Middle schooler nearly suspended for liking a photo on Instagram

Nowadays it seems that people panic about the slightest sign of violence. I can't say that I blame them with so many shootings happening in the past and it's right that they should be a little worried when they see something that may condone any kind of violence.

A student from Edgewood Middle School was given a 10 day suspension after he was seen liking a photo of a gun on Instagram. The picture of the gun was captioned with the word "ready."

The Father of the child in question is very upset that his child was handed a 10 day suspension and also searched for weapons when he arrived at school. Despite the fact it was a simple like on a post and not something he posted or shared himself, nor was there any written threat from the student.


TRENTON, OH (FOX19) -  An Edgewood Middle School student was handed a 10-day suspension for “liking” a picture of a gun on Instagram with the caption “ready."

The parents of Zachary Bowlin posted a picture of the intended suspension notice which read, “The reason for the intended suspension is as follows: Liking a post on social media that indicated potential school violence.”

"I was livid, I mean, I’m sitting here thinking ‘you just suspended him for ten days for liking a picture of a gun on a social media site," father Marty Bowlin said. "He never shared, he never commented, he never made a threatening post… anything on the site, just liked it."

The picture in question is of an airsoft gun, and according to the students’ parents, their child didn’t comment on the post but simply liked the picture.

"I liked it, scrolling down Instagram at night about 7, 8 o’clock I liked it," Zacahry said. "The next morning they called me down [to the office] patted me down and checked me for weapons."

Since receiving the notice, the family said the school has dropped the suspension and there will be no repercussions for the child’s actions.

I can see why so many people get freaked out when it comes to weapons and violence. Depending on the child, I might also cast a judgement or be worried. If it's a troubled student, then people should be worried.

After further review, the school chose not to follow through with the suspension. Although they have a strict policy of anything indicating violence at school, this must have been considered less than worthy of a disciplinary action.

It's not even a real gun in the picture.