Story of mummified looking man rescued from bear den takes a huge twist

A few days back, a website showed a video which went viral very fast, featuring an almost mummified man found in a bear's den, allegedly the victim of the bear. The initial story said that Alexander (who is still alive by the way) was brutally attacked by a bear and then dragged into the den as savings for a later meal.

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The report consisted of everything it needed to leave the world with the jaw dropped: an interesting story backed up by a short video, presenting the advanced putrefaction of the body, with wounds all over, close-up pictures and a gullible audience to spread it fast.

Upon further investigation, it seems that the story itself is just a story, since more journalists got involved and started to dig into the subject. Details show that Alexander was far from the area of the alleged attack and there is no trace of a bear being involved.

In the initial story, Alexander was found by hunting dogs and rushed to the hospital, where he told the doctors that he was attacked by large wild animals and kept in the den for about a month. He believed he was kept there as a food source and he only managed to survive by drinking his own urine. The fact that he is still alive was described as a miracle, especially after 4 weeks with no water.

What is very peculiar, is the fact that a few days before, a similar story emerged with the subject being another man, with the same name. The video and images are actually of the same person, emerging from a cemetery and scaring the teenagers from the Black Sea resort in Sochi - but not enough to not have a few pictures and a video taken.

First story places the incident in Tuva Republic, Russia. The second one in Sochi which is over 4000 km appart (in a straight line). The incident was not registered in Tuva by no means, and The Sun reported that it might've even happened in Kazakhstan, as more sources confirmed the languages spoken in the video as not being Tuva.  A group known as Zello.poisk did some more research and claimed that Alexander is actually in a hospital in Akobe, in Kazakhstan (somewhere in the middle of Tuva and Sochi).

So far, the theories put Alexander under 3 reports: suffering from a skin condition, or suffering from side effects of a drug called Krokodil, or even as being in footage from a zombie movie. Nothing is clear so far, but what seems to be clear is that Alexander was not the victim of a bear attack.

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