Substitute teacher fired for posting inappropriate school videos we can't show you


Remember that female teacher from Simpsons TV series? Edna Krabappel was her name, and she had lots of patience to teach a brat like Bart Simpson. She also had one thing peculiar – she was not satisfied and loved to flirt with men all the time. The story that you are going to read below proves (yet again) how brilliant and accurate Simpsons' authors were, in portraying various types of people that you may encounter all over the world.

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A 24-year-old former substitute teacher in El Campo, Texas, got fired for filming uhhh... videos in the classroom that should not be anywhere near a classroom.

No students were involved and shown on the videos, however, as the exhibitionist teacher claims, they were actually present while she was filming one of her videos. "I tried to get them in the vid but the camera on my phone wouldn’t rotate during filming."

The school district "received a tip" about a dozen  videos on a site that sounds like CornHub, and informed local police and the Texas Education Agency. Maybe it wouldn't be so shocking, if the videos were not made inside the school, either in the classroom or a teacher workroom.

So what the videos are about? - you may ask. Well, one of them shows said redheaded teacher, as she is pleasing herself in the classroom of El Campo's school. Video is quite long (over 6 minutes) and shows in full detail the whole "action."

On her profile on that site, a 24-year-old girl named Elizabeth Ann Schneider describes herself as “a bit of an exhibitionist" that "wants people to watch her pleasing herself or be pleased". And with all videos and her profile on P-rnHub, we bet that she got what she wanted. With one unpleasant surprise though – she got fired from the school and got criminal trespass notice, entirely denying her access to the school's campus.

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