Purchase Banner Advertising Space

Trending Views uses Clerqs.com advertising company to manage ad sales. Sign up there and you can purchase ads on a pay per click basis. Your ads will run in our sidebar, in video, or under content. We do not sell pop traffic or any other space.
You can use Clerqs to buy ads on other sites as well.

Purchase Picture/Video Plugs for Traffic

Trending Views sells "plugs" at $25 per piece for content that is pictures or videos. There is no guarantee on how much traffic you will get and all sales are final. You might get 300 clicks, or you might get 3000. It all depends on our users and incoming traffic during that day. Your plugs will remain in our system forever. We don't accept news links in the picture/video content area. News sites can get their content syndicated instead. PayPal is accepted for plug purchases.

Please contact Frank to set this up.

Our best source of traffic is social media and our traffic quality is amazing. Here's a screenshot to show our quality of users, which is mostly from USA.