Steve Bannon Out at White House

Steve Bannon is out at the White House and President Trump's administration. Some sources state that he resigned before President Donald Trump could fire him. Other sources report that Trump fired him. What happened is that Bannon handed his resignation in days ago, but was finally released today. Bannon being out is legit. His resignation was supposedly handed in on August 7, but the banishment was delayed due to violence breaking out during the Unite the Right protest in Charlottesville, Va. After that, the statue incidents took place. Seems like today was a slow enough day for Trump to control the resignation and release of Steve Bannon.


There were talks within Trump's administration about when the appropriate time to remove the chief political strategist. Bannon, also an adviser to Trump, was finally let go on August 18.

Bannon was one of the first people to jump on board the president’s political team when he announced his bid for the presidency in 2015. Rumors floated Thursday that Bannon might lose his job after the political strategist landed in hot water after The Prospect released an article Wednesday in which Bannon made some unsavory comments regarding members of the administration.

Bannon, former Breitbart editor, often faced criticism from anti-Trumpers about being a voice of the Alt Right political beliefs and followers. Bannon occasionally had tiffs with Trump, was very much about the agenda. Reports, or rumors in the political whirlwind, may suggest that Trump saw Steve Bannon as a White House leak. We don't have a confirmation nor evidence of an actual leak, but that's what's being suggested about the recent relationship between Trump and Bannon. More on this could likely be reported if there's a presser for Trump and/or Bannon to make a statement about Bannon's resignation/firing.

Other suggestions state Bannon may have set himself up to be a white nationalist martyr who was ousted by globalists. Only time will tell when someone makes an official statement about it. If the statement contains anything worth sharing, then it will be posted.

Matt Drudge, of The Drudge Report, Tweeted "Bannon had one hell of a run."

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