Stop calling people black

Three people were recently shot by police. Two of them were armed with a gun and non-compliant. Another person was unarmed, yet acted like they had a gun, and still non-compliant. Did I mention what color they were? Does it matter what color they were if they were doing something wrong? Was it racism? Not even close, but that's not what the media suggests. When a cop is involved in a shooting, the media gathers details and figures out what headlines will grab the attention of the readers. I titled this article "Stop calling people black" because racism gets your attention. It worked, right? Keep reading, there's more.


Who is responsible for this ridiculous superficial race war?

Not me. Not you. Guess who? Well, after mainstream media gathers facts about the news story they're about to write that involves a cop shooting an armed man, they probably ask "what color were they?" If the cop is white and the person who was shot is black, then the media pounces on it like a homeless person finding a dollar between the cracks of a dirty sidewalk. The mainstream media race baits people into thinking that every little interaction between cops and citizens is racist. The mainstream media uses cleverly written titles such as "white cop shoots black guy for broken tail light" and "white cop shoots black man for selling music CDs" - and those headlines work, right? You read and wonder what happened! You're essentially click-baited into believing that a real life event was a racist moment in history. You're thinking there's a cop with a KKK cone hat on who is throwing up Hitler signs while pulling the trigger on a black man in a tree - all for a broken tail light or selling some CDs like Biggie Smalls, right? Wrong. Not even close. Not even a million light years past Saturn and back is this the correct or responsible title to use racism for a story that has now been partially fabricated for the benefit of the news source. But it definitely works and it's fine to do, except when the result is an ongoing race war and people begin losing their lives. As you read the crazy news titles, you've got this story already penned in your mind. You've already imagined it.? before you read the first word of the story, you have already assumed this is a racist cop murdering an innocent man. Before you have read a single FACT or DETAIL, you've already assumed that you know everything. The truth is that you know absolutely nothing. You only know one irresponsible racism headline written to magnetize and increase readership. Even I fall for these titles, but at least I know they're written to gain readers and hopefully the facts are in the stories.

Facts don't matter.

The problems are that people don't care about the facts. They only believe what they want to believe, which usually stems from the original click-bait title of a fake racism story. Then you read the story and see the truth. People aren't killed by cops for stupid things like a "broken tail light" or "selling music CDs"? - cops don't care about that nonsense. The real headlines for these stories should've been more accurate. Something like "Man shot at traffic stop because he reached near his gun" and "man shot outside of a store for reaching into his pocket for a gun" would be more appropriate. But those are boring titles. I wouldn't click on that junk. Would you want to read those boring stories? Probably not. No one would ever read a website or buy a newspaper for that. We are mentally incapable of finding that appealing in anyway whatsoever. If it's not juicy like a peach, then we're not biting it. We've been subliminally trained by reality TV to like the juicy stuff. We don't want a boring title, throw some racism in there, right! Make it worth clicking. Except cities have burned down and people have lost their life because of our mentally screwed up society and our mainstream media tricking us into a perpetual race war.

This has to stop

We have to see the facts and respect each other. Respect and be polite towards police, because when there's a sniper in the area, the cops are saving you - not the sniper. A mother of four was shot by the Dallas sniper. She could have lost her life, which mattered more than anything to those children. That was a close call that should not have happened. Five police officers dead, the sniper is dead, and who else needs to lose a life before we all pause and think about what the hell happened to us? This falsified hate brews from the mainstream media's irresponsible lust for generating clicks and we've ALL fallen for it. Look at us. We're a disastrous mess. A glorious, American, beautiful mess that needs to lay our armor down and reorganize TOGETHER. It breaks my heart to see this.

sad dart police officer

We've fallen apart thanks to fabricated racism

We need to stop calling people black and white just to tell a story. Why don't we tell the news and leave the color words out of it? We can generate clicks and reads without putting racism into people's thought process. We need to disperse this fake race war that somehow happened, even though people really weren't racist anymore. For a long time, things seemed fine. But the last 5,6,7 years have been tumultuous in terms of racial divide. I cannot believe the level of division we have in American people. I cannot believe we're burning our own towns when a criminal doesn't listen and gets a nasty consequence. I can't believe that we riot and loot instead of teaching our children how to respond in a situation, or better yet, teaching our children to become responsible adults who don't ever get into a situation with police. What example do we set when we burn down the neighborhood that we live in? Why do people burn down their own pharmacy? Where is the thought process in that? People loot, block traffic, protest and cause unrest to people who have nothing to do with that. Protesters have lost their mind and literally have become the most hated people in the country. 

mlk meme

Martin Luther King Jr is running track meets and jumping hurdles in his grave at the nonsense we're perpetuating today. He stood for something, but we're falling for nothing. Back in the day the cops shot people when they needed to protect people or eliminate a threat, which is what we pay them to do. Once in a while there IS a bad cop. There's bad people at EVERY job. There's bad painters, bad teachers, bad lawyers, bad doctors, bad secretaries, bad cooks, bad plumbers, bad electricians, bad drivers, bad judges, bad mechanics, bad teenager who makes ice cream at Friendly's, etc. There's bad people in EVERY SINGLE JOB. What kind of people do you think we are? We're human and humans make mistakes. If we were all perfect, then we wouldn't need police anyway. But we're imperfect and we need people who can help us retain order and civility.

Can some police shootings be avoided?

Absolutely. Most cop shootings would be avoided if the suspect or person follows the cops direct orders. In fact, ALL police shootings can be avoided if people stop breaking the law. I know that's a Utopian concept, but it would work. Back in the day, Chris Rock released an extremely funny video on how not to get your backside kicked in by the police. Of course, Chris Rock added his exaggerated humor, but if you listen closely, he's right in just about every thing he says in this video. If we encounter a police officer because WE did something wrong, then it's OUR job to listen to the police to help ensure the situation is peaceful. If we act up, then the police react to it. MOST police aren't racist and will not simply beat the heck out of someone for no reason. Cops need a legitimate reason to do something physical, otherwise they could lose their job. If a cop has a family to take care of, then you better believe they're not risking their livelihood over some punk. Cops just want to go home after their shift and be with their family. Cops do not want to be forced into a situation where they have to discharge their weapon which leads to mass amounts of paperwork and internal affairs investigations. We ask cops to be responsible, but what about us? We need to be more responsible too. It works both ways. There's no reason for US to yell at a cop who is just a person doing their job. That's where we go wrong and things end up bad. Don't forget about this little concept either. Some cops might panic or get scared and if they think a person is about to shoot them. We can't blame them for that. They want to go home to their family, not shoot a guy or get shot. Unless you've had a gun pulled on you, then you really can't discuss the perplexity of a gun brandished situation as a police officer. I've had a gun pulled on me by a cop when I was 17. I survived because I followed directions. I was 900% freaked out at the time, but I listened to the officer and she explained to me what I did wrong and how to fix it. I followed directions the FIRST TIME and didn't give her any problems or reasons to shoot me. Was there any racism involved? No, but I learned a lesson that day that I will carry forever. While we're on guns, have you ever shot a gun? It takes a split second and barely any effort to pull a trigger. The trigger on a gun is so easy to accidentally fire that a four year old shot herself in the face in Philadelphia, all thanks to man who left his gun in plain sight for the child to see. An irresponsible person didn't lock up their gun and an innocent kid shot herself in the face. Did I mention what color the irresponsible gun owner or child was? No, because it doesn't matter what color the people are. A child is dead because a man didn't have a trigger lock or storage cabinet for his weapon, that's all that matters and that's why it happened. Did racism kill that girl? No, just an irresponsible gun owner. Nothing more.

The trend in recent cop shootings

A man was armed with a gun and wouldn't stop reaching for it when the cop asked several times for him to stop reaching. Another man was armed with a gun and wouldn't get on the ground when police asked him to, then he reached in his pocket for the gun. The third guy, we forgot to mention him because he's white and the media didn't care about him. He didn't have a gun, but he acted like he did and wouldn't listen to police either. Do you see a trend in those three shootings? Three adult men failed to comply to police orders to either stop reaching for something or to get on the ground. Does it matter what color any of them are? No. Why does the media need to race bait and constantly point out skin color? Why can't the media just call people a person? What's the point of insisting it's racism when it really wasn't? The real truth remains unspoken. The real truth is that most people are not racist. Most people don't care about the color of your skin, but more so the merit and character of your person and actions.

Most people aren't racist and we need to remember this

Tonight I went to Taco Bell with my wife. There was a customer who was a bit inebriated or "on something" who kept getting out of his car in the drive through. My wife and I had had a great conversation with the cashier.? We shared a laugh, exchanged money for tacos, and that was it. A pleasant experience had by all and hopefully the other person makes it home OK. Does it matter what color we are? Did I need to mention the color of the person who might end up arrested and the person working hard on a Friday night, giving up their weekend to make a living? Nothing involving racism happened, but do you know why? A neighbor of mine up the street is a bit of a hag. She's a chain smoking haggard looking thing and always loses her dog. I constantly have to rescue this lion looking beast from running into a main road, luring it back to her house, and holding my nose because she has Metallica breath It's not the color of her skin that bothers me, but the lack of actions and her inability to care for her own animal. I shouldn't feel like dressing up as the SPCA for Halloween just to appease her. Always remember, it's not the color of our skin that defines us, but the merit of our actions that creates us. Always stick by the facts before making an opinion on a cop related incident. Don't let the media twist your brain around and think things are racist. If there's one person we can listen to (or sleep in a bed of his voice), it's Morgan Freeman. How do we get rid of racism? Stop talking about it. Stop calling people a white man or black man. Call each other by name.

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