Stranger put padlock IN guy's stretched earlobe and ran away with the key

Tom Grim Fandango Matthews got some nasty surprise in the last days. He was at work, enjoying his break, when he heard some strange sound behind his head. That mysterious sound, as he noticed later, was the sound of someone locking a padlock on his ear-piercing.

The prankster was a truly mean person, as they left Tom just like that, with a small padlock locked to his ear and ran off with the key.

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We are not sure what were the motivations of this prankster. Maybe he (or she?) didn't like Tom's piercing and wanted "to do something" about it. Maybe he just likes to do that kind of stupid nasty pranks to the other people. We do know though what was Tom's reaction.

As DailyMail reports, the first thing that he did, was to post on Facebook. His misery and suffering quickly became viral, with hundreds of people commenting on it. Some of them were funnier than the others.

One user wrote: "I can pick locks, $10 an hour tho!".

Luckily, Tom knew how to solve his "little" problem. Like he wrote, "I am so glad old boy lived up the road and had bolt cutters".

Now, if he only knew who did that to him. Next time, we advise Tom to have eyes in the back of his head.

Some pranks are simply hilarious and brilliant, some other pranks are just funny, and the rest are just mean.

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