Super Bowl LIII totally sucked and Maroon 5 TROLLED liberals and conservatives

The Patriots won the Super Bowl again and Maroon 5 trolled all the liberals and conservatives in the process, making thousands of people look like absolute frickin idiots.

The New England Patriots and their boring team of old white guys and no skill players beat the LA Rams and their team that has seven fans and a bum quarterback named Jared Goff who couldn't do anything without Todd Gurley doing all the work. Besides the fact that the Rams have a shitty fan base and people in LA didn't even know their team was in the Super Bowl until yesterday, that team shouldn't have been in the Super Bowl in the first place. They were there on a scam play by the refs who failed to call a pass interference call during the Saints game. No, I'm not a Saints fan, just a guy with common sense.

So there we were, with the Patriots going against the Rams in what turned out to be the most absolutely boring Super Bowl in history, with some of the most lame commercials by the Washington Post (money wasting losers), a mediocre halftime show that everyone complained about before it was even on, and literally an entire country let down by what was supposed to be the most exciting game of the year.


It sucked. 

It was a boring game with barely any scoring and the Rams put on an absolutely pathetic display of football. The Patriots weren't much better. I think the Saints would've done a better job. I think the Chiefs and Eagles would've been the best possible Super Bowl matching young stud quarterback Patrick Mahomes vs seasoned veteran Nick Foles. But nah, we got the boring bowl. 

When it came to the halftime show, there were thousands of people crying about it before it even happened. There were websites talked trash about Maroon 5 because they thought the band was going to do some corny social justice warrior nonsense about Colin Kaepernick. There was liberal rag celebrities calling for Maroon 5 to reject the offer. 

First of all, if the NFL asks you to play the Super Bowl halftime show, then you do it. No questions asked, you get your tired ass on that stage and do the show. It's the biggest show of the year with the most people watching, you absolutely accept that offer no matter what. 

When it comes to the conservative media outlets who talked trash on Maroon 5 and all the whiny people saying they will boycott the halftime show or Super Bowl - you're all idiots. There was nothing political in the halftime show. Nothing at all. It wasn't the most entertaining show and nothing compared to Lady GaGa's performance, but there was nothing political in it to complain about. The performers finally stuck to entertainment and stopped talking about politics, something we've all been begging Hollywood to do. People still complained. Now that they realized there was no politics in the halftime show and they skipped it for no reason, now they're still complaining and saying it sucked. Yeah, it definitely could've been a little better, but it was fine for what it was. It was just a quick show with many different music types and a display in the sky that said ONE LOVE. 

When it comes to the liberal hacks who called for Maroon 5 to reject the offer to perform because of Colin Kaepernick, those people are the biggest idiots on the planet. Colin Kaepernick hasn't been a story since 2016. Colin Kaepernick is not ever playing in the NFL again. He's done. Get over it. Stop talking about it. He IS the dead horse and liberal idiots who know nothing about football keep beating him with a stick like he's their slave. Kaepernick's NFL career is over. At the best, he was better than third stringers, maybe a few lousy second stringers, but he wasn't a top tier quarterback and he opted out of his own contract with the 49ers. He literally quit on his own contract. Go look it up and shut the fuck up about the guy. 

Can this be the year where everyone stops being a whiny bitch? Can people stop complaining about everything? Can people just shut up and have fun with things again? 

Super Bowl LIII was horribly boring, but the worst part was all the crying people on the Internet whining about it. 

I can't tell you how many people I saw comment on Twitter that they were skipping the game and boycotted football because of Colin Kaepernick. Do those idiots realize he hasn't been relevant since 2016? We are THREE YEARS LATER and he's been gone for years, but there are still these dumbass older people who boycott football like they're a bunch of liberals. 

If you're boycotting football because of something a handful of players did years ago, then you are a complete and utter loser who allows Colin Kaepernick to live in your head. Hell, he probably goes to your house and fucks your wife and you won't do shit about it because you're a loser. 

Boycotts are for losers. 

When Colin Kaepernick and a few other players started with their nonsense, I wasn't boycotting football. Those guys aren't making decisions in my life and I don't support them and won't ever support them. But they're not going to have any power over me. I'm not giving up something I love just because a few people want to take a knee and look like they hate America. No thanks. I'm still watching and playing my fantasy football like always. 

I'm just glad my team the Philly Eagles doesn't participate in that stuff. Not to mention the fact that most of the NFL doesn't take a knee either. A few dimwits don't ruin the party for me, that's for sure. 

The best part about the Super Bowl was watching Atlanta native Big Boi, half of rap group Outkast, come out in a pimped Caddy and massive fur coat, a throwback to the days of 90's rap. 

But... where was Andre 3000?

My rant is done, but remember this - stop being a loser who boycotts and complains about everything. There's no room in the world for crybabies.

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