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Write For Trending Views

Send a writing sample using the contact form

You can send links to your published material. If we like it, then we will reply. If we don't reply right away, then try again.

Include information about yourself. Who are you? What do you do? Education background? Are you from USA? Do you like pizza? Etc...


Do I need to be a college grad?

No. I don't care if you went to college, trade school, or dropped out when you were 11. I only care if you're a great story teller and can evoke a reaction from readers.

If you can tell a good story filled with facts, humor, know what you're talking about, and can run spell check/Grammarly, then you're qualified.


About Trending Views

American news/politics/viral media. We post trending news stories, weird/fun articles, inspiring stories (we need more of these) and viral videos and picture galleries.You can check our category page to see what we're into.

More than 36,000 fans on Facebook and English speaking audience.

Low amount of ads which means people stay on our site longer.


What can I do on Trending Views?

Users can submit articles, pictures, and videos and earn points in our system to be a top user.

Verified content partners get paid for approved content. Regular members are not paid, but if we see something we like, then we may invite you to join our team.


What can I submit?

Articles: please provide a picture, quote (optional), the facts, your opinion, and a link to the original source. Articles should be original content written for us and not used anywhere else. They also cannot be used on any other website after they are posted here.

Pictures: gallery submissions should be 15 pictures or more.

Videos: choose fun, informative, inspiring, crazy, omg/wtf, or interesting videos that people will enjoy and share. We also have a lot of crime videos because our audience enjoys watching reality documented.

Here's a writers guideline for a news story at this link.


How much do I get paid?

We pay writers/content curators using one of two systems - 1) a pay per approved content system that pays a flat fee for each approved item, or 2) a RevShare performance based earning system for their approved submissions.  Pay Per Content pays more up front. RevShare pays more over time.

We have a custom stats system that partners can access to see their stats and earnings.

Check the "RATES" page, when you login, to see current rates as they fluctuate with the ad market.

We promote the best content to our social media pages to help members get views to increase your earnings. If you're on a Pay Per Content plan, then we still promote your work, but your earnings are a flat fee.


What about the other rules?

You can write/submit as much as you want and build up your earnings, however we approve and publish content on our schedule. If we have 20 videos uploaded at once, then we might only publish a few today, then a few tomorrow, and few the next day, etc. 

We don't accept every submission. If it doesn't fit our website, is copied from somewhere else, is outdated, or is poor quality - then will not be approved and will be deleted without notice. Some article submissions are sent back to the writer for corrections. 

No adult content is accepted.

Please keep language clean and professional. 


How do I get paid?

  • We pay via PayPal once per month for every account owed $50 or more.