Supreme Court allows Trump to deny immigrants who rely on welfare

President Trump was given a big victory from the Supreme Court who voted in favor of him being able to deny immigrants if they will be on welfare. In theory this could save millions for the country.

The Supreme Court voted in favor of Trump's "Public Charge" policy, which could block immigrants from citizenship if they're living on welfare. The vote was 5-4.

This was a big policy for Trump as he wants to lower the amount spent on welfare each year.


Further reported on Washington Times:

Under the new rules, a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officer reviewing an application will look at the person’s history of access to public programs such as food stamps, many forms of Medicaid, public housing assistance, welfare cash payments and Supplemental Security Income benefits.

Emergency medical care, the school lunch program, student loans, energy assistance, homeless shelter access and children’s health insurance will not count against an immigrant, USCIS said.


The rules don’t apply to refugee, asylum or other humanitarian programs, and military families are exempt.

Lower courts had divided on the policy, with some blocking it and others allowing it to go into effect while court challenges proceeded.

It should be noted that Justice Neil M. Gorsuch was already complaining about it, saying that the high courts need to give the district judges some guidance on when they can push nationwide injunctions.

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This ruling by Supreme Court is likely to receive Democrat pushback, especially those yearning for open borders and giving driver licenses to illegal immigrants.

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