Steve Bannon Calls Out America's Most Destructive President

Former Trump administration adviser and Breitbart's Steve Bannon continued his assaults on old-guard GOP politicians on Friday, October 20th calling both former president George W. Bush the most destructive presidency the nation has ever endured. The timing of his comments come on the heels of comments dished out by Bush about a week prior who claimed that the Trump presidency has fostered bigotry in politics and that Trump's emphasis on nationalisms is skewing the nations identity.

Bannon took more shots at Bush by noting that he seemingly does not know if he's coming or going, alluded that he is not quite paying attention to the realities before doling out his harsh criticisms of the Trump administration. Bannon delivered these rebukes against Bush at the California Republican Party convention in Anaheim.


As you may know, Bannon left his post as a top political adviser to the president not long ago and has since made it his mission to target such old-guard Republicans such as Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader.   His target list is not short by any means and is inclusive of other congressional GOP members who he has fingered as trying to slow Trump's political roll in any way, shape or form.  Now that he is not technically a part of the Trump administration he has unbridled leeway to do as he pleases to his hit list of people hindering a better future of our country.  Because, let's face it, it's virtually impossible to continue running the country the way the old-guard on both sides of the aisle have been running it.  Heck, that's the main reason Trump was elected in the first place, to get rid of the institutional politicians who have failed to lead the country in a healthy direction.  And if Bannon has anything to say about it, he will stop at nothing to ensure anyone getting in the way of Trump's mission to right the previous gaggle of failed president's ways, feels his wrath.

During Bannon's speech he left virtually nobody unscathed.  He called out the leaders of the Silicon Valley saying that at the current rate, indications lead him to predict the Valley giants would attempt secession from the union.

Bannon has declared war on the establishment, this is clear.  How he goes about winning the war is not as clear, but based off of his strong words and free roam he now has, it could get messy if you're one of the people standing in the way of progress.

Mitch McConnell better hang on to his knickers as he appears to be at the top of Mr. Bannon's hit list.

Image credit: Flikr Michael Vadon