 clicks today, they should send you 1000 clicks back. This can be automated with a traffic trade script, but that’s something you get once you fully understand the concept and have partners to trade with.


Who to trade traffic with

Always trade traffic with websites who have similar content. If you’re a political blog, then trade traffic with other political blogs. If you’re into sports, then trade traffic with other sports websites.


Staying within a certain realm of relevance is important because it makes your traffic trades more successful


My news website has politics, sports, entertainment, and gaming. I have found ways to network with people in each of those categories, making beneficial link trades and traffic trades at various sizes.


Again, the key is to stay relevant to each other. Many categories have an overlap, but don’t go too far away from your main topics, otherwise the readers may not enjoy it.


How to optimize traffic trades

Optimizing traffic trades is easier than you think.


Stay relevant in topics so the customer journey is enjoyable and they return to your sites or share your content.


If you find one method is not working, then be willing to try another method. There is NO single best option for every site because every site and audience is different. You must be willing to explore various strategies and be patient while you try new things.


Once you figure out the best approach for your site, then share your strategies with others, because maybe it works for them too.


How do I trade traffic?

I send my readers directly to your site! You can submit your news links every day and I'll let me readers click directly to you - no questions asked, as long as you're sending me some traffic too!


How can YOU trade traffic with me?

Trading traffic with TrendingViews.co is very easy. I built a widget tool for my partners and it works just like a native ad - except it looks better and it only has editorial content in it.


You won’t see any ads with an obese woman on a treadmill, or some weird health ad that looks like a penis - it’s all real content, and it’s great content too.


If you’d like to see the widget tool, then you can go directly to https://trendingviews.co/widget

If you have any questions, no matter how big or small, then always feel free to ask! I am available for help and happy to work with everyone who is in this to grow and succeed together.


Email me if you sign up and want to come hang with us! You’ll have a ton of tips, tricks, knowledge, and new people to work with!