Stunning Photo of Robert Irwin looks exactly like his late Father

Robert Irwin is recreating his late father Steve Irwin's photos back in the 2000's. Many fans were confused as there is an uncanny resemblance between father and son. For one, they're both wildlife lovers and now, Robert is following his father's footsteps in advocating for wildlife. 

On his Instagram post, Robert cuddles a koala while he wears a khaki uniform and leather watchband, the same as his father on the other photo. Both Robert and Steve have blonde locks, and their backgrounds are practically the same, lush greenery.

Fans immediately commented on Robert's post, especially on his similarities with his late father. One fan said "You have never looked more like your father than you do in this picture. And your smile radiates that." Another person pointed out "Didn't look at the name on the shirt and honest to god, I thought I was looking at Steve." Many agree, with comments such as "I thought I was looking at an old photo of Steve. You look so much like your Dad!" and "Woah! I had to do a double take!"


This wasn't the first time Robert made a mirror image of his father. in July 2019, he posted a side-by-side photo of him and his father, both standing in the same poses as they fed the same crocodile named "Murray", only fifteen years apart. He captioned his post "Dad and me feeding Murray... Same place, same croc-two photos fifteen years apart." The shots show both Steve and Robert wearing their zoo uniforms, facing the same reptile holding a snack with their right hand. 

Steve, the world's greatest wildlife expert was working on the documentary series named "Ocean's Deadliest" when he was attacked by a stingray. He was only 44.

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