Hold on a second, did you read that headline correctly? Oh yes you did! A PA man was recently arrested when he was found getting high from liquids used to embalm a stolen brain that was hidden under a porch. I'll repeat, he used a STOLEN BRAIN UNDER THE PORCH. Now you can all run outside and look under a porch somewhere, or you can continue reading this really weird crime story.

stolen brain

Wesh - State police in Carlisle on Thursday charged 26-year-old Joshua Lee Long with abuse of a corpse and conspiracy. WGAL-TV says court records indicate Long's aunt discovered the brain in a department store bag while cleaning out a trailer. Long allegedly told her during a phone conversation from the Cumberland County jail that he used the formaldehyde-soaked pot to get high. Court records indicate a coroner concluded the brain was real and that Long supposedly named it Freddy. According to the arrest affidavit, the coroners who examined the brain believe it is "most likely" a stolen medical specimen.

brain meme

What in the name of everything in my entire existence has this world come to, where we need to steal a human brain and use it to get high. Was the Mary-J not good enough? You had to soak it whatever that liquid was. Was it embalming fluid, because that's just nasty. Straight, up nasty and you need to have your head checked. Maybe he should have given himself a lobotomy and replaced his brain with the stolen one. Maybe the stolen brain tells people not to use another persons brain to get messed up. Hopefully this man doesn't do that ever again. I'm sure it can't be good for your brain. Would you get high with a human brain?

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