Write for Trending Views

Write For Trending Views

We accept opinion, articles, pictures, and video submissions as long as they fit into one of our main categories. If that's OK with you, then sign up. We would love to have you as a valued member.

Do I need to be a college grad to write stories for Trending Views?

Nah! We're just some people having fun. We don't care if you went to college, trade school, or dropped out when you were 11-years-old. The only thing that matters is that you have a desire to tell a story, can run spell check, and you write with facts and have a great understanding of the topic you're writing about.

For example, if you know a lot about a particular topic, then you should write about it. It's easy and you're intelligent in that field. That always makes your writing better and readers will appreciate you more.

What can I do on Trending Views?


Users can submit articles/blog posts, pictures, and videos and earn points in our system to be a top user. The points system is just for fun. 

When submitting...

Articles: please provide a picture, quote (optional), the facts, and a link to the original source. Articles should be original content written for us and not used anywhere else. They also cannot be used on any other website after they are posted here. If you're writing about a factual news story, then always include the facts and details. Being real news is real important. You can also submit your own original stories.

Pictures: gallery submissions should be 15 pictures or more. If you submit just one picture, then we most likely will not approve it. It's a better experience for readers to see a bunch of pictures at once, that way they enjoy their time on the site. Always remember to use photographs that you have permission to use either through fair use or attribution. Always remember to attribute appropriately. Do not use images that are not royalty free or provided through another source that allows you to post them.

Videos: choose fun, informative, inspiring, crazy, omg, or interesting videos that people will enjoy and share. We also have a lot of crime videos because our audience enjoys watching reality documented. We are moving away from violent videos. They're just not that great for the user experience and we want to become a hub of intelligent people enjoying great writing and videos. 

There's a writers guideline at this link.